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How We Do This Little Thing

We have a joke in our house that our challenge is to greet each other at the door as excitedly as our adorable pack of three fluffy and enthusiastic pups. Whether they are snuggled up sleeping, playing, exploring the backyard, or snacking on treats (their favorite activities), our dogs immediately stop what they are doing and race to the door with wildly wiggling bodies, exuberant joy, and wagging tails. They have helped us set the bar to a whole new level!

We have a commitment in our relationship to stop whatever we are doing when each other walks in the door. We put down our phone, computer, or whatever activity we are engaged in to greet one another with an affectionate, positive, fully present, warm welcome home. For us, we usually go right to the door, and this works well with our house design. However, standing up to fully turn towards your beloved can happen in any room of your house!

How You Can Put the Little Thing Into Practice in Your Own Life

Psychologically, we humans tend to remember the beginnings and endings of things. The tone you create when you reunite at home can truly impact the rest of your day or evening. Also, the way you greet (or don’t greet!) your beloved when they get home is actually training them for how they associate coming home to you. If you barely look up, greet them by complaining about something, or start right in on directing them to what you need them to help you with, it probably doesn’t get your beloved excited to come home to you.

Imagine how differently they might start entering the door if they know you will be there with a loving, positive, affectionate, welcoming embrace! They will associate you with being their haven, where they go to get fueled up again, to feel connected, loved, and supported, and it communicates that they are, ultimately, more important than whatever else you may be doing! (Of course, after your beautiful reunion, you can go back to your previous activity!)

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