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What to Do When Your Sex Drives Differ

What to Do When Your Sex Drives Differ


Get ready to learn…


  • What is normal and what’s not when it comes to your libido
  • If there’s a certain amount of sex you “should” be having
  • 5 tips to awaken your sex drive and feel more desire now
  • 5 key ways to turn on a partner who keeps turning you down for sex


The #1 Reason People Seek Sex Therapy

Can you guess the number one reason people seek out help from sex therapists?

This is also the most common issue that arises in our own couples counseling practice when it comes to sexuality.

It’s called desire discrepancy and refers to a relationship in which partners have different interest levels in sex.

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There is typically one mate with a higher libido and another with a lower sex drive. At least one out of every three couples struggle with problems connected to desire discrepancy so, if this is you, you aren’t alone!

Unless people have the right tools (which most couples don’t), this can lead to a whole variety of issues, such as a lack of emotional intimacy, dissatisfaction, resentment, conflict, power struggles, deep disconnection, depression, affairs, low self-esteem, or an invisible divorce.
desire discrep In fact, many researchers and therapists agree that, when a relationship involves one partner who feels little desire and another who desperately yearns for more sex and nothing is done about it, the relationship is doomed for decline.
In this guide, we’re here to shed more light on this subject and assure you that, no matter how great the divide may seem right now in your sexual desire, there is absolutely a way to co-create a fulfilling and pleasurable intimate partnership and to gain a deeper understanding into both of your sex drives!





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