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Ever wish you had just the thing to say to make your beloved’s day, to bring them a smile, to remind them how valuable and wonderful they are, to apologize for those moments when you weren’t exactly being your kindest​, and to appreciate them for those things it’s easy to take for granted?

We know how vitally important these expressions of love are in a thriving relationship, and we also know a lot of people are so busy that days and weeks go by without taking the time to regularly communicate in more thoughtful ways.

​In our work with couples, we love asking each partner what their beloved could do to help them feel happier and more connected. Nearly every time, at least one partner tells us they long to hear more words of love, appreciation, and affection. In thriving relationships, it is those loving gestures you do on a daily basis that matter the most.

With our free Dear Beloved Notes, we are excited to make it easy to make your beloved’s day and bring you closer. Send one today!

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