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Weddings & Ceremonies

Are you looking for a Minister or Officiant who will:

Cara and Zach Hasty – Married September 2011

    • Hear and honor all of your dreams, visions, concerns, and wishes with a completely open heart and mind?
    • Walk you step-by-step through the process, so you can relax and feel completely supported?
    • Make the planning process as fun, ease-filled, and joyful as possible?
    • Ensure your ceremony reflects your values, the spirit of your relationship, and the beauty of your love?
    • Guide you in navigating the full range of feelings leading up to your wedding or commitment ceremony?
    • Help you design a ceremony that reflects your unique spiritual or religious views?  Christine will wholeheartedly honor your beliefs and help you create a ceremony that upholds them.  She received her degree from Indiana University in Religious Studies and is well-versed in all of the world religions and various spiritual paths.
    • Help you find readings, rituals, music, and roles for the special people in your lives?  You will have the full freedom to either come up with these on your own or receive an abundance of suggestions and ideas from Christine.
    • Help you create the exact ambiance you dream of creating?  Whether it is whimsical, romantic, light-hearted, formal, sophisticated, fun, casual, spiritual and/or Earth-based, you get to choose, and we will make it happen!
    • Get enthusiastically excited right along with you?!

Christine and Bret are also delighted to co-officiate weddings together!

We can travel to your location or join you for a destination wedding!

Juna and Justin, married in Bali, 2015

Juna and Justin, married in Bali, 2015

We love facilitating ceremonies for couples of every gender and religious, cultural, or spiritual background.

Christine Eartheart is an ordained minister and joyously available to help you create a vibrantly meaningful and unforgettable wedding or commitment ceremony that exquisitely reflects your spiritual or religious views, your deepest values, and your dreams and visions for your life together.  Having experienced her own dream wedding, it is her honor and bliss to help others design a ceremony that reflects the couple’s uniquely beautiful relationship and serves as a foundation from which to build a lifetime of evermore flourishing love and happiness.

Weddings, Commitment Ceremony, and
Re-Commitment Ceremony (Renewal of Vows)

Officiant Package Includes


    • up to 2 planning meetings (approximately one hour each)
      * In just two meetings, we can craft a spectacular ceremony that perfectly matches your hopes and dreams, and I will guide you through every step. You don’t need to have any ideas ahead of time. I am fully here for you to help make it easy…and fun 🙂
    • the entire ceremony written out and organized for your ease (typically in a shared Google doc)
    • emails back and forth as we refine all of the ceremony details to make it just right
    • rehearsal
    • ceremony
    • *Additional planning meetings can be added on for $100/hour.

$495 + travel expenses


Blessing Circle (optional add-on)

  • This generally occurs the day before (at the rehearsal or dinner) or on the day of the wedding. It gives the wedding party, friends, and/or family members a very unique and special opportunity to express their love and blessings to the couple in a very intimate and special circle. This is a tremendous gift to the couple, to go into their ceremony feeling the immense love, support, and connection to those they hold most dear.
  • Lasts 30-60 minutes
  • $100-$150 (depending on length and location)

    Yulia Azriel and Gabriel Lantz

    *Thanks to Ashley Athey, Sarah Peet, and Tall and Small Photography for photos on this page

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