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How We Do This Little Thing & How You Can Too

For those of you who send text messages to each other, this week, we invite you to make them a bit more romantic, affectionate, and loving. We love to send each other sweet little notes via text message, and they feel so good to both send and receive.

It takes less than a minute to transform…

“Can you pick up Joey at soccer practice at 5:00?”
“Hi beautiful! Would it work for you to pick up Joey at 5:00? Thanks for everything you do. I can’t wait to see you tonight. I love you so much.”

“Please stop at the store on your way home to get lettuce.”

“Hi, love of my life! I hope you’ve had a great day. I’ve been dreaming about how _____ you are. Would you please stop by the store to get lettuce on your way home? Thanks — you’re the best!”

“What do you want to do tonight?”
“I am so excited to spend time with you tonight. I’m the luckiest man/woman to get to share it with you. What can I do to make it the most wonderful night for you?”

You get the idea! In just one minute, you can transform a mediocre message into a heart-melting one.

You could also simply send:
– “thinking of you” texts
– ones that start with “have I told you yet today how _______ you are?”
– little notes of appreciation that start with “I just want to thank you for…”

Turning up the love factor in your text messages is definitely one of those little things that takes so little time but can make a huge difference. When you first got together, you probably put more thought and intention into sending sweet messages. To affair-proof your marriage, to keep the spark alive for a lifetime, and to nurture a positive connection, these are things you never want to stop doing. Just imagine your beloved’s face and heart light up when they receive these texts that only YOU can uniquely send!

We invite you to send at least one extra-loving text message to your beloved in the next 24 hours to get started. Enjoy, and have fun with it!

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