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How You Can Put It Into Practice

This week’s little thing is loving encouragement to pull out photos from some wonderful moments you’ve shared. Perhaps you want to reflect on photos of when you first met, revisiting the start to your love story and sharing what you fell in love with about each other.

Maybe you want to cozy up looking at your wedding album or summer vacation photos from years ago. If you don’t have photos handy, simply paint the picture with your imagination, and this will be greatly valuable too!

We invite you to intentionally do this not in a way that focuses on how “bad” things are right now compared to how lovely they were then, but simply to savor and delight in how wonderful those moments were. Allow the love, joy, and bond you shared in those memories reflect back to you the heart of your connection.

Neuroscience shows us that when we reflect on and replay wonderful moments, a few amazing things happen:

– The more we reflect on and appreciate the good in life, the more we actually increase the value and benefit from those moments.

– We send a signal to our brain to release lots of positive chemicals and feel-good hormones, including oxytocin that bonds us!

– We train our brain to incline towards happiness, making it more likely to return to those positive states again and again.

Abundant blessings of joyous reminiscing!

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