Learn the 8 Essential Secrets Every Couple Needs
(But Most Never Learned) to Take Your Love to Thriving!


A Transformative Retreat for Couples

Led by Christine and Bret Eartheart,
Founders of The Center for Thriving Relationships


February 15-16, 2020
Bloomington, Indiana

The retreat lasts from 9:00-6:00, and you can easily go home for the night or stay at a location of your choosing (hotel options sent after registering).

Extra $50 off the early bird rate if you register by December 1st. Enter code THRIVE50 @ checkout.

*This workshop has no religious affiliation whatsoever and welcomes people of all backgrounds. 

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Imagine… waking up to your best friend, feeling a deep sense of trust, connection, and togetherness. Imagine feeling butterflies and passion again. Imagine being two allies on the same team. Imagine finally breaking through old issues and starting anew. Imagine communicating in ways that bring you closer and easily create solutions that honor you both.

Imagine… having so much fun together. Imagine feeling heard, supported, understood, and appreciated. Imagine being in a relationship that brings out your very best, where your differences work FOR you. Imagine falling in love all over again and finally getting to say, “THIS is the relationship of my dreams!”

For many, our intimate relationship is the most important part of our life.  However, most of us have never learned the necessary tools to experience a deeply fulfilling, passionate, and lasting partnership.  Join us to start thriving in love!

Is this couples retreat for you?

Thrive in Love

  • Do you find yourselves getting stuck in the same conversation or argument over and over (most couples have the same argument for 40+ years!)?
  • Does it sometimes feel like you and your partner are on different pages or want different things?
  • Do you wish you could communicate with each other more effectively?
  • Do you long to be heard and for your partner to really listen?
  • Do you get caught in power struggles?
  • In some areas, are your needs unmet?  Do you feel unsatisfied and long for more?
  • Would you love to have tools to move through conflict a lot more easily and quickly?
  • Do you yearn for a deeper connection?
  • Do you feel resentful, frustrated, angry, or discouraged by something your partner does or doesn’t do?
  • Do you keep hoping your partner will change?
  • Do you know your relationship has so much potential but not know how to tap into it?
  • Would you love to understand why your partner sometimes acts the way she or he does?
  • Does it sometimes feel like your relationship brings out your worst, rather than best?
  • Are you worried you’ve compromised or sacrificed too much?
  • Are some topics, like sex and money, uncomfortable or avoided altogether?
  • Would you love to have more fun together?
  • Do you sometimes feel attracted to other people and not know what to do with it?
  • Would you love to experience lasting and ever-increasing intimacy and passion?
  • Do you unofficially keep score of who did more and who’s to blame?
  • Do you feel misunderstood and unappreciated?
  • Are you tired of thinking problems, no matter how big or small, will go away on their own and are ready to transform them, once and for all (avoidance is one of the top predictors of divorce in married couples)?
  • Are you already in a positive relationship, and the idea of a thriving relationship excites, intrigues, and allures you?!
  • When you are together, are you often distracted by the busyness of life?
  • Are you long overdue for a weekend solely to focus on your precious love?

Annie“I am at a loss for words as to how to describe how totally incredible this experience was. I have been involved in counseling for years now, both as the clinician and the client, and their ability to transform clinical perspectives into practical information in a loving and hilarious manner is nothing short of brilliant. Jim and I were both blown away… We would easily pay 3-4x what they charge to experience this opportunity.”
Annie Sever-Dimitri

“Beautiful! Educational! Much needed. This weekend allowed us to see what IS possible…”
Angela and Jorge Ramirez

Matt and Samy Stuebe“Very helpful and transformative! Your commitment to our success is clear and the processes you have developed are easy to follow and effective.”
Matt Stuebe

“A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! We had a chance to deal with the two of our biggest conflicts and find simple, easy, and effective solutions for both of them. Thank you deeply, with all my heart.”
Samantha Stuebe

“Fulfilling, amazing. We have been married almost 23 years. We forgot how to communicate and have just been going through the motions. This is just what we needed to get back to us!”
Eddie and Lindy Weinberg



“I’m amazed at how much more alive I feel since the experience. Christine and Bret, we can’t thank you enough!”
Cindy Piper

“Great, inspiring, rejuvenating and informative. The location is beautiful.”
Hugh and Rosalind Mark



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Thrive in Love

If you answered YES to any or most of those questions, rest assured, you aren’t alone. In fact, you are like most couples on the planet.  It doesn’t mean you’ve failed or that your relationship is doomed.  It simply means you haven’t (yet!) been given the instruction manual or support you need to experience your thriving potential.

Falling in love is easy, and anyone can do it.  Staying in love requires a set of tools most of us never learn in school or anywhere else.  In fact, when you look around, most couples are just surviving (or barely surviving).

Despite people’s best intentions in relationships, most people are really lost about how to effectively love, hear, appreciate, support, and understand one another (and end up even doing the OPPOSITE of what’s going to actually work).

During this amazing weekend, we truly teach you all of our very FAVORITE relationship tools and insights (things we share daily with clients!) and everything you need to experience fulfilling love that brings out your very best. Leave feeling renewed, reconnected, and inspired about your future together.

The great news is that your partnership likely has more potential than your wildest dreams, and the roadmap is available to you now!

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Erik Owen
“My heart warmed up more than I thought possible. I’m all ears to my beloved, and admiration is strong. I absolutely love you two!”
Erik Owen

“Three years ago this August, Ken and I saved our marriage at this retreat. So many of us never really learn how to be in a healthy relationship. I definitely didn’t learn from my parents and it’s certainly not taught in schools. Christine and Bret are amazing. Not only do they teach tools for a healthy relationship, but they demonstrate it too. I cannot recommend this retreat enough to any friends who may be struggling or even just want to do better.”
Karen Hill

KimmieWeber “Fantastic! Wonderful! Superb! This helped us work through issues we had no idea how to solve – issues that could be very toxic if we didn’t address. Christine and Bret are the perfect partners to teach this workshop. They use realistic situations to help open partners up to struggles that need to be addressed and ultimately broken through. Thank you so much!”
Kimmie Weber

“Transformative and awe-inspiring. This was an amazing experience. These tools will excel us unto the future with renewed love.”
Justin Johnson and Kimberly Johnson

“You have helped save my marriage and possibly even my life. True story!”
Derik Gratz

“Excellent! You both created such a welcoming and energetic atmosphere – it really helped break down barriers. You two are awesome! You provide an incredible, loving, and inspiring relationship example for us all.”
Mitch Olsen

“Absolutely wonderful! I was totally against this trip when Lee first suggested it. I’m so thankful she changed my mind. I got everything I came here for and more. We all need this. Desperately. The world needs you guys.”
Terry Cullipher

“Absolutely amazing! I would suggest this to any couple wanting to invest in and grow their relationship. The tools you learn for communicating with each other are PRICELESS.”
Lee Rimer

For all couples in every stage:

Thrive in Love

  • You are in a new relationship you want to make the most of and be sure lasts. We honor and celebrate you! You get to save yourselves from countless moments of stress and heartache.
  • You are currently experiencing some challenges in your relationship, and you are eager to find solutions. This will be an amazing opportunity to restore loving connection, experience healing and breakthroughs, and learn an abundance of tools to help you for a lifetime (in every relationship in your life!).
  • You are on the edge of separation and want to give it one last try (chances are, you haven’t even come close to experiencing your relationship’s potential, and we recommend that people decide whether or not they want to stay together after they actually see what’s possible). We warmly welcome you exactly as you are!
  • You are in a positive relationship and are looking to share a romantic and purposeful little getaway weekend together. Join us and get inspired to take your love to a whole new level!
  • You are a couple who simply realizes the vital importance of always growing in order to truly thrive! Cheers to that!

Center for Thriving Relationships


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Michael Gough“We participated in Thrive in Love in 2013, and I cherish the vivid memory of that wonderful turning point in my most important relationship. What a breath of fresh air it was to finally feel heard – to feel known and loved! My partner and I are now blissfully married, and still we practice the habits we first learned through Thrive in Love every day. In fact, Bret and Christine’s method of conflict resolution is so effective that I have used it to break through interpersonal deadlocks on multiple crucial occasions in other relationships over the years. Their teachings are essential for everyone.”
– Michael Gough

“I was amazed at the change (for the better) in our relationship, and I’m thankful for the tools to grow on.”
– Erin Shaw

“Inspirational and immensely important for any relationship!”
– Tammy and Yuval Fuchs

libby crow“When I heard about the Thrive in Love Retreat, I thought I would go and learn some tools to better communicate with my partner but I had no idea how much I’d learn about myself. I feel more awakened to past habits that I wasn’t paying attention to—I feel more conscious in my relationship than I have ever been. Bret and Christine were welcoming, warm, and thoughtful the entire weekend. I’m happy to say that I use many of the tools I learned on a daily basis, for personal and work relationships. If your relationship is good, go. If your relationship needs work, go. If your relationship is GREAT, go. The lessons you’ll learn from this weekend are invaluable!”
– Libby Crow

“Amazing! Your content and energy were just what we needed!”
– Chelsea and Jason Campbell

Lily and Michael Kessler“Awesome! This workshop is a wonderful opportunity for couples to reconnect and also recommit to each other. Christine and Bret are masters at understanding what makes relationships work and share their knowledge in ways that will lead to profound results.”
– Michael and Lily Kessler

Katie Brown
“It was the BEST weekend EVER! John and I thank you and Bret so very much for this amazing experience!”
– Katie Brown

“My partner and I were really stuck when we arrived. I now understand things about him I never had before, and I can’t imagine ever going back to where we were.”
– Nicole Scott


“This workshop exceeded all my hopes and expectations.”
– Brian Carson

In this couples retreat, you will:

For those seeking an agenda, the below items will be covered fully. We also have breaks in the mornings and afternoons and have 90 minutes for lunch each day. We pull from an abundance of resources we’ve spent more than a dozen years passionately studying together, thousands of sessions we’ve facilitated with clients, the latest findings in neuroscience, the research of Dr. John Gottman, and, of course, our own living relationship laboratory! We truly present you with the HEART, the ART, and the SCIENCE of love and relationships and the VERY best insights and techniques we’ve spent years discovering, refining, and developing. You will each receive a comprehensive manual you can return to for a lifetime!

couples therapy

  • Discover a whole new relationship paradigm, based on thriving (rather than simply surviving)!
  • Learn the Top 10 Relationship Poisons (like blame, criticism, etc.) and how to avoid them.
  • Learn the 5 Stages of a Relationship and how to move out of your power struggle and into thriving love.
  • Compassionately discover the fears, pain, needs, wounds, and dreams underneath the challenges you experience.
  • Finally understand why your partner does and says the things she or he does.
  • Learn effective ways of communicating so both of you feel deeply seen and heard.
  • Recognize your Relationship Leaks and how to close them.
  • Discover how old wounds continue to play a role in your current relationship and how to turn your partnership into a source of healing for both of you.
  • Learn the 3 most powerful ways to create instant shifts in relationships.
  • Discover what a Love Account is and how to keep it filled.
  • Discover (or revisit) each other’s Love Languages, and gain essential insights on how to best love and support each other.
  • Together, come up with new daily, weekly, and long-term rituals and traditions that keep you thriving for years to come (we’ll give you lots of ideas!).
  • Discover the most powerful and efficient ways to stay deeply connected, no matter how busy you are.
  • Find out how to turn your differences into a source of gain, rather than conflict and pain.
  • Learn why it’s essential to create a Strengths-Based Relationship and how to make it happen.
  • Learn what the “job you were never hired for” is in your relationship and how to succeed at the one you were.
  • Learn and practice how to give a Super-Powered Apology that goes right to the heart and how to repair after conflict has occurred.
  • Discover our favorite ways to bring more appreciation into your relationship (these transformed our own union!).
  • Learn the effects stress has on relationships (including some fascinating neuroscience that will help you better understand and manage it) and how to buffer your relationship from the damage stress can cause.
  • Learn what to do when you are feeling triggered and emotions are high.
  • Breakthrough gridlock conflict with our signature Relationship Breakthrough Process.
  • Find new ways to turn frustrations and complaints into creative agreements that work for you both.
  • Reignite a spirit of playfulness, togetherness, teamwork, romance, and aliveness, and fall in love all over again with your very best friend.
  • Co-create a new inspiring Relationship Vision that excites and inspires you both and that will serve as your guiding light after you leave.
  • Receive the “Thrive in Love” relationship manual, filled with exercises, tools, and activities to use for a lifetime.

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Amber Richardson
“Rejuvenating and healing — exactly what we needed. Bret and Christine helped us learn how to break a three year negativity cycle and replaced that with positive coping mechanisms that will help us flourish and thrive for years to come!”
Amber Richardson

“Very transformative and eye opening. We received more than expected. So powerful. We are very grateful!”
Yllari Briceno


Gabe and Yulia“Bret and Christine taught us the most powerful relationship gems of wisdom that saved our marriage multiple times, as well as strengthened our bond tremendously. Thanks to the incredible support, inspiration and role modeling that we received from Christine and Bret, we are proud to say that we shifted from being on a verge of a divorce to the most fun, creative, connected and empowered relationship of our dreams.”
Gabriel Lantz and Yulia Azriel

“Amazing and exactly what we needed to rejuvenate our relationship. “
Brad and Stephanie Perry

DavidMorrisandGretchenFultz“Totally awesome! You both rock! I understand things so much more clearly and have the drive to thrive in my relationship.”
David Morris

“Amazing! I had multiple breakthroughs in my relationship and was overflowing with the love I felt from you two”
Gretchen Fultz

“Invigorating! We have been together for 12 years, and we were caught in a bad power struggle. This is exactly what we needed! As life goes by so quickly, it’s easy to forget what brought you to your beloved. Bret and Christine make it easy to remember. We appreciate everything you both do! You are absolutely wonderful!”
Melissa and Jeff Bryant

“What an incredible experience and opportunity to re-invent our marriage.”
Cindy and Matt Breeden

“I leave with renewed hope and commitment for a loving, meaningful, fun relationship with my beloved.”
Bill Brower

“Delicious! Heart opening!”
Kalynn Brower

Photos from Past Retreats

(* Rest assured, there will not be any photographing of your retreat, and we take confidentiality very seriously!)

Jon Meredith
“I am leaving in a completely different, and much better, place then when I came in… I got everything I could have imagined.”
Jon Meredith

“Fantastic. Exceeded all expectations. You both have a special gift. You have provided insight and tools that will add so much to our relationship. Thank you!”
Nick Miller

“We wouldn’t be together if not for you. We met you guys at the absolutely perfect time — you were truly heaven sent to us. I am blown away by what you are doing for the world. May you always be blessed with abundance, joy, and love.”
Rachel Gratz

“We received what we came here for x 1 million 😀 Christine and Bret equipped us with the tools to bring issues that were hard to vocalize to light. Sweet Relief. ❤ We are so grateful for them! ❤”
Josh Noe and Lauren Daeger


SarahWagner“Absolutely amazing and wonderful… I am just absolutely grateful and thankful for this… approach to a connection retreat. The need for this is absolutely, hugely underserved in most areas.”
Sarah Wagner

“Absolutely amazing… We were able to work through some barriers, some issues, and identify how to best move forward, together. You were both so relevant and amazingly helpful.”
Royce Wagner

“AMAZING! There are so many emotions and not so many words to say how amazing this was!”
Katie Salee

“Meeting you two has been a point of recommitment and positive change in my life! So grateful for your passion, dedication, and active work.”
Rachel Drapeau

“Christine and Bret create a really safe space. It’s impossible not to feel loved and supported in their presence… Their relationship and enthusiasm is an inspiration to us!”
Kim Farris


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Wondering about privacy at the retreat? Read on!

  • We understand how important privacy is and how intimate, personal, and vulnerable many aspects of your relationship are. We totally get that you may not want anyone else to know anything at all about what’s going on within your partnership. We have taken this into careful account and have designed a retreat that can make a profound impact on your relationship and help you experience huge breakthroughs while never sharing anything with us or the larger group (unless, of course, you choose to do so!).
  • In fact, this retreat setting is perfect for those who may feel intimidated by or uncomfortable with couples therapy or counseling since you are able to maintain a level of anonymity (unless you choose to be less anonymous!). You can even use different names for the weekend so others can’t identify you! 🙂 Of course, we will know who you are, but others don’t even need to learn your true first or last names.
  • Again, you can maintain privacy the entire time and never need to share anything with anyone but each other. You get to create the comfiest spot for the two of you to learn and grow together (complete with blankets, pillows, snacks, coffee, and tea!), and we will never call on you unless your hand is raised.
  • The way the format works, in general, is that we will introduce and demonstrate a whole variety of scenarios and thriving relationship tools and concepts. Before you put the concepts into practice between the two of you, we will sometimes ask for any volunteer couples who want come up front for us to guide them through the process. This is completely optional, and most couples do not choose to volunteer for this (which is perfectly okay!). For the other participants, witnessing the volunteer couples is deeply moving and inspiring. After we’ve gone over everything, you then get to practice what we teach and share just between the two of you.
  • Again, you can truly stay in your own private connection the entire weekend, taking in the insights and tools we share and applying and practicing them in your own private space where nobody else at the retreat will hear you, and you never need to interact with anyone but each other. Yes, we are repeating ourselves a bit — only because we know how very important privacy is for people.
  • Everything will be kept completely confidential, and we will ask the entire group to agree to this at the start of Saturday.
  • The workshop will be a very safe space where each individual will be fully honored. Nobody will be blamed, criticized, or shamed. Every challenge is embraced with utmost compassion and as a beautiful opportunity to learn and grow. 
  • We believe relationship healing and growth doesn’t have to be scary and painful and can, instead, be fun and full of joy, relief, heart-opening wonder, and playfulness!
  • We guarantee you will leave the weekend seeing yourself, your partner, and the world in fresh, new, and illuminating ways that will deeply serve you in every area of your life for the rest of your life. If not, we are happy to offer you your money back, guaranteed.
  • If you still have questions or concerns about privacy or anything else, just send Christine an email at Christine@CenterThrive.com, and she will be so happy to address all your questions and concerns!

“AMAZING & relationship changing! Bret & Christine have helped save and transform our marriage twice now! This retreat was supposed to be a place for us to reconnect, instead it was a place we discovered our true potential for a thriving relationship! Thank you so much.”
Kate Miller

“Amazing value of practical steps and ideas to improve my relationship with my best friend.”
Rick Wells

“EXCELLENT, wonderful! A great weekend to focus fully on each other, build each other, recommit to grow in a healthy and thriving relationship. Lots of tools and the environment to create intimacy and share.”

​Matt ​and Helene ​Highbarger

“I was extremely reluctant to come to this retreat, until my wife asked me enough times that I gave in. I now cannot put into words what we would have unknowingly missed out on if I let my fears get in the way or kept telling myself that things were good enough. We’ve been married 11 years, and I perhaps feel more connected to my wife than I ever have before.”
Josh Johnson



“Amazing, extremely helpful and informative.”
Neil Cooper
“Such a blessing. Thank you. It’s been YEARS since I have felt this connected to my husband. What a perfect jumpstart to our transformation.”
Shannon Cooper

“The ‘Thrive in Love’ weekend workshop transformed our relationship! We came to this workshop with the intention to have a nice time with each other and maybe learn some new relationship strengthening tools. We left completely smitten with each other, with new possibilities for our relationship, and having addressed some tensions that we had thought would be too scary to bring up to the other partner. I feel more deeply in love with my partner than I ever thought possible, and I feel confident that we have the skills and desire to continue to deepen that love even further. Thank you Christine and Bret for teaching us so many amazing tools to fan the flames and nurture the day to day love that makes life such a joy!”
Julie Lyons

Todd and Deanne Johnson

“We’ve spent thousands on romantic getaways, and I never left feeling as in love as I do right now from this weekend. Best investment ever!”
Laurie Page

“A rejuvenation of what we really want in a relationship – joy and connection.”
Beth Piekarsky


NaomiKoeplinRichardKosmala“Great. Provided useful information and tools. Presentation was playful, passionate, and engaging.”
Rich Kosmala

“This weekend was completely refreshing and renewing. We explored areas of our relationship that I did not even know existed… This weekend blew away any expectations I had constructed and left me feeling completely overwhelmed by the depth of love that my boyfriend has for me.”
Naomi Koeplin

“Terrific… Loved it… A fantastic opportunity to deepen your relationship.”
Dan Piekarsky

“The thoughtfulness, attention to details, and love pouring through you two is amazing! Priceless! You two together are adorable and amazing!”
Yelena Yahontova

LisaLevin“You guys changed my marriage for the better! Before we went on your retreat we were a step away from divorce. Neither of us were happy about that, but it seemed likely. After your retreat we have decided to get remarried (even though we never actually got divorced) so we can put the past behind us. We are putting new habits together on a daily basis so we never go back to where we were. I can’t thank you enough, and to all of those of you trying to decide if it’s worth it…if you’re both ready to listen to these two wise minds then HELL YES it will work.”
Lisa Levin

Dates and Investment

February 15-16, 2020
Bloomington, Indiana

*The workshop lasts from 9:00-6:00 each day, and there is a 90-minute break for lunch.

Registration Investment
$495 per couple (early bird rate), $595 (regular)

Extra $50 off the early bird rate if you register by December 1st. Enter code THRIVE50 @ checkout.

* Payment plans available. Visit this page for payment plan options. Please be in touch at Info@CenterThrive.com if money is a barrier.

Cancellation Policy
Should you need to cancel after registering, you will simply be credited for a future retreat you can attend. You can also gift or sell your spot to someone else. This includes both full payments and payment plans (payment plans will continue after cancelling but saved as a credit).

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