Learn the 8 Essential Secrets Every Couple Needs
(But Most Never Learned) to Take Your Love to Thriving!

There are some things I’m not ready to share with my partner yet. Will this still work?

Although we are wholehearted advocates for transparency and authenticity, we fully realize it is a process, and there may be things you don’t yet know when, how, or if to share. We regularly do a combination of couples and individual sessions, and your one-on-one session with us (either Bret or Christine) is a perfect space to explore these things. You have our utmost commitment that we would never share anything with your partner that you share with us in confidence. What is really important is that you are honest with us so that we can most effectively support you. We promise not to judge you in any way. We are right by your side as your allies as you explore the full terrain of your inner experience.

So, yes, this will still work! There are many layers to the journey of relationship transformation, and incredible changes can still happen. Hopefully, moving forward, we will get you to a place where you can create an open-hearted and fully honest relationship where it feels safe, liberating, and comfortable to share all of your feelings and experiences with one another.

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