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You probably know well the feeling of setting an intention (ex: working out 3 times a week, eating less sugar, meditating every morning, etc.)…and then it not quite happening. 😉

Does it not happen because you are a bad person, because you don’t mean well, because you meant to not do it? No way! It happens because you are human!

In this example above, it’s easy to see how, even though we have good intentions, the result might not exactly match our intentions.

Yet, in relationships, we find that partners very often see a certain result and assume their beloved’s worst intentions are behind it.

And it’s painful to be seen for our worst intentions. In fact, we don’t really feel seen at all when someone chooses to view us this way. I’m sure you can relate!

There are usually many things underneath why any of us does anything. You could either focus your attention on your beloved’s worst intentions…or their best. You probably don’t have time to focus on both, so we definitely recommend focusing on the one you want to grow!

Plus, whatever we are looking for, we will find. When you look for your partner’s worst intentions, you will find that (“You only did that because…”).

When you look for your partner’s best intentions, you will find that instead!

We humans tend to grow into the people others see us as. You have the capacity to help unlock your beloved’s GREATNESS by seeing his or her best. Remember that the seeds we WATER are the ones that GROW. We’re cheering you on as you water seeds of love, connection, and joy!

May your moments be aglow with all that means the most to you and brightens your hearts and world!

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