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Should I schedule an Individual Session or a Couples Session?

Private individual sessions are particularly helpful to address personal healing that is necessary to the health and well-being of your relationship. They can also be greatly beneficial if there are things you’ve not yet shared with your partner that you want to explore in a completely safe space, if you are really questioning your relationship and want to determine if it’s best to stay or leave, and/or if your partner isn’t willing to attend sessions together but you’d still love to experience some wonderful shifts in your relationship. When YOU transform, your relationship and life do too!

​​​Couples sessions with Bret or Christine are available to help you experience incredible breakthroughs, develop win-win solutions to those longstanding conflicts, find ways to make your differences work for you, reignite your spark, grow to the next level, heal from the past, ​effectively communicate, ​and create a relationship full of appreciation, understanding, mutual support, and joy. Most couples, after working with us, ​deeply ​wish they hadn’t spent so many years struggling on their own. We are in awe of how quickly transformation can happen when couples have the right tools and support! We are here for you in every way, and we love making it positive, illuminating, liberating, and FUN (yes, even the really sticky areas)!

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