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How We Do This Little Thing & How You Can Too

The key to getting the answers, the life, and the relationship we really want isn’t just what we state but what we ask. Asking different questions can lead to radically different results. In our own relationship, there is one question that always brings us into sweet loving connection with one another.

The question is: How can I make your life more wonderful right now?

This is one of our very favorite questions to ask each other, and we do it all the time. Of course, as individuals, we are the ones ultimately responsible for our own happiness. However, when two people enter into a mutual spirit of wanting to be in continual service and support to each other, magic happens. In our own union, we are committed to helping make life as phenomenal as possible for each other. This question is a powerful way to ignite this spirit in your own relationship.

When asked, we’ve been known to answer this question in all sorts of ways, such as “by giving me a little back rub, by making me some tea, by snuggling for a few minutes, by sitting down to read an article with me, by taking a quick walk with me, by helping our son with his homework, by giving me a kiss, by telling me something you appreciate about me, by putting on some great music, and so on.” As the recipient of this question, let the answer be something small your partner can do right then and there or in the very near future.

We enthusiastically encourage you to ask your beloved this question today and then to keep it alive on a regular basis. Enjoy making life wonderful together!

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