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How We Do This Little Thing

Dance parties are a regular occurrence around our house, and it’s amazing how much energy can shift in just 5 minutes of a good song and fun-filled body movement! As we’ve mentioned, in the wonderful fullness and busyness of life, we LOVE filling our lives and relationship with those little things that make the biggest impact. When one of us puts on our wedding song, “We are Man and Wife” by Michelle Featherstone (below) or another love song and asks the other for a dance, it’s the sweetest invitation and brings us right into deeper presence and connection!

How You Can Put the Little Thing Into Practice in Your Own Life

Find a song that is associated with positive memories (music is incredible at transporting us to those positive emotions!), or find a new song that communicates to your beloved what your heart longs to say (it’s like a lyrical card they get to open!), put on the music, and ask them for this dance!

Any location works for this –the kitchen, the living room, your bedroom, etc.!

HINT: To set yourselves up for success, aim to pick a time when your beloved isn’t right in the middle of something important or that requires their focus 😉

Happy dancing, grooving, and melting into each other’s arms!

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