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When something challenging happens (money stress, health issues, a messy house, struggling kids, difficult situations at work, etc.), you could approach your beloved and the situation in a few ways:

1 – You could communicate in a “know it all” and condescending fashion, and jump right into advice-giving with your partner.
“You should really…”

2 – Blame and criticize your beloved for their role in creating the challenge.
“If only you had just _________, this wouldn’t have happened!”

3 – Check out because you don’t want to face whatever it is, leaving your beloved feeling alone in this.

4 – Fully show up as your beloved’s ally and teammate. Lead first with empathy, which means getting out of your own head and into their hearts. Be present with their feelings, and assure them you are in this together. Try saying things like…

“I love you, and I know we’ll figure this out.”
“This is tough, but we are tougher, and I am right here by your side.”
“This challenge is OUR challenge, and we’ll get through this together.”
“I am your teammate in this. What can I do to support you?”

As you can guess, option number 4 is definitely the little thing that can make all the difference! Not only does it provide stress relief, reassurance, and bonding, it will also open up so many more creative solutions when you stay in the spirit of togetherness. We lovingly encourage you to try this out today! Go team! 🙂

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