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Michelle and Ricky

“Years ago, after a stressful relocation, we found ourselves repeating damaging patterns and unable to effectively communicate with each other. From the beginning stages of working with them in navigating our relationship stress to our celebration of 10 years of marriage at their Thrive in Love retreat, we have really reaped the rewards of our investment. We have always felt wholeheartedly supported and believe they are truly committed to their clients and the success of their relationships. I can sincerely recommend their services to any couples who might be struggling with navigating crisis or stress to couples looking to explore or grow within their lives. The Center for Thriving Relationships is an invaluable asset to our world.”

~ Michelle Izzo White and Ricky White

Gabe and Yulia

“Bret and Christine taught us the most powerful relationship gems of wisdom that saved our marriage multiple times, as well as strengthened our bond tremendously. Thanks to the incredible support, inspiration and role modeling that we received from Christine and Bret, we are proud to say that we shifted from being on a verge of a divorce to the most fun, creative, connected and empowered relationship of our dreams.”

~ ​Gabriel Lantz and Yulia Azriel

Michael Gough

“We participated in Thrive in Love in 2013, and I cherish the vivid memory of that wonderful turning point in my most important relationship. What a breath of fresh air it was to finally feel heard – to feel known and loved! My partner and I are now blissfully married, and still we practice the habits we first learned through Thrive in Love every day. In fact, Bret and Christine’s method of conflict resolution is so effective that I have used it to break through interpersonal deadlocks on multiple crucial occasions in other relationships over the years. Their teachings are essential for everyone.”

~ Michael Gough


“EXCELLENT, wonderful! A great weekend to focus fully on each other, build each other, recommit to grow in a healthy and thriving relationship.
Lots of tools and the environment to create intimacy and share.”

~ ​Matt ​and Helene ​Highbarger


“Fantastic. Exceeded all expectations. You both have a special gift. You have provided insight and tools that will add so much to our relationship. Thank you!”

~ Nick Miller

“I was amazed at the change (for the better) in our relationship, and I’m thankful for the tools to grow on.”

~ Erin Shaw


“Amazing value of practical steps and ideas to improve my relationship with my best friend.”

~ Rick Wells


“What an incredible experience and opportunity to re-invent our marriage.”

~ Cindy and Matt Breeden


“AMAZING & relationship changing! Bret & Christine have helped save and transform our marriage twice now! This retreat was supposed to be a place for us to reconnect, instead it was a place we discovered our true potential for a thriving relationship! Thank you so much.”

~ Kate Miller


“Great, inspiring, rejuvenating and informative. The location is beautiful.”

~ Hugh and Rosalind Mark


“Totally awesome! You both rock! I understand things so much more clearly and have the drive to thrive in my relationship.”

~ David Morris

“Amazing! I had multiple breakthroughs in my relationship and was overflowing with the love I felt from you two”

~ Gretchen Fultz​


“Absolutely amazing and wonderful… I am just absolutely grateful and thankful for this… approach to a connection retreat. The need for this is hugely underserved in most areas.”

~ Sarah Wagner



“Absolutely amazing… We were able to work through some barriers, some issues, and identify how to best move forward, together. You were both so relevant and amazingly helpful.”

~ Royce Wagner​



“Amazing, extremely helpful and informative.”

~ Neil Cooper​

“Such a blessing. Thank you. It’s been YEARS since I have felt this connected to my husband. What a perfect jumpstart to our transformation.”

~ Shannon Cooper​




~ Todd and Deanne Johnson​



“A rejuvenation of what we really want in a relationship – joy and connection.”

~ Beth Piekarsky​



“Great. Provided useful information and tools. Presentation was playful, passionate, and engaging.”

~ Rich Kosmala

“This weekend was completely refreshing and renewing. We explored areas of our relationship that I did not even know existed… This weekend blew away any expectations I had constructed and left me feeling completely overwhelmed by the depth of love that my boyfriend has for me”

~ Naomi Koeplin



“Terrific… Loved it… A fantastic opportunity to deepen your relationship.”

~ Dan Piekarsky



“I am leaving in a completely different, and much better, place then when I came in… I got everything I could have imagined.”

~ Jon Meredith



“You have helped save my marriage and possibly even my life. True story!”

~ Derik Gratz


“We wouldn’t be together if not for you. We met you guys at the absolutely perfect time — you were truly heaven sent to us. I am blown away by what you are doing for the world. May you always be blessed with abundance, joy, and love.”

~ Rachel Gratz



“It was the BEST weekend EVER! John and I thank you and Bret so very much for this amazing experience!”

~ Katie Brown



“I’m amazed at how much more alive I feel since the experience. Christine and Bret, we can’t thank you enough!”

~ Cindy Piper


“I leave with renewed hope and commitment for a loving, meaningful, fun relationship with my beloved.”

~ Bill Brower



“Delicious! Heart opening!”

~ Kalynn Brower



“The thoughtfulness, attention to details, and love pouring through you two is amazing! Priceless! You two together are adorable and amazing!”

~ Yelena Yahontova



“Fantastic! Wonderful! Superb! This helped us work through issues we had no idea how to solve – issues that could be very toxic if we didn’t address. Christine and Bret are the perfect partners to teach this workshop. They use realistic situations to help open partners up to struggles that need to be addressed and ultimately broken through. Thank you so much!”

~ Kimmie Weber


“Excellent! You both created such a welcoming and energetic atmosphere – it really helped break down barriers. You two are awesome! You provide an incredible, loving, and inspiring relationship example for us all.”

~ Mitch Olsen


“I was extremely reluctant to come to this retreat, until my wife asked me enough times that I gave in. I now cannot put into words what we would have unknowingly missed out on if I let my fears get in the way or kept telling myself that things were good enough. We’ve been married 11 years, and I feel more connected to my wife than I ever have before.”

~ Josh Johnson


“Christine and Bret create a really safe space. It’s impossible not to feel loved and supported in their presence… Their relationship and enthusiasm is such an inspiration to us!”

~ Kim Farris


“This workshop exceeded all my hopes and expectations.”

~ Brian Carson



“My partner and I were really stuck when we arrived. I now understand things about him I never had before, and I can’t imagine ever going back to where we were.”

~ Nicole Scott


“We’ve spent thousands on romantic getaways, and I never left feeling as in love as I do right now from this weekend. Best investment ever!”

~ Laurie Page


“The ‘Thrive in Love’ weekend workshop transformed our relationship! We came to this workshop with the intention to have a nice time with each other and maybe learn some new relationship strengthening tools. We left completely smitten with each other, with new possibilities for our relationship, and having addressed some tensions that we had thought would be too scary to bring up to the other partner. I feel more deeply in love with my partner than I ever thought possible, and I feel confident that we have the skills and desire to continue to deepen that love even further. Thank you Christine and Bret for teaching us so many amazing tools to fan the flames and nurture the day to day love that makes life such a joy!”

~ Julie Lyons



“Meeting you two has been a point of recommitment and positive change in my life! So grateful for your passion, dedication, and active work.”

~ Rachel Drapeau



“You guys changed my marriage for the better! Before we went on your retreat we were a step away from divorce. Neither of us were happy about that, but it seemed likely. After your retreat we have decided to get remarried (even though we never actually got divorced) so we can put the past behind us. We are putting new habits together on a daily basis so we never go back to where we were. I can’t thank you enough, and to all of those of you trying to decide if it’s worth it…if you’re both ready to listen to these two wise minds then HELL YES it will work.”

~ Lisa Levin, Therapist


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