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Graduate Directory

We are excited to highlight some of the students from our Thriving Relationship Coach Certification program.

We celebrate the diverse ways our graduates are spreading their love and wisdom in the world and encourage you to visit their offerings and be inspired by their amazing service to humanity.

New bios are regularly added.


Thriving Relationship Coach

Through movement, touch, breath and awareness, clients have the opportunity for deeper intimacy within themselves and their relationships. This leads to the release of old patterns and development of new tools that better serve them.

Amy holds a Master’s degree in fine arts and Bachelor’s degree in dance and psychology. In addition to her background in the arts and movement, she has extensive training in trauma-informed holistic healing arts modalities. Her certifications include: Thriving Relationship Coach™; Authentic Tantra® teacher; Holotropic Breathwork™ facilitator, and bodywork practitioner. She draws from a deep well of expertise to explore each individual and couple’s specific area of focus.

A Brazilian native, Amy embraces cross-cultural practices in her work and weaves cultural wisdom from ongoing international training and mentorships. Her enthusiasm for learning, traveling and experiencing cultural wisdom is inspired. 

It is her greatest honor to hold space for her client’s transformational journey.

Location: Bloomington, IN and online


Thriving Relationship Coach

 a passion for helping people communicate effectively, work collaboratively, and develop healthy and resilient relationships.She has spent over twenty years studying communication and relationship skills as a teacher, administrator, manager, and freelance writer and researcher. Prior to becoming a couples coach, Andrea earned her Master’s degree from Ohio University.

Andrea is particularly interested in Dr. Sue Johnson’s innovative work on Attachment Theory and how it relates to couples, as well as the relationship science of Drs. John and Julie Gottman. 

When not supporting couples, which is work that she finds both inspiring and deeply rewarding, Andrea can be found behind the lens of her camera or at home with her husband of 30 years, their two teenage daughters, three cats, and their new puppy, Arlo.

Location: Bloomington, IN and virtual

Andrea is now part of our own team. You can book a session with Andrea HERE.

Carey Champion

Thriving Relationship Coach

the fields of community health education and higher ed. Inspired by the work of Dr. Sue Johnson and adult attachment theory, Carey helps couples leverage the power within their relationship to positively get their needs met, strengthen their bond, and successfully face challenges together.

Carey earned a Master’s degree from Indiana University and has studied Sociology, Human Development, and Family Studies. In addition to her certification through the Center for Thriving Relationships, she studies mindfulness, meditation, and effective management and leadership practices.

Since 2012, Carey has enjoyed working as a university librarian where she integrates her love of teaching with an enthusiasm for facilitating research and learning. As a community health educator, she taught sexual health, childbirth education, and positive parenting programs.

Outside of work, Carey enjoys hiking, birdwatching, gardening, and playing board games, especially with her wonderful husband and their five children. She is also an avid reader and recently discovered a new passion for making handmade books and journals.

Location: Bloomington, IN and available virtually around the world

Gabrièle Abowd Damico

Gabrièle Damico

Thriving Relationship Coach

…and I enjoy collaborating with couples and individuals who want to imagine new, productive ways of being in relationship so they can live vibrant, fulfilled lives.

​My work as a relationship coach grew out of my 26-year career as an educator, and I’ve
found that just as in teaching and learning, helping people create strong relationships
depends on a willingness to engage, a commitment to listening to each other, and a
practice of clear, compassionate communication.

Being a thriving relationship coach fits seamlessly with my other identities and
responsibilities: being a parent and a partner, participating in a large extended family,
being a friend, cultivating a community garden, organizing a new neighborhood, being
part of a school system….

I believe that caring for our relationships is a great way to care
for ourselves, and it is one of the most important things we can do to care for our world.

Location: Bloomington, Indiana
Contact: Gabriele at
Instagram: lovelight_rc

Gary Skow

Thriving Relationship Coach

 15 years helping clients to uncover the beliefs and judgments that made it difficult for them to fully experience the love, joy, and passion that is available to us all.

Through active listening, insightful questions, and practical hands-on tools, Gary helps couples discover new opportunities to strengthen their connection and create the relationships of their dreams.

Gary brings incredible life experience to his work, having been a widowed single parent, therapist, working carpenter, and who is now happily married for 14 years, with both grandchildren and a ten-year-old son that provides the perfect foundation for understanding the challenges and beauty of life in relationship with others.

Location: Bloomington, IN and available virtually around the world

Gary is now part of our own team. You can book a session with Gary HERE.

Heidi Krumreich

Thriving Relationship Coach

…she invites couples and individuals to go deeper and explore what blocks, patterns or old conditioning have been holding them back.

Her goal is to create a safe place for people to learn more about themselves and one another so that they can experience breakthroughs and reap the benefits of immense joy and connection that accompany profound change. Using a combination of modalities, she wants to join you on your journey to a more fulfilling and thriving way of being.

She has been in the healthcare field, serving people and listening to their stories for the last 22 years. She holds a degree from Indiana University in Dental Hygiene and is a level III Reiki practitioner.

A lifelong learner and avid reader, Heidi has continually educated herself on many topics that she loves: relationships, shamanic practices, healing energy work and meditation.

Dr. Sue Johnson, the Gottmans, Sandra Ingerman and Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work have impacted and
shifted the course of her personal life in positive ways.

When the opportunity arose to study under Bret and Christine Eartheart to become a Relationship Coach, she jumped on it!

Travel and adventure are a huge part of Heidi’s life as well. Camping, hiking, trail running, and
spending intentional time with her community are things that light up her life.

Location: Columbia City, IN
Contact: and 574-933-3813

Helaine Reiner

Thriving Relationship Coach

As a Thriving Relationship Coach, it is such an honor to be able to share this wisdom
with others. Helaine loves to help individuals and couples untangle the emotional and
karmic knots that weigh them down and shut love out of their life. When things start to unwind and begin to make sense, it is like you can breathe again. Learning to cultivate more love in your life is worth every moment of effort.

Healthy relationships are made up of healthy individuals. She loves to support the whole
individual and can draw upon her skills as a certified Health and Transformational Life

In Helaine’s previous career, she was a classroom middle school Science teacher for 20
years. She encouraged her students to be curious and wonder about the beauty of life, to ask questions and explore. She uses this same approach as a Thriving Relationship Coach, encouraging her clients to let curiosity guide them on this journey of change and growth. Exploring new ways to love one another, communicate, create trust, connection, and more intimacy.

Longmont, CO and by Zoom
Website: WorkWithHelaine.Live
Contact: or 415-464-7451


Thriving Relationship Coach

 wholeheartedly supports them in their transformative journey towards fulfilling those dreams.  She was educated in Vietnam and France before obtaining a Ph.D. from Indiana University.  She has worked as a researcher, translator, human rights activist, and nonprofit executive.  She is also a certified yoga instructor.  Her diverse life and work experiences have helped her develop effective communication skills across cultures, maintain a curious mind and an open heart, and appreciate that thriving relationships are truly key to one’s satisfaction and happiness in every life domain.

Huong currently lives in Evanston, IL with her loving husband, their two beautiful children, and their cuddly cat. In her free time, Huong enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends, cooking, singing, practicing yoga, and learning new things.

Location: Evanston, IL and available virtually around the world

Huong is now part of our own team. You can book a session with Huong HERE.

Ingrid Skoog

Thriving Relationship Coach

 communication coach and teacher of Nonviolent Communication, she has led retreats and workshops for organizations, nonprofits, and yoga studios. Among her countless trainings, certifications, and passions, Ingrid has also studied gestalt therapy, the science of bonding and attachment, Dr. John Gottman’s relationship research, mindfulness, somatic psychology, and movement meditation.

For fun, Ingrid loves improvisational dance, organic gardening, deep connection with loved ones. and rescuing animals.

Location: Bloomington, IN and available virtually around the world

Ingrid is now part of our own team. You can book a session with Ingrid HERE.

Jack Taylor, PhD

Thriving Relationship Coach

He is the author of 15 books, including When Ministry and Marriage Collide. He specializes in cross-cultural relationships in a ministry setting. Whether your marriage faces the stress of academic, ministry, business, or non-profit conflict Jack understands and believes that with a little support, you can accomplish your relationship dreams and desires.
Jack enjoys interacting with his 4 children and 11 grandchildren along with writing, reading, and nourishing tropical fish. He has helped to launch 9 non-profits and currently works as an academic liaison with executive leaders from 9 African countries. You can find him in Vancouver, Canada.
You can connect with Jack through or 

Jene Arbuckle

Thriving Relationship Coach

in neuroanatomy, as well as Scott Oldford, president of The Oldford Company. Upon certification, Jené began working with couples, from many walks of life, all searching for what she could teach them- the tools to a happier, successful, and thriving relationship.

*  Jené is an alumnus of Ball State University and holds degrees and certifications in; communications, meditation, energy healing, and culinary arts

*  She has supported a multitude of clients in breakthrough coaching sessions, individually, and as a pair

*  Jené knows the only path to a flourishing connection with another starts, first and foremost, from a strong relationship with self

*   Through her work Jené has developed a whole body approach to healing, using unique systems to teach couples how to build a strong foundation from which to grow.

Jennifer Lee

Thriving Relationship Coach

With the knowledge and wisdom that Bret & Christine have handed down, she will be able to help transcend your relationships onto a more vibrant, joyful and happier plain. The knowledge she has gained has transformed her life and she can’t wait to share it with you to help transform yours! 

Living 2 Enlight
Location: Bloomington, IN
Contact: 812-320-9251 or


Thriving Relationship Coach

 As far back as I can remember, I have been interested in communication and language.  This interest evolved over time as I pursued higher education and worked in various jobs and positions, but I eventually learned that this interest was about my passion for building, maintaining, and growing relationships at its core.

I have bachelor’s degrees in Catholic Studies and in Spanish from the University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas.  I also have a master’s degree in Spanish from the University of New Mexico.  Throughout my education, learning how to build and grow relationships has been my passion, as my faith, culture and language are built on, around, and through relationships.

Being a wife of 15 years, we have our own history with our share of trials and suffering as well.  My husband struggled with addiction during our marriage, but he has been sober for years now and I am so proud of him and grateful for the lessons this journey has taught us!  But with this celebration comes the realization that we lost time together during the time that the addiction separated us.  We lost opportunities to grow and mature in our love.  But it wasn’t too late for us!  And it’s not too late for you.

I specialize in helping couples recovering from the disconnect and brokenness caused by addictions to heal from the past and create a thriving relationship through my coaching services.  If you’re struggling to communicate openly and intimately, to connect tenderly, to rebuild your relationship after past hurts have caused so much suffering, to feel close and connected, I am here to help you.

Even if addiction is not a part of your story, it is inevitable that every relationship will go through struggles.  If you are looking for support in your relationship, you’ve come to the right place.  I will help you to learn and grow together, to process and heal from any past hurts that are holding you back, and to give you the tools you need to love each other better and to thrive as a couple.

Location: Rio Rancho, NM
Phone: (505)250-3214

Julia de Greff

Thriving Relationship Coach

I am touched and honoured to work with people who are brave enough to take that first step into this profound, sometimes painful, and often surprisingly joyful work which can be so rewarding.

I have a background in drama therapy and psychotherapy. As well as my coaching work, I am a painter. I make lively, colourful paintings with oils and also use pen and watercolours to make more delicate pictures.

I am passionate about social and global justice, and support and campaign with groups and organisations that are working for a more just, equal and fairer world.  I search within myself for my own biases, judgements and prejudices, to compassionately help myself open my eyes, and wake up to what is happening without and within.

 I have been with my partner for 30 years and we have been blessed to be parents through adoption and birth. We are a multiracial family. I have learnt and continue to learn an enormous amount from my children and my partner. They help me grow so much.

As an individual, a couple and a family, we have all been fortunate to receive help and support to help us on our journeys with our own suffering, to discover our goodness and strengths. Through this I am aware of the pain and rewards of this vulnerable, courageous work.

I practice qigong and meditation. I am learning the ukulele and enjoy singing. I love connecting with nature through gardening, walking and cold water swimming.

I would love to connect with you. Please get in touch to arrange a free consultation or book sessions. I work internationally online, and am based in the UK.

Location: United Kingdom


Dr. Kim Birch, PhD.

Thriving Relationship Coach

I specialize in helping couples who are brave enough to give marriage (or a committed relationship) another try. I was divorced after 20 years of marriage and remarried 4 years later. I appreciate the unique challenges confronted by couples in second marriages.

I would love to show you that the second time around can be different, loving, nourishing and fulfilling for both partners. Let me help you learn new skills so your relationship can reach optimal growth and love. 

Kowana Fararr

Thriving Relationship Coach

all your hopes and dreams. Whether you are an individual or a couple, she will help empower you to become the ultimate authority over your happiness. After traveling the world for 23 years as a military spouse and overcoming her own adversities,

Kowana has gained tremendous compassion. Her own life story is one that continually serves as a source of great inspiration to others. She has also excelled in the healthcare field for years. Kowana is currently an empty nester, a mother of two adult children, and the grandmother of two beautiful dogs, Mikki and Sleepy. She hails from Texas and, when not spending time with her family and supporting others, you can find her performing, with microphone in hand, and belting out karaoke tunes.

Location: Texas and available virtually around the world

Kowana is now part of our own team. You can book a session with Kowana HERE.

Lindsay Jean

Thriving Relationship Coach


I have been seeing my own therapists and a hypnotherapist/coach since my early 20’s and have an absolute passion for personal and relationship growth! This work is truly my jam!

I’m also a Registered Nurse with a Bachelor’s degree in Science and, working in the healthcare field for 15 years, I’ve seen the impact that a healthy, happy relationship has on overall health and wellbeing.


My partner, Ray, and I have been together for 6 years and, after the rush of excited energy wore off at the beginning of our relationship, life together was HARD. We experienced a lot of struggle and got stuck in negative patterns that we thought we could never get out of.  When we were deep in the hardest times, where arguments far outweighed the fun times, I dug even more into relationship research and learned that the “power struggle” we were experiencing was an expected phase in relationships. WHAT?! We weren’t doomed?! YAYYYY!

After some time apart, I am SO grateful we reconnected and chose to be intentional about learning how to love each other and stepping out of blame.

Looking back, I can see how easily we could have completely given up if we hadn’t made that choice and commitment.  He and I have used the very same research backed tools that I use in my coaching practice now to grow our love and change the way we communicate about the hard stuff… and the good stuff too! We are so proud of the transformation in our relationship.

Having experienced that dramatic shift in my own relationship, it became clear to me that I needed to turn my passion into my work. It is beyond exciting to coach couples and see those AHA MOMENTS and new loving awareness happen right before my eyes. Eeeeee! It gives me life and I cannot wait to work with you to turn the breakdowns into breakthroughs ! If you are feeling lost, hopeless, disconnected, missing your spark, frustrated with argument after argument… I got you.

Or if you’re happy but want to be THRIVING, look no further! 

Loving with Intention 

Location: Vancouver Island, BC, Canada (all sessions over Zoom)
Instagram: loving.with.intention
Contact: book sessions through my website or email me at

Mallory Shira Metzger

Thriving Relationship Coach

Mallory studied people, relationships, and health at Indiana University (IU). There she received a degree in Human Development and Family Studies and a Masters in Public Health while conducting research at the Center for Sexual Health Promotion.

After more than a decade working in local and state public health, Mallory became a Thriving Relationship Coach. Mallory draws from her expertise in human development, family studies, sexual health, and public health.

Her strengths-based approach is rooted in science and infused with mindfulness and humor.

Location: Portland, Oregon

Mary Lou Floyd

Thriving Relationship Coach

Mary Lou is grateful for over 30 years of wedded bliss with her husband. Putting together a blended family and enduring the challenges of her husband’s ex-wife from hell, Mary Lou has hands-on experience with relationship challenges.

Contact me for a FREE Discovery Call – I would love to hear from you!

In addition to being a certified Thriving Relationship Coach, Mary Lou loves to spend time with family, camping in their RV, reading, and enjoying life.  

Achievements: B.S. in Criminal Justice, M.S. in Psychology, Certified Life Coach, Certified Thriving Relationship Coach.  

Location: Brentwood, CA


Contact: Schedule your FREE Discovery Call through my website or email me at

Rae (Rachel) Bird

Thriving Relationship Coach

 wellness salon for 20+ years, she has a wealth of experience in diverse healing modalities, and it is her life’s mission to support others in living their optimal lives.

Rae is passionate about relationships and truly lives what she teaches, as exemplified in her own thriving relationships with her life partner and two sons. Some of her (many) specialties are communication, helping couples who feel sexually disconnected, or supporting couples where at least one partner is healing from past trauma in a way that interferes with their current relationship.

In addition to being a certified Thriving Relationship Coach, Rachel delights in time with her family, hikes in nature, camping, road trips, picking wildflowers, and constantly learning new things.

Location: Bloomington, IN and available virtually around the world

Rae is now part of our own team. You can book a session with Rae HERE.


Thriving Relationship Coach

I can offer an empathetic ear in listening, open-mindedness, integrity and self-awareness. My passion is to assist hurting marriages and people in relationships looking to connect and grow. 
Our wonderful senior marriages and premarital couples are welcome too. 
Are you looking to build up your relationship in a caring and confidential setting right in the privacy of your own home? 
Contact me for your virtual appointment today. I love my clients and would love to hear from you!

Phone: 317-750-2424

Sonya Manson

Thriving Relationship Coach

Stephanie Slate

Thriving Relationship Coach

We have three children: Sandy, Shawn, and Skyler. During the past 26 years, we have had the normal ups and downs that every couple faces, and we have had some of the most difficult times that a couple can face.

Most people would have thrown in the towel, and it almost happened for us. Instead, we turned to
God for guidance and found ways to work on ourselves and our marriage.

Making it to the other side into a healthy, thriving marriage inspired us to help others make their marriage better.

Together, we created 3 Cord Love LLC. I coach couples, and he makes 3 Cord Boards for
wedding ceremonies. We want to help you and your marriage stay away from the point of no return.

Location:  Wagarville, Alabama

Sue Fratianni

Thriving Relationship Coach

In addition to supporting clients in their relationships, Sue specializes in helping individuals and couples address money conflicts with their loved ones, simplify their finances, and empower them to make lasting changes to create their best life.

As a Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach with a Master’s in Education, she provides warm guidance and resources for you and your beloved to take action towards relieving stress over money, one of the top 3 conflicts in relationships.

Sue also supports the Center for Thriving Relationships by managing the bookkeeping, payroll and billing activities throughout the practice. You may hear from her when you have a billing or payment-related question.

She is all about the details and enjoys creating order and simplicity throughout her work and life.

As a simple living practitioner, Sue enjoys experimenting with minimalist challenges such as #project333, #100daydresschallenge, #minsgame; and strives to practice minimalism and slow living to savor each moment. 

She enjoys living tiny in the woods of Brown County with her partner and young daughter.

Sue offers In Person and Virtual sessions from her office located in downtown Bloomington at the Uptown Plaza Building, 115 N College Ave, Suite 230, Bloomington, IN 47404

Sue is now part of our own team. You can book a session with Sue HERE.

Susan Rae

Thriving Relationship Coach

counseling psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute near Santa Barbara, CA, and she now resides in the mountains of Western North Carolina. She has completed numerous trainings and certifications over the years as a life-long student of growth, transformation, and healing.

As a Thriving Relationship Coach, Susan is passionate about serving both individuals and couples, guiding them to attain their deepest desires in life and love. Susan truly enjoys bringing lightness, curiosity, and playfulness to learning new relationship skills, communication tools, and a myriad of fun and effective connection practices.

Susan Rae will just as easily meet you in the depths of your darkest challenges and experiences. Walking the journey of widowhood after 20 years of marriage and becoming a single parent of two teenagers, she knows what it is like to be engulfed in darkness and experience tremendous loss.

Susan, also a certified grief mentor, will be a beam of light in your darkness, walking with you as you reflect, grieve, process, integrate, and heal. And when you are ready, she will help guide you toward envisioning a new chapter of the life you want and deserve, while providing the tools and loving support to get you there.

In Susan’s free time, she can be found working in her yard and dreaming up new spaces inside and around her home. She loves to dance, hike, bike, listen to live music at outdoor venues, and make connections everywhere she goes. Susan teaches yoga and qigong and also loves art and making pottery. Susan adores her young adult children who inspire her continuously, as they are two of her greatest teachers.

Location: Asheville, NC and available virtually around the world

Susan is now part of our own team. You can book a session with Susan HERE.

Tessa Stevens

Thriving Relationship Coach

She excels at helping you connect deeper, nourish your visions, and successfully start a more harmonious journey. Tessa is passionate about relationships and personal growth and utilizes many different techniques to thoughtfully and personally guide you to make small simple changes that transform your daily life. Tessa exudes positivity, and her energetic, kind, loving spirit will instantly have you feeling uplifted and cared for. The motto of “live true…love life” radiates in her personality.

As an avid reader, researcher, and a lover of continuous learning, Tessa has developed extraordinary relationship skills and earned many certifications through 20 years of careers centered in client care, personal development, leadership, and happiness. Tessa integrates her love of relationship science by weaving in the ingenious relationship and attachment research of Drs. John and Julie Gottman and Dr. Sue Johnson. She has also studied mindfulness, meditation, healing energy work, holistic practices, and color therapy. 

Tessa loves people and shows up devotedly with a curious mind and an open heart to help you flourish in love! As a Certified Thriving Relationship Coach, she has tremendous zest for guiding people to new insights of communicating more effectively, listening in a more enlightened way, growing personally, dissolving unwanted patterns, discovering true empathy, and revealing connections between your health, mindset, and relationships. You will find that your relationship – and overall life – blooms into greater health, resilience, success, and joy in her presence.

For fun and self care, Tessa is a spontaneous adventurer. Traveling, camping, being in nature, hiking, dancing, drumming, and gathering with friends and family are her happy places. She is immensely grateful for consciously creating 10 happy and rewarding years with her amazing husband.

Location: Bloomington, IN and available virtually around the world

Toni Liu

Thriving Relationship Coach

…trauma healing, LGBTQ2IA+ & women’s empowerment.

She helps High Achievers, Neurodivergents & People-Pleasers recover from Tiger Parenting & other high pressure backgrounds, to find their authentic voice, fully love & accept all parts of themselves, create a meaningful & fully expressed life of “success” on their OWN terms, and share their deepest hearts with others in relationship 💖


Willow HIll

Thriving Relationship Coach

 I’ve been with my high school sweetheart for 18 years. I’ve learned that people grow and change and that it takes conscious effort to grow and change together!

Our most difficult period of growth and change came when we opened our relationship to polyamory and burning man culture. Such radically different ways of thinking and being stressed our relationship to the max.  We knew we had so much love for each other, but we didn’t know how to share it, we didn’t know how to embody it.

As a last ditch effort to save our marriage, we went to a retreat at The Center for Thriving Relationships in Bloomington, IN. Learning from the beautiful Bret and Christine Eartheart, we realized that we had no idea what a healthy relationship actually looked like! No wonder trying to add additional relationships went so poorly… After a period of intense growth and self discovery, we’ve come to a period where we practice polyamory from a place of love and abundance.  

When the opportunity arose to become a Certified Thriving Relationship Coach, I jumped at the opportunity to dive deep and learn more about relationships from Bret and Christine Eartheart. While I learned from the Earthearts directly, I’ve also learned a lot from the work of the Gottmans, Marshall Rosenberg, Jessica Fern, Kathy Labriola and Emily Nagoski.  I would be so honored to share all that I’ve learned with you!

Willow Hill Coaching
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Zoom or in-person