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How You Can Put It Into Practice

When you first fell in love, you may have primarily been self conscious — overthinking how you looked, what you said, and things you did.

Then, in long-term love, it’s common for this to switch and, instead, to become overly critical of our beloved and how we wish they were different. It’s common to think that life would be so much easier if they just changed.

In fact, we can get so focused on wishing our partners acted, looked, thought, and talked differently, that we lose sight of just how challenging it can be to be in a relationship with us.

That’s why this week’s little thing is loving encouragement to (1) humbly, gently, and honestly recognize your own challenging behaviors and traits, (2) actually acknowledge them with your beloved, and (3) thank them for their patience with you. 😀

When we come right out and acknowledge our own challenging habits, it can actually create humor and closeness! And, rather than thinking you’d rather hide these aspects of yourself from your partner, rest assured, they’ve already noticed, and they’ll probably be very happy and relieved that you do too. 😉

We’re cheering you on!

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