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How We Do This Little Thing

When we were falling asleep the other night, I (Christine) happened to mention to Bret that my pillow was getting flat. I didn’t think anything else of it and simply fell asleep. When I came to bed a few days later, it was the sweetest surprise to see a brand new, deluxe pillow awaiting me. My heart melted! I’ve never loved a pillow so much, not because it’s so snazzy (though it kind of is!) but because it was so thoughtful of him to notice that passing comment, think of how he could support me, and take an action that says “I love you, I am paying attention, I care, and I want to make life more wonderful for you.” It truly is the little things!

How You Can Put the Little Thing Into Practice in Your Own Life

If you are paying attention, your beloved is continually giving you clues to things they need or that would make their life more wonderful and supportive. He or she isn’t usually dropping these clues as hints for you to pursue, but what a joy it would be if you quietly took note and then took the initiative to follow up and surprise your sweetheart with them!

A thriving relationship isn’t built on the big fireworks but is made up of these thoughtful, ongoing, loving actions.

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