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How You Can Do This Little Thing

Our voices transmit energy that greatly impacts those around us. Just think, when a parent is trying to get their child to go to sleep, they use a soft and gentle tone. A motivational speaker who is trying to get people revved up, on the other hand, uses a faster, louder, and energetic tone. Someone trying to comfort a friend in grief uses a tone that emits care, concern, and empathy.

How our words are received is framed by the tone we deliver them with. In fact, tone often matters even more than the words themselves. A positive tone can create a positive mood that shapes an entire conversation or experience.

When we’re working with couples, we often hear things like…
“It’s not what you said, it’s how you said it.”
“It just didn’t sound sincere.”

Maybe you can relate. ☺

Couples tend to develop a particular dynamic and way of relating that repeats itself over and over. If you’re in a rut of using a tone that conjures up the energy of criticism, nitpicking, nagging, negativity, sarcasm, defensiveness, contempt, or indifference, shifting your tone is something you have the power to choose and it can change everything. We invite you to add more lightness, appreciation, heartfelt care, kindness, curiosity, and positivity into your tone of voice, and see how this little thing can create an instant change to connect and uplift you both!

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