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For those of you who are married, you may have put a lot of thought into writing up meaningful vows to one another. In thriving relationships, commitment goes way beyond our wedding day. In fact, we need to continually commit and recommit, day after day, to how we want to show up for our beloved and relationship!

I (Christine) was recently blessed to officiate another wedding for a beautiful couple. Below, you will find a few lines I asked them (written here as statements for you instead). We’re sharing them in this week’s “little thing” as an invitation for you and your beloved to take a few moments to read them out loud to each other and recommit to them.

Also, this doesn’t have to be something you do together and can, instead, be an internal recommitment you make on your own. Remember, when you show up differently for others, others show up differently for you!

Here they are, and we encourage you to come up with some of your own if you are so inspired!


I commit to focusing on your strengths and those places where you uniquely shine.

I commit to seeing your best intentions.

I commit to communicating openly and honestly with you and to making it safe for you to communicate openly and honestly with me.

I commit to offering you empathy before advice, curiosity instead of criticism, and understanding instead of defensiveness.

I commit to having fun together and keeping a spirit of laughter, lightness, and play.

I commit to actively appreciating you every single day so that I don’t miss out on the precious gift you are.

I commit to always be growing, together and individually.

I commit to valuing your needs as much as I do my own.

I commit to being your ally and teammate and seeing you as mine.

I commit to taking responsibility for any ways I may be contributing to disconnection and to helping bring us back into connection.

I commit to prioritizing you and our love and to committing and recommitting to what matters most.


Your life is a reflection of what you are most committed to, consciously and subconsciously. When you commit to the above, we are confident good things will follow! We’re cheering you on always and sending you all our love!

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