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Become a Certified Thriving Relationship Coach™

6-month Certification Program

Get expertly trained on 50+ scientifically-backed, proven, and powerful tools to help couples create massive breakthroughs and transform their love - while experiencing a deeply fulfilling career of abundance, heart, and freedom that lights you up!

Classes Start Week of July 22

There is still time to apply!

The only Relationship Coach Certification taught by a thriving married couple who has been together 20+ years and doing coaching and psychotherapy for 15+ and that invites your partner (optional) to get certified with you for FREE!


You are in the right place if you...

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Know you are meant for more and long for a deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment.

That nagging in your heart is not your imagination. You are meant to make a difference in a way that brings you joy, and there’s truly never been a better time in history to become a Thriving Relationship Coach™.

Have always wanted to help people with their relationships but haven't known how.

Romantic relationships are the area of life where people experience the most unnecessary suffering and have the greatest capacity for joy. Learning about love is truly the education nearly every adult has been missing. We are thrilled to equip you with the proven roadmap for exactly what to do to create incredible breakthroughs. Your confidence will skyrocket as you move through the program, and you will be in AWE of what you are capable of after these 6 months.

Want to improve all of your own relationships.

This certification course is not just about becoming “book smart.” We are going to guide you through a revolutionary process that will forever benefit every relationship you have.

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Are inspired by a life of freedom and flexibility.

As a Certified Thriving Relationship Coach™, you have the opportunity to serve couples all over the world – from the comfort of home. Whether you prefer seeing clients virtually or in person, we'll teach you everything you need to create an incredibly successful business you love.

Love talking about relationships!

Relationships are such a juicy topic! People are hungry to understand the secrets to love — and they will be captivated learning them from you.

Want to add a specialty to your coaching, healing, or therapy practice.

If you are already doing healing and transformational work with people and want to develop expertise in supporting couples, we’ve got you covered. The coaching industry is booming, and people are looking for those with specialties.

(*No prior experience necessary.)

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What our graduates say...

What our graduates say...

Jené's Coach Certification Experience

Amanda's Coach Certification Experience

relationship coach certification

Hi, We're Bret and Christine Eartheart.

We are thrilled you are here!

After practicing for many years as a licensed psychotherapist (Bret) and coach (Christine), we opened the Center for Thriving Relationships over a decade ago.

Although we loved supporting individuals (and continue to), it became undeniable: nothing transformed people’s lives as much as when we helped them in their relationships — because our relationships reveal our opportunities for growth and impact our quality of life more than anything else.

As a married couple, we knew the journey firsthand — the pain of not knowing the way and then the tremendous relief, ease, joy, and fulfillment that became possible when we learned to create thriving love.

We’ve now been together over 20 years and are truly in the marriage of our dreams. We want this for every couple in the world.

We’ve been honored to help thousands of couples save their marriages and transform their relationships through our coaching, retreats, and online programs.

We’ve studied and learned from the greatest relationship pioneers of our time, like Dr. John Gottman, Dr. Sue Johnson, Drs. Gay and Katie Hendricks, Dr. Harville Hendrix, Dr. Stephen Porges, tantra teachers, and many others.

Center for Thriving Relationships

We are so excited you are here and to share with you the exact formula for getting couples fast, repeatable, powerful, and lasting results.

More from our graduates...

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More from our graduates...

Denise's Coach Certification Experience

Monique's Coach Certification Experience

Jake's Coach Certification Experience

Renee's Coach Certification Experience

3 Things You Need for Success as a Relationship Coach

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Comprehensive Roadmap for Relationships

Gain proficiency in facilitating 50+ signature tools we've developed for couples, no matter their issues. Be empowered to get profound results with your clients, even with zero prior experience. Learn everything it takes to help couples…

Transform Your Own Relationships

We will guide you through incredible processes that will transform your life and strengthen all of your relationships. This is where a powerful transmission of the work takes place, as you experience it first as a student and then transfer that to your clients as a coach.

Launch Your Successful Business

We want to make sure you don’t graduate from this program and then have your amazing skills just sit there. In the second half of the program, you will implement the essentials for launching your career in weekly LIVE workshop-style sessions that make it fun and easy to learn...

Get instant and lifetime access.

Program Components

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Weekly Training Modules

During weekly professionally-recorded video trainings taught by Bret and Christine and through an extensive library of clear, easy, and proven tools and methods, you will gain everything you need to help couples save their marriages, transform their relationships, heal from infidelity, resolve conflict of every kind, deepen their connection, effectively communicate, cultivate both physical and emotional intimacy, reignite the spark, and create a fulfilling, thriving relationship.

Along with the training, you receive a comprehensive collection of printable and reproducible client handouts and exclusive permission to use them in your practice.

You get lifetime access to all program materials.

We also have very special guest speakers, like world renowned NY Times bestselling author and neuroanatomist Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor.

Rare Opportunity to Watch Real Sessions

Gain extraordinary insight from watching Bret and Christine coach couples in vulnerable and intimate recorded sessions of healing and breakthroughs. You will be walked through exactly what Bret and Christine did and why — so can replicate it in your own sessions. 

This component is missing from most certification programs out there, and our students often say this is their favorite part and is incredibly inspiring and helpful

LIVE Mentoring Calls with Bret and Christine

We want to be sure all your questions get answered and that you have an opportunity to be mentored by Bret and Christine directly. Join live biweekly Q and A mentoring calls with both of them together, filled with love and support. Questions can be asked ahead of time, so they are answered — whether you can join us live or not.

Replays are always available, and you get access to these live calls for an entire year, so you receive extended mentoring from Bret and Christine while you are seeing clients (we want you to have everything you need to be set up for optimal impact and success!).

Business Bootcamp

Starting midway through the program, you will receive an additional 1-hour training each week so that you are simultaneously growing your business. We actually do the steps together during the session — making it exponentially easier and more fun.

By the end of the 6 months, you will be all set up for launching your successful new career as a Relationship Coach. This component is a raved about part of the experience by our students.


Join a private online community to connect with other students. Here you can ask questions, receive support and feedback from others, partner up for practice sessions, share celebrations, and more. You will love getting to know your inspiring, big-hearted classmates!

Practice Calls

There are (optional) biweekly video calls to practice each week’s tools with other students and to get to be their client as well. These calls are a treasured part of the program.

What others have kindly shared...

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What others have kindly shared...

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Sandy's Coach Certification Experience

Sura Gail's Coach Certification Experience

Mallory's Coach Certification Experience

Stephanie's Coach Certification Experience

Center for Thriving Relationships

What sets this program apart?

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Having been together for 20+ years, we know the journey of relationships firsthand. After being on the edge of separation many years ago, we are immeasurably grateful to now enjoy the marriage of our dreams that truly just keeps getting better.

But it’s not because we are lucky or simply found “the one.” It’s because we very intentionally created it — using the exact tools we’ve now shared with thousands of couples around the world to help them transform their relationships too.

It’s so important to us that we live in congruence with what we teach, and we are wholeheartedly committed to modeling and embodying what’s possible in love.

As a couple, we also offer both the feminine and masculine perspective, which many find invaluable. Plus, we combine a harmonious blend of joyful enthusiasm, wholeheartedness, and deep empathy (Christine) with down-to-Earth, sage-like wisdom (Bret).

It is very rare to get trained by a couple.

Knowing the latest relationship research and understanding what happens in the brain and nervous system in times of stress, disconnect, desire, and conflict — these are all essential and can be really powerful in grounding the concepts (for yourself and your clients) and helping otherwise resistant clients open to change.

However, science and research can also become too intellectual. That’s why we make sure you are also stockpiled with concrete, easy-to-apply processes, tools, and somatic practices that open hearts and facilitate powerful transformation your clients will undoubtedly feel.

One of the complaints we hear about other programs is that you learn all the tools to become a great coach but then have no idea how to find clients and develop a thriving practice.

Rest assured, we’ve got you covered.

We personally guide you through 8 workshop-style Business Bootcamp sessions that make it fun, easy, and completely doable to create your successful practice from scratch.

Plus, we’ve also partnered with one of the greatest business visionaries of our time who has helped entrepreneurs around the world scale their coaching businesses to 6 and 7 figures, and, after graduation, you also get completely free support for 6 months from him and his team.

Receive both the guidance of a licensed psychotherapist who has worked with couples in hospitals, mental health clinics, emergency rooms, and private practice (Bret), alongside a master coach, somatic practitioner, and healer who has seen thousands of clients over the past 16+ years (Christine).

Many programs offer the perspective of one or the other, and we are thrilled to offer you both.

Why is this helpful? Traditionally trained psychotherapists are well versed in how our childhood and past relationships influence us — as well as how to navigate more challenging situations like anxiety, narcissism, addictions, depression, and trauma.

This is priceless to have and ensures you are a highly ethical, responsible, grounded, and capable coach.

However, traditional couples therapy can sometimes feel heavy and become too focused on what’s wrong and the past and lead to couples feeling even more stuck in their issues.

This is where coaching comes in. Coaching tends to be results-oriented, forward-thinking, and uplifting, ensuring couples move forward and upward into new possibilities together.

We love to combine both. Therapeutic and whole-being healing processes with tangible tools and positive results.

We do deep work but also make it fun and inspiring — for you and your clients.

Did you know many couples get worse after going to couples counseling? Unfortunately, many relationship coaches and counselors provoke couples and stir things up — but then don’t know how to get them out of conflict or guide them in creating new, healthy ways of relating that cultivate deeper closeness and joy.

Countless couples have come to us to repair the damage done in traditional counseling and coaching. We hear horror stories from couples who would leave their therapist’s office feeling even worse and more disconnected.

They are thrilled to discover our unique approach and realize that sessions become the most bonding, meaningful date nights.

We believe relationship healing and transformation — although it does take effort — can be enjoyable (and even fun!) for everyone involved.

We are committed to teaching you a unique style of relationship coaching that ensures couples walk out of their sessions feeling relieved, hopeful, connected, and eager to return.

Plus, rather than you burning out (like most marriage therapists do), you will be energized, deeply moved, and well compensated for your life-changing work.

Classes Start Week of July 22.
Receive instant and lifetime access to 50+ transformational coaching tools for couples once you enroll.

What others have shared about their experiences with Bret and Christine and the processes you will learn…

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In just 6 months, you will become a Certified Thriving Relationship Coach™, ready to start seeing clients and embark on an incredibly rewarding career (or add to the one you’re already in). You certification will give you credibility around the world and is not limited to your geographic area. You don’t need any other experience, training, or background to have an abundantly successful career as a Certified Thriving Relationship Coach™.

No. Anyone with a sincere desire to become a Thriving Relationship Coach™ is eligible to enroll.

This Thriving Relationship Coach™ Certification program is designed for brand new coaches who have never done anything like this — all the way to seasoned coaches and therapists. The best way to know if we’re a great match is to hop on a call with us so we can get to know you and see what will support your goals best. When you schedule a call, there’s absolutely no pressure to join. 

1000000%! We are passionate about transformative learning, which means your own life and relationships will be greatly renewed and strengthened in every good way.

Plus, we are the only Relationship Coach Certification that invites your partner (optional) to get certified with you — for FREE!

You got it! Nothing beats the ease and convenience of learning this invaluable skill set and launching your new career from the comfort of home.

No problem! The weekly modules are all pre-recorded. For the live calls, replays are always available, and you can quickly catch up whenever you are back. We will make sure you are filled in on anything missed.

Even better? The program only takes 6 months to complete, but we’ve included an entire year of live Q&A calls so that you can enjoy a feeling of spaciousness and are held and supported in every way.

Absolutely! This is a very hands-on program, and we will be coaching and providing support every step of the way with live calls and more.

You got it! We’ve extensively studied the works of Dr. John Gottman, Dr. Stephen Porges, and Dr. Sue Johnson who are, hands down, the foremost leading researchers on relationships, love, adult attachment, and nervous system regulation. We’re passionate about helping you understand the heart, brain and body in times of stress, conflict, mistrust, and disconnection — as well as closeness, safety, and joy (and how to cultivate relationships dominant in the latter).

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, renowned Harvard-trained neuroanatomist and NY Times Bestselling author is also one of our guest speakers.

The program is designed to last 6 months and require approximately 4-5 hours/week for training and practice.

Of course, move at your own pace. You can get certified in 3 months if you want a more immersive experience and want to dive in more quickly.

Likewise, you get the materials for a lifetime, and we’ve extended the live calls to last an entire year if you prefer moving more slowly.

We are not ICF accredited and have done this intentionally to reduce costs for students and make it more accessible — both with time and investment required to graduate (ICF has a variety of requirements that include private out-of-pocket mentoring sessions for students).

We also sincerely don’t see it making a difference as far as your success as a Relationship Coach — promise.

It is very, very rare that potential clients actually base their decision for who to hire as a coach on this. In fact, Christine, who has been a coach of two decades (with thousands of clients and a long waitlist) doesn’t recall even one time a potential client asked about this.

Clients will be most drawn to you for the life-changing results you are able to get, and we can say with abounding confidence that you will be trained to provide phenomenal results (i.e. the best of the best) so that your practice spreads through your expertise, authority in the field, and word-of-mouth — and from all of the business strategy we share in the Business Bootcamp portion of this Thriving Relationship Coach training. 

Christine is a master coach of two decades, and Bret is a licensed clinical psychotherapist. There is no shortage of experience from which to learn and become a relationship expert yourself.

More questions or concerns? Schedule a call with us here, and we’re so happy to help.

We wholeheartedly welcome you.

We are all in relationships of various kinds (parents, colleagues, friends, neighbors, family, etc.), and we have no doubt you will be able to relate to everything we explore.

Plus, you will become fully equipped to create the best relationship imaginable whenever you are ready.

Certified Relationship Coaches typically earn $100-$250+ per session, and you will be more than able to make your money back in a matter of weeks or months, depending on how many clients you are interested in seeing weekly.

Yes, you can either pay in full or choose the payment plan option. 

In order to receive your certification, complete all modules and 8 practice sessions (to maintain confidentiality for the client, sessions are documented via writing, not video).

Great question — and YES! We’ve researched every other relationship coach training out there, and we can say with certainty: there is nothing else like this on the planet. If you want to be an expert in knowing how to help couples transform any of the challenges they’re facing and create the best relationship imaginable (all while up-leveling all the relationships in your own life), we’ve got you covered, and this program gives you everything you need and will be full of love, joy, and meaning.

Plus, as we’ve mentioned, you are not only going to have phenomenal skills as a relationship coach, we’re going to help set you up with a successful and growing business too.

Absolutely! Coaching is an incredibly flexible career, allowing you to work from your laptop from anywhere in the world (via Zoom or phone sessions). Prefer seeing people in person? We also saw clients for many years out of a very simple home office, and our practice flourished (i.e. it doesn’t need to be a fancy space).
Here at the Center for Thriving Relationships, our rates are $125 for an hour session, for clients coming to see both our newer and seasoned coaches. Prices vary for relationship coaches around the country, but you could comfortably plan on charging $100-$200 per session. With 20 clients/week, expect to earn $90,000-$120,000+ annually.

We highly recommend staying on track with the group as much as possible, as the collective momentum of the group will be powerful, connecting, and motivating. However, we are also completely flexible, so rest assured that you can take as long as necessary to complete all program components and graduate whenever you’re ready.

Of course! You will have lifetime access to everything. Also, when we continue to refine the program every year, you will always get the latest and greatest updates.
Yes, you can say you are a Certified Thriving Relationship Coach™ and were trained by the Center for Thriving Relationships. After graduating, you also receive (at no cost) the valuable opportunity to create a profile featured in our online directory of coaches. This directory will be hosted on our website, seen by thousands of visitors each month.

You will find yourself among many kindred spirits in this program. Caring and empathetic people are often the ones drawn to this work, and your sensitivities are your superpowers.

We will absolutely go over all of our favorite hacks for managing, cleansing, and protecting your own energy so you are uplifted and rejuvenated from this work.

Plus, it isn’t about simply sitting and listening to couples in tough places, and it’s different than supporting a friend through a tough time (which can feel heavy). You will have full permission to actually coach your clients, and you will witness amazing breakthroughs right before your eyes — which is completely inspiring and life-giving.


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Program Dates

relationship course customer guarantee

Satisfaction guaranteed – or receive a full refund.

Simply reach out within 30 days if you aren’t satisfied, and receive a full refund. 

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Center for Thriving Relationships
relationship course christine and bret eartheart

Want to learn more?

We can't wait to connect with you and support you in bringing more love into the world and embarking on an incredibly purposeful, fulfilling, and rewarding career.

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Abundant Love and Gratitude,

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