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A Relationship Course Built to Thrive in Love

Self-Guided Transformation

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From the comfort and privacy of home, get the proven roadmap to renew and deepen your connection. Learn simple and powerful formulas to effectively communicate, transform whatever issues have come between you, finally understand each other, heal from the past, find ways for your differences to work for you, and create the kind of love you've always wanted.

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If you...

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It's time to stop settling for a mediocre or "good enough" relationship.

INSTANT ACCESS to the videos + guidebooks.


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The reality is: If you keep trying to figure it out on your own, you will end up right back where you started - or worse.

Christine Eartheart and family
Bret and Christine launching relationship course
Christine and Bret working with a thriving couple
Bret and Christine, creators of Thrive in Love Relationship Course
Center for Thriving Relationships

What You Receive

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Here's the Cycle

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You have an argument. Things improve a bit — so it feels less “urgent” to create a big shift. Then, a little time passes and – BAM- you are right back in that same exhausting, painful, and frustrating issue…AGAIN.


Meanwhile, the bond between you wears away a little more each time. Resentment builds. You start to settle. You wonder if this is as good as it gets. You “put up with things,” until you can’t anymore and lash out. You sleep in the same bed but feel miles apart. You fantasize about how much easier it could be with someone else. You stay together out of comfort, the fear of leaving, or obligation — not because you bliss out when the two of you are together.


You have unmet needs (to be more appreciated, to spend more time together, to experience greater intimacy, to feel like your partner is equally contributing, etc.).

You’ve tried telling your partner what you need, but that surely hasn’t worked — because you have no idea how to communicate your needs in a way they can actually hear and receive.

You’ve had good intentions but have lacked relationship skills.


SO MUCH MORE is possible for you. Most couples have simply never learned how to thrive in love.

Until now.

This is our expertise and greatest passion and joy. You aren’t alone in this anymore! 

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There are simple, easy, and powerful formulas

to eliminate conflict, allow your beloved to finally hear you, transform challenges, help you get your needs met, and connect your hearts deeply — without all the unnecessary struggle and commitment to traditional counseling.

Center for Thriving Relationships
relationship course christine and bret eartheart

Hi, We're Christine & Bret Eartheart


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As counselors, coaches, and teachers, we help couples around the world transform their relationships and co-create thriving, lasting love.

Having been together for two decades, we understand the journey firsthand. We handcrafted this relationship course from personal experience as a couple and professional experience, supporting hundreds of relationships.

When we first got together, it was amazing.

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We gave each other our kindest, most patient, fun-loving, and thoughtful selves. We hid notes for each other to find throughout the day. We stayed up until 2 a.m. enamored with knowing everything each other thinks and feels. We sprinkled our bed with flower petals. We snuggled for hours. We made time for dates and special couples getaways, no matter how busy life got.

We overlooked the more challenging qualities and focused on each other’s best and sparkliest qualities.


Center for Thriving Relationships

And was happening

Despite us previously thinking we are the kind of people who would never get into an argument about things like the dishes and household chores, it was happening. 

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Christine would nag and wish she didn’t have to play that role. Bret would feel controlled and check out. Christine would then feel even more frustrated. And Bret would then check out even more.

We would try to talk about these cycles, but we both felt unheard. In fact, talking about it only made things worse.

Oh the fun cycles of a power struggle! 

We had different views on parenting.

We idealized other potential partners — who looked especially appealing in moments like the above.

We had many moments when things were wonderful, and people saw us as a happy couple — but we would get really STUCK in certain areas.

One day, sitting on the couch, we looked at each other and realized: we love each other, but this is no longer bringing out our best. We had three options…

That was a profoundly significant night for us

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We still cringe at what we would have unknowingly lost and missed out on if we took the first or second path. We ordered countless books and relationship programs and started attending couples retreats around the country.

And guess what?

Our relationship completely and utterly TRANSFORMED.

We communicated in radically different ways, we both started getting our needs met, and we found amazing ways for our differences to work for us.

Center for Thriving Relationships

We were best friends and allies again.

We laughed and played together. We heard and appreciated each other. The spark was brighter than ever.

Friends were constantly telling us: "You are our role models and inspiration."

"You are the only couple I know who actually has an amazing relationship. I wish we had what you guys do."

Many years later and it just keeps getting better.

This is truly the relationship of our dreams and has been for many years. And to think we almost ended it that evening, years ago.

From our own personal journey and from thousands of sessions we’ve now facilitated for other couples, we’ve discovered this: most relationships need a SHAKE UP, not a break up.

We’ve now spent well over a decade passionately studying relationships. We’ve pulled from the best resources out there to build this relationship course. These resources are the most powerful and effective tools we know about on the planet.

We want every couple to have this guidance, relationship advice, and roadmap.

We’ve helped thousands of couples around the world create thriving love that keeps getting better. It is the greatest honor and joy to watch couples who felt really disconnected and discouraged to stop divorce, save their marriage, improve their relationship, and fall in love again.

THAT THEY WAITED SO LONG to fix their relationship.

We know your life is incredibly busy and we know your time is invaluable...

That’s why we specifically created this Thrive in Love online relationship course that you can access from anywhere in the world. We don’t want anything to stand in the way of you getting to experience the kind of healthy relationship you’ve always wanted.

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christine and bret eartheart creating lasting change with their relationship course


Your relationship patterns and issues are likely ones you’ve had a long time. We know it takes accountability and consistency to make lasting changes. 

Unlike simply attending a few traditional couples counseling sessions (and then reverting right back to where you were). our unique program lasts 90 days and includes powerful training videos you can listen to again and again to get unstuck, keep you inspired, and ensure you stay on track with all your personal relationship goals. 

We will do everything we can to help you experience the greatest and most lasting growth and positive change.

couple doing their thrive in love relationship course over breakfast


You can access the relationship course anytime — while you are getting ready in the morning, while sipping a drink on the back porch, on your drive to work or while laying in bed together at the end of the night. 

You don’t have to think about rushing to a couples counseling appointment, finding childcare, or someone else seeing your car in the parking lot at the therapist’s office. 

The convenience and confidentiality are unparalleled. 

Get private support from the comfort of your home. 

It couldn’t be easier, and nobody else will know but you.

thriving couple after taking relationship course


Unlike other courses, programs or books out there that only cover one aspect of relationships (like communication), we are giving you the comprehensive roadmap to transform your relationship problems and create a thriving partnership, on every level.

And it’s not just a theory we offer you. Thrive in Love includes an abundance of concrete, step-by-step tools and formulas we’ve seen powerfully work thousands of times.

Plus, you get to keep this roadmap forever. When you only go to counseling, it’s so easy to forget what you’ve learned and go back to repeating your old, unhealthy patterns. 

With the Thrive in Love Relationship Course, you can regularly renew your commitment to one another by revisiting the materials and deepening your understanding of them.

Program Elements

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to enjoy on your own

Through video lessons taught by Bret and Christine and relationship mastery guidebooks, we will walk you, step-by-step, through the most transformative processes, insights, and tools to communicate, connect, heal from the past, understand each other in amazing new ways, and move forward and upward into the best years ahead.

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to create instant breakthroughs

You will also receive weekly “homeplay” easy actions that create revolutionary shifts in how you relate to each other and connect. This is not your average marriage or relationship class. After only week one, you will feel relieved and hopeful as tension starts to dissolve and connection deepens.

You have instant and lifetime access to all videos and guidebooks with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

What People Say...

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Program Modules

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Thriving Relationships -
A New Model Of Partnership

Most couples on the planet aren’t thriving — because they have no baseline, models, examples, or framework for what thriving love looks like and how they can create it. In this intro, we’ll invite you to enter into a whole new world of what’s possible in relationships and get you all set up for success to make the most of this course. After the intro, couples already feel their love begin to shift!

Module 1

What Hasn't Been Working
And Why

When it comes to transformation, one of the most powerful things you can do is get really clear on what, despite your best intentions, hasn’t been working. 

In this module, you will identify your top Relationship Poisons, create your very own Power Struggle Map (to illuminate the patterns that are keeping you stuck), and then plan out your new Thriving Love Map to bring you back into harmony and connection, again and again. 

You will also learn THE most powerful shift you can make to start getting different results in your relationship.

Module 2

How To Stop Neglecting
Your Love And Start
Nurturing It Instead

Every relationship has a Love Account. When it’s full, couples are resilient, see each other’s best intentions, laugh readily, feel connected, and enjoy a delightful spark between them. Unfortunately, however, most couples around the world are withdrawing from their Love Account way more than making deposits. In this module, you will learn what a Love Account is, the signs to look for when it’s starting to run low, and the quickest and most effective ways to fill it back up — no matter how busy life gets. We want you to become a master at loving your sweetheart in the way they uniquely desire, and this module will get you started!

Module 3

Communication Essentials

Did you know that most relationship challenges are completely transformed once couples simply learn how to talk about it differently? In this module, you will feel like you’ve just been stocked with relationship superpowers. There is no greater skill than knowing how to talk so your beloved can actually hear you and listen in a way that dramatically changes how they speak to you.

Although this isn’t only a program in couples communication (we give you the entire relationship roadmap), we will make sure you leave these 90 days feeling like you have the winning formula and life-changing secrets to healthy, easy, and effective communication.

Module 4

The Relationship Breakthrough Process:
How to Transform Any Conflict

Ever felt frustrated by something your partner did or didn’t do — and then felt even worse and more discouraged after bringing it up to them? Well, consider that a thing of the past! In this module, we walk you through our signature relationship tool: the Relationship Breakthrough Process. We’ve designed a step-by-step process that will easily guide you from any challenge into a powerful new solution that honors you both – helping you uncover the layers underneath the issue and hear each other in radically new ways. This is a tool for life and will create profound shifts and positive changes. Your ability to hear each other and find solutions will be easier than ever.

Module 5

Strengths-Based Relationships
That Bring Out Your Best

When we first fall in love, it’s easy to focus on each other’s best. However, over time, we start to over-emphasize each other’s weaknesses and bring out the worst. In this module, you will create a strengths-based relationship that allows your differences to be an asset and source of harmony, rather than conflict. 

(What we teach you in this module is the #1 most powerful thing we did to transform our own relationship!)

Module 6

Relationship Repair
And Healing The Past

Experiencing conflict in your relationship is inevitable — those days you didn’t get enough sleep, the moments you were hungry and on edge, the stressful chapters, the mistakes you made, the issues that trigger your defenses, and so on. The goal is not to completely avoid conflict — but it’s essential that you know to repair — quickly, easily, and effectively. In this module, we will teach you the best ways to heal from past hurts and old wounds (from both within and outside the relationship), and the tried-and-true relationship repair formula.

Module 7

The Secret To Staying
Connected In Busy Times

Most couples we know are busier than ever, and it’s hard enough to find time to sleep, let alone create a phenomenal relationship. Fortunately, it’s not just about the long romantic weekends (though those are lovely!). Instead, thriving love is made up of all the little everyday moments that communicate — “I see you, I love you, you matter more to me than anything else.” In this module, you will discover your Relationship Leaks and how to close them, the power of “turning towards,” and the little things you can do to make each other’s life more wonderful, day after day.

Module 8

Turning Your Love
Into A Safe Haven

Your life is probably filled with enough stressors outside your relationship that the last thing you need is for your relationship be a source of additional stress. That’s why, in this module, you will get to turn your relationship into a haven and become each other’s greatest allies, teammates, confidantes, cheerleaders, advocates, and soft landing place in life. When people reach out to us wanting to save their relationship, this is one of the key things that has been missing. It’s the best feeling to walk through life securely attached and with our #1 fan by our side.

Module 9

Thriving Individually
To Thrive Together

The health of your relationship is only as healthy as each of you are as individuals. In other words, personal growth and well-being is vital to thriving together. Therefore, in this module, we guide you through powerful practices for things like self-care, self-love, how to deal with jealousy, cultivating a positive mindset, managing anxiety, pursuing your passions, and so forth.

A happier, healthier, and more peaceful YOU will directly lead to a happier, healthier, and more peaceful relationship!

Module 10

Cultivating Emotional
And Physical Intimacy

Intimacy is what sets your relationship apart from all the other relationships in your life — both emotionally and physically. However, intimacy can be uncomfortable, confusing, or scary for a lot of people. That’s why, in this module, you will uncover your underlying fears and barriers to intimacy and begin to transform them. You will also practice new amazing ways to share your internal worlds (emotional intimacy) and will get to create your Erotic Maps so you know what uniquely lights each other up, in and out of the bedroom. 

Module 11

Turning Up The Joy And
Amplifying The Good

In long-term love, it’s easy to spend way too much time focusing on logistics, errands, and to-do lists and way too little time on cultivating connection and joy. At the end of your life, if you don’t change things, this will be one your biggest regrets. If you and your beloved are simply coexisting more like colleagues, roommates, or co-parents — rather than building a joyful and meaningful life together — this module is made for you! We can already hear you saying “but we don’t have time for that!” We’ve got you covered — promise. We’ve enthusiastically been studying the field of Positive Psychology and the neuroscience of happiness for over a decade, and we’re going to teach you easy hacks to start getting wired for happiness in simple and everyday ways.

Module 12

Thriving Love To
Last A Lifetime

By module 12, we know you are going to be amazed by all of the positive changes you’ve made — and we want to make sure it lasts. In this final module, you will co-create an inspiring relationship vision to guide you onward, fuel your momentum, and ensure you know the clear and easy way back into thriving if you ever get off track. There will be lots to celebrate this week!

Thrive in Love

relationship course customer guarantee

Invest in your relationship

Questions? Sign up for a FREE 20-minute Consultation here.


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We designed this relationship course for couples in every stage — those who are newly together and want to set themselves up for optimal success, those on the edge of divorce or separation who want to give it one last shot, those who are doing well but get stuck around certain issues and know things could be so much better, or couples who simply recognize the vital importance of always growing their love in order to thrive.

You will get remarkable results in 1 hour per week. You can move at whatever pace works for you and have the modules to keep for a lifetime.

We are confident: this hour/week will be profoundly time-saving and energy-giving and will save you so many hours of stress and disconnection every week.

No problem! You will have lifetime access to the modules so you can revisit them again and again. You can also easily make up one (or any) of the weeks when time opens up for you again.

You’re right — it is an incredible deal, and you receive extraordinary value.

In fact, some exceptionally talented business coaches emphatically encouraged us to charge 10x what we are for this experience. 

Here’s why we decided to keep the price low…

Truly ~ there is nothing we want more than for you to experience the love, joy, connection, ease, understanding, and fulfillment in your relationship that we know is possible for you.

That’s what lights us up everyday we wake up.

We’ve heard too many stories of couples who are struggling with things we have the exact solution for, and we just can’t keep this information to ourselves.

When you get to this page, we know you are excited about the positive growth you want to experience in your relationship, and we want to make sure that happens for you and to do whatever we can to help.

This relationship course is the first time ever that we are sharing these tools and insights outside of our private sessions and couples retreats, and we simply want every couple on the planet to have this proven road map to thriving in love available to them.

May it serve you deeply. There is no greater joy to us than that.

Absolutely! When you start implementing these changes, you will be amazed by the changes you see in your relationship.

When we change, the world around us changes too.

Also, if your partner is hesitant, they are warmly welcome to reach out to us with any questions or concerns at or 812-223-7186 or to schedule a free 20-minute consultation with us here.


Yes! We are thrilled to live at a time when relationships are taking many different forms. We’re here to help you create the healthiest version of whatever kind of relationship fully honors both of you.

Plus, we’ve found that nearly all of the relationship processes and tools we share work wondrously, not only for romantic relationships, but also help us improve all kinds of relationships in our lives, including those with our families, kids, friends, coworkers, and beyond.

So, again, YES, we will fully welcome and embrace you in your non-traditional relationship!

Yes! Affairs, as devastating as they are, can be turned into the most powerful catalysts for growth. Going through this program will allow you to (1) heal from the affair, (2) transform whatever wasn’t working before to make your relationship better than ever, and (3) create an affair-proof relationship for the years to come.


Sign up here for a FREE 20-minute consultation.

Center for Thriving Relationships

We're so excited for you to have phenomenal breakthroughs and discover new win-win solutions!

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Before you know it, you will be replacing stress, frustration, and conflict with more ease, joy, and connection.

Imagine no more silent treatments, stonewalling, power struggles, nitpicking, criticism, and defensiveness.

Instead, it’s going to be AMAZING to feel supported, heard, validated, and understood — like a TEAM of two best friends, hand-in-hand, on an incredible journey together.

Get ready for more laughter and appreciation and a loving partnership that brings out your best, meets your needs, fulfills your soul, and allows you to flourish, individually and together.

It really is possible. You don’t need to figure it out on your own. We’ve got you covered and are here for you in every possible way to make the process as easy, enjoyable, and efficient as possible!

90 Days from now, you too can be Thriving in Love.

Still not sure? What's coming up for you?

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We know it can feel like a big deal when you choose to invest in your relationship. You want to know the benefits will be worth it.

First of all, consider this: what is the cost of not doing this course? Your relationship stress is costing you greatly and spilling over into every other area of your life (probably much more than you even realize). Chances are, the cost of this course is significantly less than the cost of not doing it.

Secondly, how often do you spend money on items and experiences that offer only fleeting happiness? Couples tell us they spend a lot of money on vacationing together, but it never solves their problems. Unaddressed issues cause time spent together to be draining and stressful. When your relationship is thriving, honestly, every day feels easier. Like a vacation you get to share with your very best friend.

Lastly, we’ve intentionally made this exceptionally affordable for you. A few sessions of marriage counseling can easily 6x this much. However, unlike only doing couples counseling, you’ll receive an entire program you will have access to for a lifetime.

We feel passionately that investing in YOU and your relationship is the greatest investment you can make.

Research has shown that the quality of our lives and happiness is most determined by the quality of our most intimate relationship. Therefore, if there is one area to invest your time and energy, this is it!

We also say this from experience. We’ve spent tens of thousands on workshops and classes to feed and enrich our relationship. We know the monetary cost is nothing compared to the exponential value we receive every single day. We are absolutely convinced that we’d never be where we are today (in the joyful relationship of our dreams!) if we hadn’t invested the time, money, and energy.

We can get so used to conflict and disconnection that we stop realizing just how painful, exhausting, and stressful it really is. If you tell yourself it’s not that bad or think your problems will go away on their own, the truth is — you are probably in denial. If you aren’t in the relationship of your dreams right now, you are giving up one of the greatest joys of being alive.

If you knew things could be WAY BETTER, why would you settle for “not that bad?” Your issues may get buried or take on different forms, but they won’t go away, and you will lose years of your life that you could be enjoying the relationship you’ve always wanted.

You are on this page for a reason; something in you guided you here. May you listen deeply to and trust your beautiful heart that’s calling you to reach out and get support and tend to the most important part of your life.

Once you begin tapping into what’s possible, you’ll wonder why you waited so long. I mean — who has ever regretted nurturing their relationship and making it fabulous?!

Maybe you’re thinking your relationship just isn’t meant to be, that the problems are too deep, that you can never thrive, that complete trust will never be rebuilt, that you’re better off accepting things the way they are, that your partner will never change, that you’re stuck in a relationship that will never live up to your dreams.

If you do nothing, this will likely be the case. However, chances are, none of these things are true, and neither staying stuck nor leaving are likely the solution. With guidance and loving support, we will help you heal and transform the pain you’ve both experienced, ensure both of you feel heard, seen, and valued, and create a new compelling vision that includes both of your values, needs, and dreams. We’ll provide you with the exact tools and support you need to make it all come true.

We also provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you go through the course and don’t feel you received the value of it, just reach out, and we will fully refund you.

We know you are busy, and we imagine life can feel stressful and overwhelming. However, we invite you to consider how much time you could save if you got along beautifully and functioned as a supportive, nurturing, and encouraging team.

When your relationship is thriving, we guarantee you will free up an abundance of time and energy. Plus, when you’re happy, everything in life seems to flow so much more easily.

And lastly, let’s be honest — are there some ways you aren’t using the time you do have most efficiently, especially when you are stressing about your relationship?

It’s really not so much about how much time we have. Living a balanced and fulfilled life is about aligning how we spend our time with the things that matter the very most to us.

Plus, the course can be done in just 1 hour/week (the perfect weekly date!).

And if life just gets too busy? You can go at your own pace with the pre-recorded materials and take as long as you need for those.

This is one of the most common concerns when it comes to getting support as a couple, and we fully understand. Who would want to get help if they are going to feel ganged up on, invalidated, unheard, or misunderstood?

Throughout the course, we go above and beyond in our language to create an incredibly safe and compassionate space, completely free from judgment, blaming, and shaming. We are all on the same team with the same mission: to help you experience breakthroughs and take your love to the next level.

This relationship course is about compassionately understanding yourselves and each other in new ways, helping you both feel deeply heard and honored, finding creative solutions that allow you both to get your needs met, and growing deeper in love together.

More stories from our couples...

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Guaranteed Satisfaction

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relationship course customer guarantee

If you go through the program for the first 30 days and aren't satisfied with the value of what you have learned and received, receive a full refund.

There is nothing to risk or lose - and so much to gain.

If thriving in love is possible, why not choose it?!

If you want to create the kind of relationship you've been dreaming of and deserve, (where you feel appreciated, understood, supported and deeply connected), we're in your corner to help you make it happen.

There is truly nothing we love more and no greater honor than helping couples learn the secrets to true and lasting love, and we’re cheering you on with all our hearts!

Infinite Love and Joy,

relationship course christine and bret signature

Ready to Thrive in Love?!

relationship course customer guarantee

Invest in your relationship

Questions? Sign up for a FREE 20-minute Consultation here.