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A common challenge we see with couples is that their lives have become a bunch of goal-oriented to-do’s, and they act more like business partners running a house or a family and less like best friends and romantic sweethearts on a fun and wonderful adventure of discovery and joy. While efficiency and logistics absolutely have their place, it’s important to balance it out by spending moments fully savoring the journey. In fact, when you first met, rather than rushing from one thing to the next, you likely delighted in the detours and longed to let moments linger.

How We Do This Little Thing

There are many ways to put this little thing into practice. For us, it often happens when we’re walking to and from our destination. We love taking unique meandering routes and opening up to all the sights and sounds along the way, as well as opportunities to create magical moments – which there nearly always are.

For example, the other evening we went out for dinner. We could have driven right to the parking lot but instead decided to park far away so we could stroll the scenic route.

On our way home from dinner, we decided to walk back to our car through the Indiana University campus. When we passed the art museum, we saw a few students laying with their feet up against the museum wall. We were intrigued and went over to do the same. The view was glorious!

We laid there on the cement with our feet up in the air, laughing, and connecting to the wonder of sharing this life together. I can assure you, if we just drove to the restaurant and back, we would have missed what ended up being our favorite and most memorable part of the night.

How You Can Put the Little Thing Into Practice in Your Own Life

The important thing when you take the scenic route is that you’re less focused on some future goal or destination and more on opening up to unexpected blessings that are sure to be there on the detour if you open to see and receive them. Oftentimes, all it takes is changing up your routine a small bit in order for the entire journey to be different and more memorable.

Next time you’re headed somewhere, intentionally decide to take the scenic route, one that reconnects you with the beauty of being alive, that encourages you to slow down and be present, that sprinkles in a little extra magic, and that creates the space to relish in the joy of being on this journey together.

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