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How You Can Put It Into Practice

There is an epidemic of chronic stress in our society. In addition to all of the damaging health effects, when we’re stressed, we’re also the most different and disconnected from each other. Needless to say, this wears a big toll on relationships.

Plus, when we’re in a state of high stress, we lose approximately 80% of the blood flow to the higher thinking parts of our brain. This leads to tunnel vision, and we literally lose the ability to see the bigger picture, to have empathy, to think creatively, and to recognize solutions and possibilities.

For many couples, when they are relaxed (like during vacation), they experience a sweet return to that place of heart-centered connection, a place very different from the world of to-do lists, overwhelm, and never enough time.

In our own relationship, we make sure we have time, every single day, to settle into deeply relaxed moments together. Here are a few ideas for how to unplug from stress and reconnect to one another that require 15 minutes or less: go lay outside on a blanket and watch the stars, meditate or do yoga side-by-side, put on some relaxing music and just snuggle in silence, or take a relaxing bath together.

Vacations are wonderful and important, but we highly recommend making this a little thing you do often, rather than waiting for the next romantic getaway.

If you feel like you don’t have enough time to relax, realize that taking these small moments will end up saving you from unnecessary conflict, heightened stress, and further need for repair. Wouldn’t you rather spend that time preventatively relaxing instead?! 😀

Blessings of blissful relaxation to you!

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