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Welcome to our Resources Page!  

We’ve brought together our favorite courses, books and other resources all in one place for you. Each resource has information and tools that we enthusiastically encourage you to learn and use to help you strengthen your relationships.


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Live Event!

Thrive In Love - Couples Retreat


Thriving Relationship Workshop

A 3-day virtual course that will teach you the 6 pillars of a thriving relationship and create instant breakthroughs in your love life.

Thrive in Love eCourse

A 12-module course that will lay out the proven roadmap to renewing and deeping your connection to each other.

Relationship Coaching Certification

In this 6-month course, we will teach you all of the tools we use to help couples thrive in their relationships and we will train you to be a Thriving Relationship Coach. 

Our Favorite Books
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Strengthening Your Relationship

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Our Date Night Discovery Cards

Romantic Love & Sexuality


Personal Growth

Our Favorite Podcasts & Video Resources

Our own podcast!
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Free Training: 'Treasure's the Trigger' by Marina Yanay-Triner
Free Videos: Mia Lux

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