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Hello, Treasured Friend and Teammate!

Thank you so much for your interest in partnering with us to spread the word about our upcoming Thrive in Love couples retreats and our 6 Weeks to a Thriving Sex Life eCourse! We love creative collaborations that allow us to serve more people, and we’re delighted to help you easily earn some extra money in the process. We are so grateful to be on this journey with you and are eager to support you in your purposeful work in any way we can!

We hope the information below makes it as easy as possible for you to promote the retreat and course to friends and clients. If there is anything else we can do to make your experience partnering with us positive, we are here for you!


We are thrilled to offer you 30% of the registration fee for everyone who signs up through your affiliate link as our way of saying THANK YOU! We truly want this partnership to be an irresistible win-win-win for absolutely everyone involved.


If you have not done so already, it only takes a few minutes to sign up at this link to become an affiliate partner! Once you fill out the information, you will receive your own special affiliate link and log-in that will track everyone who comes to our site through you.

You will then be able to log-in to the affiliate site to see how many people have clicked on your link and how much money you have made. It’s fun and easy! Woohoo!

In addition to promoting Thrive in Love, when you sign into your affiliate site, you will also see the various programs we are promoting at any given time, all of which you are welcome to spread the word about…and to make money doing so!


Here are some graphics for the retreat and the eCourse. Feel warmly welcome to use them in any way (newsletters, websites, social media, etc.).

Simply right-click on the images to save them to your own device.

Thrive in Love Retreat

Thrive in Love promo graphic

Thrive in Love Retreat

Thrive in Love Retreat

Thrive in Love Retreat

6 Weeks to a Thriving Sex Life

6 Weeks to a Thriving Sex Life

6 Weeks to a Thriving Sex Life

6 Weeks to a Thriving Sex Life


You can find much more info about the Thrive in Love retreat HERE and the Thriving Sex eCourse HERE.


Here are a variety of pre-written posts for the Thrive in Love retreat and Thriving Sex eCourse that you can put on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. in a matter of seconds! Once you are assigned your special affiliate link, simply include it with your post, and it will track everyone who registers through you. We’ve provided a variety of posts to help you best reach your audience. We encourage you to post as often as your heart desires and to modify them to include correct dates, location, and personal notes. You are also, of course, welcome to write some originals whenever you’d like!

Again, be sure to add your special affiliate link to these AND be sure to add the dates and location to match which retreat you are promoting.

Thrive in Love Social Media Promotions
6 Weeks to a Thriving Sex Life Social Media Promotions


Download the pdf. flier below for the specific location you are promoting, or for the eCourse:

Thrive in Love – Chicagoland, September 2019

Thrive in Love – Bloomington, October 2019

6 Weeks to a Thriving Sex Life

Here is the .jpg version of each flier. Simply right click to save it to your device as an image:

Thrive in Love - Chicagoland, September 2019 Flier
Thrive in Love - Bloomington, October 2019 Flier

6 Weeks to a Thriving Sex Life Flier


Here is an email template you can easily send out to your mailing list for Thrive in Love or 6 Weeks to a Thriving Sex Life! Simply plug in your affiliate link, make the date and location match the specific retreat you are promoting, and add any personal touches (optional) you’d like, press send, and look forward to receiving your 30% of the registration fee of anyone who registers through you!

Email Template to Promote Thrive in Love Retreat

6 Weeks to a Thriving Sex Life

That’s all for now! Again, please let us know of any way we can make this as wonderful, easy, and beneficial as possible for you! We are so excited to get started with you and look forward to a fabulous continued collaboration! Have a great day! 😊

Abundant Love, Gratitude, and Joy,
Christine and Bret, Founders of the Center for Thriving Relationships
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