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Save Your Relationship

The Save Your Relationship Intensive is for you if at least 3 of the below are true…

(Available anywhere in the world in person, via phone, or through Skype.)

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  • You are thinking of leaving your relationship.
  • You’re scared your partner wants to leave.
  • You feel like giving up.
  • You hold resentment towards your mate.
  •  You’re recovering from an affair, secrets, or betrayal.
  • You’ve lost trust in each other.
  • You’re tired of thinking the problems will go away on their own.
  •  You feel deeply hurt by things that have happened in your relationship.
  • Times of conflict far outweigh times of joy and connection.
  • You’re experiencing what feels like an unsolvable problem.
  • You feel exhausted and overwhelmed from trying to make it work.
  • You are hungry to feel seen, heard, and appreciated by your partner.
  • You really love each other but fight all the time.
  • You can barely stand your partner sometimes.
  • You have a heavy heart and knot in your stomach when you think of your relationship.
  • You’ve been putting off addressing an issue that you can’t ignore any longer.
  • You feel disconnected from the person who used to be your greatest friend.
  • You wish you knew how to get back to feeling passion, mutual affection, and deep love.
  • You can see it affecting your other relationships, your family, your work, your health, and your joy.
  • You know if you don’t do something quickly, it may be too late, and this person with whom you’ve shared so much could be gone for good.

couples therapy and you know, somewhere deep inside of you, that just maybe there’s hope.
We lovingly encourage you to take action immediately if at least 3 of the above are true for you.  If you do find yourself saying “yes, that’s us,” we have some great news for you!  There is hope, and we’ve seen challenges built over years dissolve within minutes.  You’ve already invested so much of your precious life in this person and relationship.  What if your seemingly insurmountable problems are filled with opportunities, healing, incredible possibilities, and invitations for deeper love…just waiting to be born?

What if we told you this was possible?

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  • Experience amazing personal healing and transformation.  What you don’t address now, you will simply take to your next relationships.  Meanwhile, it will vastly limit your health, happiness, and success.
  • Have breakthroughs.  We guarantee you are on the brink of brilliant awakenings.  Don’t you want to know what they are?!!
  • Replace stress, pain, and conflict, with ease, joy, and passion.
  • Feel seen, heard, valued, respected, and understood.
  • Relax into renewed trust, safety, and commitment.
  • Remember what it’s like to have fun together.
  • Be more connected than ever, and co-create loving partnership that brings out your best.
  • Reach new levels of intimacy and aliveness you never before dreamed possible.
  • Recognize and appreciate each other’s unique gifts, dreams, and contributions.
  • Gain tools to quickly move through any conflict and emerge better than before.
  • Enjoy an extraordinary relationship with someone who knows you intimately and with whom you’ve already invested and shared so much.
  • Be supported and satisfied.  We know you hunger for a relationship that deeply satisfies your longing for love and true partnership.  You deserve and can have this.  Give yourself this gift, and savor the most fulfilling feast of love!

Is it really worth staying where you are?

happy couple Ending your relationship usually does not solve the underlying challenges, and you’ll just find yourself in a new relationship with a new combination of issues (some of them very familiar!). Plus, you’ll miss out on all the fabulous and juicy opportunities for invaluable healing, growth, and astounding reconnection. You’ve already invested months and years of your life in this relationship, and it can all be worth it.  You’ve made it this far and, with effort, powerful tools, and guidance, you’re likely on the edge of having the best version of your relationship yet!

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We are also honored and joyous to work with same-sex couples!

SaveYourRelationship_grandeSave Your Relationship Intensive Package (see individual rates below)
  • 8 hours with Bret or Christine (save $25/hour)
    * Hours can be used however you’d like — from short sessions to longer sessions, for individual or couples counseling, and with Bret or Christine. Hours expire 12 months after date of purchase.
  • Admission to 2-day Thrive in Love couples retreat (never expires; receive an extra $50 off the early bird rate)
  • Fun and meaningful assignments in between sessions to help you integrate what you’re learning
  • Investment of $1100

The monetary investment is less than a vacation for the two of you and offers a value that lasts a lifetime and will bless every single day of your lives!  If you knew you could be free from the pain you are in and have an amazing relationship, why would you not choose it?

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Still Not Sure?  What’s Stopping You?



Perhaps this feels like too much money to spend.  If you sense you don’t have the money, we understand how stressful that can be, and we try to keep our coaching and courses as affordable as possible (and offer various payment plans).  ... READ MORE

We also know your pain and stress is costing you greatly (probably much more than you even realize), and we wholeheartedly believe the payoff will be deeply worthwhile and something you never forget or regret.  If you have the money but are hesitant to spend it on coaching, we invite you to realize how often you spend money on items and experiences that offer only fleeting happiness.  Investing in YOU and your relationship is priceless and lasts.  We say this from experience.  We’ve spent thousands on workshops and classes to feed and enrich our relationship.  We know the monetary cost is nothing compared to the value we receive every single day.  We remain convinced we’d never be where we are today (in the relationship of our dreams!) if we hadn’t invested the time, money, and energy.

Not That Bad

Are there some things you are denying? We use this word gently, lovingly, and honestly.  If you tell yourself it’s not that bad or think your problems will go away on their own, chances are, there’s room for massive improvement, and your challenges won’t magically disappear.  ... READ MORE

Your issues may get buried or take on different forms, but they won’t go away, and you will risk losing your relationship.  What better time than now to transform and free yourself from what isn’t working and create the life and love of your dreams!  You are on this website for a reason; something in you guided you here.  May you listen deeply to and trust your beautiful heart if it’s calling you to reach out and get support.  We’d love and be honored to connect with you if so.

You Feel Hopeless

Maybe you’re thinking your relationship just isn’t meant to be, that the problems are too deep, that trust can never be rebuilt, that you’ll find more happiness outside the relationship.  If you do nothing, this will likely be the case.  ... READ MORE

However, chances are, none of these things are true, and leaving isn’t the solution.  With guidance and loving support, we will help you heal and transform the pain you’ve both experienced, create a new compelling vision that includes both of your values, needs, and dreams, and provide you with the exact tools you need to make it all come true.


We know you are busy, and we imagine life can feel stressful and overwhelming.  However, we invite you to consider how much time you could save if you got along beautifully and functioned as a supportive, nurturing, and encouraging team.  ... READ MORE

When your relationship is thriving, we guarantee you will free up an abundance of time and energy!  Plus, when you’re happy, everything in life seems to flow so much more easily.

Shame, Guilt, and Fear of Being Blamed

If you’re human, it’s likely you’ve said and done things you aren’t especially proud of.  Us too! We are lovers of Earth School and truly believe that every seeming “mistake” holds the keys to heal, learn, and grow in precisely the ways we need most. ... READ MORE

 However, if we only shun our mistakes, hate and blame ourselves for them, hide from them, pretend like they never happened, or keep them a secret, we repeat them (again and again and again) without receiving the immeasurable gifts they have to offer.  In all of our coaching and courses, we never blame or judge.  Instead, we will embrace, accept, and honor you in your perfect imperfections.  We will compassionately support and guide you as you uncover the wisdom, fears, needs, dreams, and root cause underneath any harmful behavior.  We then use all of this information to help catapult you into your heart’s true desire!
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