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Want to skyrocket your relationship growth and ensure your greatest success?

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Add on some alone time (6 private sessions) with one of our expert Thriving Relationship Coaches + get access to 3 months of weekly LIVE sessions with Bret and Christine.
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Center for Thriving Relationships

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We want to make sure you have the BEST experience possible with this Thrive in Love course and experience all of the growth, breakthroughs, renewed connection, and deepened love your hearts are longing to experience and feel.

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Christine Eartheart and family
Bret and Christine launching relationship course
Christine and Bret working with a thriving couple
Bret and Christine, creators of Thrive in Love Relationship Course

Results Guaranteed

We know the profound difference a personal coach and customized answers from Bret and Christine can make, which is why we're offering you the special VIP opportunity to sign up for a 6-session package of private coaching sessions (1 hour each) and 3 months of access to live, interactive, group coaching calls with Bret and Christine (10 total).

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Center for Thriving Relationships

This opportunity is unparalleled in helping you get the most powerful, quickest, and easiest results.

Center for Thriving Relationships

90 days from now, your love can thrive like never before!

Want details on how it works?

Program Elements

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10 GROUP COACHING CALLS with Bret & Christine

You know those burning relationship questions you’ve always wanted to ask an expert? This is your chance!

Once our waitlist became too long to accept new clients, we wanted to find a creative way to still be able to serve couples directly, as we LOVE doing this work. We also noticed we were repeating ourselves over and over again in our sessions, as relationship challenges are incredibly universal.

Plus, at our live retreats, the one thing consistently listed as participants’ favorite part of the weekend is the unique opportunity to watch us coach other couples. Offering these group, live, virtual coaching sessions has been in high demand for years, and you can finally join in!

There is simply nothing like getting to understand yourselves more clearly by witnessing your own patterns in other couples. Plus, for those who choose to be coached by Bret and Christine in this group setting, it is incomparably powerful to have other couples supporting you in that moment.


Personal Access to the Founders

Group coaching sessions allow Bret and Christine, the Founders of the Center for Thriving Relationships, to personally connect with you as you go through the program. All of your questions will be answered directly by Bret and Christine, and these can be submitted during the call or anonymously before each call. Plus, you can listen again on the replays as well.

You can join these live group coaching calls for 90 days. They happen 3+ times per month, at various times to accommodate different time zones.

Other than our Thriving Relationship Coach Certification training, this is the only other way to receive coaching from and get such personal access to Bret and Christine.

Replays always available.

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And... there’s more.

And... there’s more.

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6 PRIVATE BREAKTHROUGH SESSIONS with your personal coach

This is a phenomenal opportunity to receive 6 private sessions (one hour each) with one of our extraordinary Thriving Relationship Coaches. These sessions are done via Zoom or phone and are unmatched in helping you get momentum from the start, stay on track, hold you accountable to making positive changes, help you get unstuck around those heated issues, and skyrocket your growth. We are so excited to include this in the program, and we know that having your own personal coach will make a tremendous difference.


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We designed this for couples in every stage — those who are newly together and want to set themselves up for optimal success, those on the edge of divorce or separation who want to give it one last shot, those who are doing well but get stuck around certain issues and know things could be so much better, or couples who simply recognize the vital importance of always growing their love in order to thrive.
You will receive bi-weekly sessions (1 hour each) with your personal coach, and calls with Bret and Christine occur approximately 3x/month and are 1 hour each. Therefore, plan to add on 1-2 hours/week with the VIP program.

We are 
confident: these 1-2 hours/week will be profoundly time-saving and energy-giving.
No problem! You simply have 6 private sessions included to use anytime over the course of 90 days, and you can space them out in whatever ways work best for you. 

Also, even if you can’t catch Bret and Christine live for the group calls, you can always submit your questions, and they will answer them — which you can then watch later on a replay.
Absolutely! You can attend all the sessions on your own. When you start implementing these changes, you will be amazed by the changes you see in your relationship.

When we change, the world around us changes too.

Plus, it will feel incredible for you to finally have solutions, insights, answers, and support.
Yes! We are thrilled to live at a time when relationships are taking many different forms. We’re here to help you create the healthiest version of whatever kind of relationship fully honors both of you.

Plus, we’ve found that nearly all of the relationship processes and tools we share work wondrously, not only for romantic relationships, but also help us improve all kinds of relationships in our lives, including those with our families, kids, friends, coworkers, and beyond.

So, again, YES, we will fully welcome and embrace you in your non-traditional relationship.
Yes! Affairs, as devastating as they are, can be turned into the most powerful catalysts for growth. Going through this program will allow you to (1) heal from the affair, (2) transform whatever wasn’t working before to make your relationship better than ever, and (3) create an affair-proof relationship for the years to come.
Easy! We have a simple online scheduler where you can sign up for sessions at your convenience. We have morning, daytime, evening, weekday, and weekend options available for you, and you can select whichever coach you wish (and can even hop from coach to coach if preferred).
We assure you – you will learn right away that it’s not scary and is actually really enjoyable, fun, and inspiring and will bring you great relief and peace.

Sessions are done over Zoom or phone, and we aim to create the safest space imaginable, filled with acceptance and compassion.

And, even though we aren’t in person, we promise — it feels really personal. We can hardly believe we’ve never actually met lots of our clients because we feel so close to them.

As soon as you enroll, you will schedule your private coaching sessions to get momentum from the start. Your coach will also help orient you to the course and direct you towards modules that will be most helpful to focus on during the 90 days.

You get to decide each session what you would like to focus on and what you’d like a breakthrough around. Not sure? Your coach will help guide you towards making the most out of your sessions.

We have personally trained our team of Thriving Relationship Coaches — in what we believe are the absolute best and most effective relationship strategies in the world.

Couples often tell us that their sessions feel like a date night. Here at the Center for Thriving Relationships, it is our greatest joy, passion, and honor to do this work with couples, and you will find that it shows.
We’re so glad you’ve asked! A few key ways…

At the Center for Thriving Relationships, you can be assured that all of our coaches have been highly trained in all-things-relationships. You will be supported by a true relationship expert — not someone who is just going to passively sit back and listen to you argue.

We hear horror stories from couples who went to couples counseling elsewhere, and it made things worse. If this is the case for you, we are so sorry to hear this. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there who offer support to couples who haven’t ever been comprehensively trained in how to specifically support couples.

Also, whereas some therapy over-focuses on what isn’t working, we are sure to spend plenty of time helping you gain the powerful tools you need to make things work amazingly from now on.

We love helping you understand the past (this is vital), and it can be so illuminating to uncover the source of our patterns. However, we don’t stop there (like some traditional therapy does).

We ensure that you are catapulted forward and upward with new strategies and a clear roadmap for thriving in love.

We also know couples are busier than ever, and we know it’s hard enough to find time to schedule a date night. This is why we wanted to create this program — so that, unlike traditional counseling, you can do it at your convenience and in the comfort of home.
This is completely up to you! These group calls all occur over Zoom, and you can choose to have your video on or off.

You can have your real names displayed or not.

You can choose to receive coaching by Bret and Christine directly on the call (powerful and enthusiastically recommended) or can simply submit your questions ahead of time confidentially. If you prefer remaining private, you can simply watch and listen without ever interacting.

That being said, these will be couples from around the world, so you will still feel great anonymity and will likely enjoy being a part of the wonderful community and comradery that is formed.
Absolutely! If you would benefit from more than the 6 private sessions (1 hour each), you are always welcome to easily add on additional sessions.
Once you enroll, you will receive a document that has all of the dates and times. We try to vary the times to make them accessible for as many people as possible, and replays are always available. These occur at least 3x/month.
Center for Thriving Relationships

Meet Our Expert Thriving Relationship Coaches

Rachel Bird

Rachel Bird

Gary Skow

Gary Skow

Carey Champion

Huong Nguyen

Huong Nguyen

Kowana Farrar

Susan Rae

Tessa Stevens


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You can choose 3 easy monthly payments of only $297 or a one-time payment of just $797.

You will be matched with one of our expert Thriving Relationship Coaches right away (you get to choose which coach) and can get started with your 6 private sessions (1 hour each) as soon as you’re ready! Coaches are available via phone or Zoom anywhere in the world ~ weekdays, evenings, and weekends. 

Your weekly live calls with Bret and Christine will supercharge your relationship with wisdom and inspiration to perfectly address your personal questions, challenges, and dreams.

It changes everything when you finally have your very own guide to light the path, hold you accountable, ensure you keep momentum, cheer you on, and do everything possible to help make sure you reach all your relationship goals.

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For some alone time with one of our expert Thriving Relationship Coaches + get access to weekly LIVE sessions with Bret and Christine. Become a special VIP insider.

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