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Couples Counseling


(Available anywhere in the world via phone, Skype, over email, or in person at our office in Bloomington, IN, and we accept insurance!)

Thriving Relationship Coaching and Marriage and Couples Counseling is for you if any of the below are true…

Couples Coaching

  • You feel disconnected from the person who used to feel like your best friend.
  • You seem to bring out the worst, rather than the best, in each other.
  • You’re tired of thinking problems (no matter how big or small) will go away on their own and are ready to transform them, once and for all.
  • You unofficially keep score of who did more and who’s to blame.
  • There is constant underlying tension when you’re together.
  • You feel misunderstood and unappreciated.
  • You keep hoping your partner will change and are repeatedly disappointed.
  • You have that same argument over and over again.
  • You’ve done lots of personal growth but keep getting stuck in your relationship.
  • Being together often feels like work.
  • Your relationship lost its passion and spark.
  • At least one of you doesn’t feel fully satisfied and fulfilled.
  • You are tired of being criticized or controlled.
  • You feel attracted to other people and don’t know what to do about it.
  • You feel frustrated, stressed, angry, and hurt.
  • You have a wonderful partner and you love each other, but you yearn for something more.
  • You have different views on parenting, finances, sexuality, religion, etc., and it’s starting to come between you.
  • Certain topics feel scary and uncomfortable.
  • Your communication with each other (or lack thereof) can be unhealthy and hurtful.
  • You’ve settled for a “good enough” relationship and are ready for greatness!
  • You’ve hit a plateau and are eager to keep growing together.
  • Your relationship is generally positive, but you know it could be much more, and the idea of a thriving relationship excites, intrigues, and allures you!

What if we told you this was possible for YOU?

Couples Coaching

  • Experience amazing personal healing.  We believe relationships are the most powerful catalysts for growth. We see every challenge as an incredible opportunity for transformation.
  • Uncover the root and reason underneath why you and your partner do the things you do.
  • Have breakthroughs and discover new creative win-win solutions. 
  • Replace stress, pain, and conflict with ease, joy, and connection.
  • Learn a whole new way of communicating so you both feel seen, heard, valued, respected, and understood.
  • Relax into trust, safety, and commitment.
  • Be supported, nurtured, encouraged, and uplifted by your partner.
  • Recognize and appreciate each other’s unique gifts and contributions.
  • Gain tools to quickly move through conflicts and emerge better than before.
  • Delight in a loving partnership that brings out your best and allows you to thrive, individually and together.
  • Reach new levels of intimacy, passion, and aliveness you never before dreamed possible.
  • Co-create an amazing new vision for your relationship that includes both of your values, needs, and dreams.
  • Feel satisfied and fulfilled by the magic of infinite love and true partnership.

When you realize what’s possible, is it really worth staying where you are?


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Our services are available anywhere in the world in person, via phone, or through Skype.

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Couples Coaching


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I know we need help, but I’m worried you are just going to take my partner’s side. Will you?

This is one of the most common concerns when it comes to couples counseling, and we fully understand. Who would want to come to a place where they are going to feel ganged up on, invalidated, unheard, or even more misunderstood? We go above and beyond to make sure both of you know we are ALL on the same team, and we create an incredibly safe space, completely free from judgment, blaming, and shaming. We are here as your allies, both of you. We never take sides because it isn’t about sides. Plus, in every relationship challenge we’ve ever seen, there are ways that both of you have created it, not just one of you. Our time together is about compassionately uncovering the dreams, fears, needs, wounds, stories, and feelings going on underneath both of your actions, healing from past hurts, helping you both feel deeply heard and honored, finding creative solutions that allow both of you to get your needs met, and bringing in fun and meaningful exercises for reconnection and growth. Couples walk out of our office feeling lighter, relieved, with renewed hope, with new possibilities they hadn’t seen before, and empowered with techniques they can effectively start applying right away.

Do you think a couple should always stay together?

We don’t believe it is our place to tell you whether you should be together or not, as this is a deeply personal decision. Instead, our role is to help you uncover what’s possible in your relationship. What we’ve found is that most couples are only experiencing very little of their potential for a thriving, healthy, conscious, loving partnership. Most of us don’t learn anywhere how to have a great relationship, and there certainly aren’t many inspiring role models either. We have worked with countless couples who felt miles apart, who worried they had fallen out of love, and who felt like their problems and pain were too big. Through counseling, they realized they actually needed, not to break up, but to start over together with so many new insights on how to make things wonderfully work. Once couples realize how great their relationship can be, how fabulous it can feel to be loved and supported in the ways you’ve been longing for, they oftentimes eagerly want to stay together and can’t imagine what they would have been unknowingly giving up.

However, some couples, after going through the process, realize that they want different things, in a relationship and in their lives. These couples get to leave things on much better terms, had the opportunity to learn some amazing tools they can use for the rest of their lives, and have the comfort of knowing they really tried everything they could before ending it all. Plus, if they are parents together, nearly everything we do in couples counseling also applies to co-parenting and can be enormously helpful.

We also realize that the decision to stay married is sometimes a religious one, and we assure you that we will fully honor your religious and cultural beliefs and warmly welcome and embrace people of all backgrounds.

How many sessions will we need?

This is a great question, and it really depends, both on where you currently are and where you want to be. We love helping couples have breakthroughs in every single session and to move you forward and upward as quickly as possible. We see amazing results!

On many occasions, couples have, within minutes, broken through a gridlocked issue they’ve been struggling with for 10-20 years! If there is a specific issue you want to transform, a session or two can make a huge difference. If you are long overdue for addressing a variety of challenges, 3-8 sessions may be a better fit. If you are a couple who is powerfully committed to thriving at your highest level, we may do weekly sessions for a month or two and then start to spread them out to once monthly or bi-monthly for tune-ups for a year.

If you want to grow as quickly as possible and have the least amount of sessions, we encourage you to do these two things:

(1) Be willing to change and grow! We find willingness and a commitment to growth to be the greatest indicator of how much incredible transformation a couple will experience. If you are more committed to being “right,” staying stuck, being the victim or villain, staying in a power struggle, and so forth than being happy, then it’s going to take a little while longer ☺ If you come into sessions with an open mind and heart and an eagerness to grow into an even better version of yourself, great things will happen!

(2) Do your homework (otherwise called “homeplay!”). After each session, we will give you some homeplay. This is your opportunity to integrate and put into practice the things we will be exploring. The techniques we share are grounded in the best research on the planet when it comes to relationships. If you use them, they will work! Couples who do their homework see exponential growth, and it’s very exciting!

We are in a non-traditional relationship. Can you help us?

Yes! We are thrilled to live at a time when relationships are taking many different forms. We’re here to help you create the healthiest version of whatever kind of relationship fully honors both of you.

Plus, we’ve found that nearly all of the relationship processes and tools we share work wondrously, not only for romantic relationships, but also help us improve all kinds of relationships in our lives, including those with our families, kids, friends, coworkers, and beyond.

So, again, YES, we will fully welcome and embrace you in your non-traditional relationship!

There are some things I’m not ready to share with my partner yet. Will this still work?

Although we are wholehearted advocates for transparency and authenticity, we fully realize it is a process, and there may be things you don’t yet know when, how, or if to share. We regularly do a combination of couples and individual sessions, and your one-on-one session with us (either Bret or Christine) is a perfect space to explore these things. You have our utmost commitment that we would never share anything with your partner that you share with us in confidence. What is really important is that you are honest with us so that we can most effectively support you. We promise not to judge you in any way. We are right by your side as your allies as you explore the full terrain of your inner experience.

So, yes, this will still work! There are many layers to the journey of relationship transformation, and incredible changes can still happen. Hopefully, moving forward, we will get you to a place where you can create an open-hearted and fully honest relationship where it feels safe, liberating, and comfortable to share all of your feelings and experiences with one another.

I’ve never been to counseling or received coaching before. What does a session look like?

First of all, we honor you for being open to trying it out! We assure you – you will learn right away that it’s not so scary and can even be really enjoyable, fun, inspiring, and bring you great relief, peace, and hope ☺ Counseling and coaching can, of course, look a little different, depending on where you go.

We aim to create the safest space imaginable, filled with loving kindness, empathy, understanding, and support. Our sessions offer a time and place that is set aside from your daily life, routines, and various roles. It is a time when you can fully unload and share all of who you are, not just the parts you usually show to the world. You can be assured that we won’t judge you or think less of you. Our clients are our heroes and constantly inspire us with their courage and authenticity. We are here to help you see yourself and your situation in a new, empowering, and insightful way and to help you tap into your own inner wisdom.

We have a very healing and cozy office, filled with beautiful colors, relaxing music, candles, and healing décor to help you relax, be at ease, and feel right at home. You (either individually or with your partner) will get to sit in a very comfortable chair or sofa, and we will have a wonderfully illuminating conversation, filled with thought-provoking questions, loving guidance, and an abundance of tools. We will give you permission to feel all your feelings and to share your biggest fears and wildest dreams. We have a ton of handouts and often give you sheets that go over the concepts we explore together.

We have individually each spent the past 15-20 years immersed in personal transformation training and the past 10 years passionately studying relationships. We’ve been extensively trained, both traditionally and alternatively, in what we believe are the absolute best strategies for thriving, individually and as a couple. In addition to talking, when our clients are open to it, we also use somatic, body-centered, and energy psychology therapies, simply because we see astounding results from them!

Couples often tell us that their sessions with us feel like a date night! We love keeping it positive and playful and, most often, couples leave our office smiling and laughing. It is our greatest joy, passion, and honor to do this work with people, and you will find that it shows.

Please contact us for a free 20-minute consultation where we can answer all your questions!

I want to come, but my partner doesn’t. Can you still help us?

Yes! We see many individuals, and it is amazing to see the amount of transformation that can still occur. Of course, we enthusiastically recommend both of you being in the session but, when that isn’t an option, we warmly welcome just you! It can truly make all the difference to feel like you have someone on your team, someone who can empathize with and understand what you are going through, and someone who has a roadmap to help you get unstuck.

If your partner is hesitant, we invite you to schedule a 20-minute free consultation with us where he or she can freely ask questions and express concerns. Likewise, we’d love to connect just with you to see how we can fully support you. You can schedule that on this page: https://centerforthrivingrelationships.com/counseling/

Is there an area where our children can hang out while we are in our counseling session?

Yes! Many couples bring their children (those who don’t require close supervision) with toys, books, movies (Wi-Fi available), etc. to hang out in the waiting room or an empty office. You will be able to hear them (in case they need you), but they won’t be able to hear you (we have an awesome sound-blocking machine). We want to make coaching and counseling as accessible as possible for you, so please let us know how we can help.

Should I schedule an Individual Session or a Couples Session?

Private individual sessions are particularly helpful to address personal healing that is necessary to the health and well-being of your relationship. They can also be greatly beneficial if there are things you’ve not yet shared with your partner that you want to explore in a completely safe space, if you are really questioning your relationship and want to determine if it’s best to stay or leave, and/or if your partner isn’t willing to attend sessions together but you’d still love to experience some wonderful shifts in your relationship. When YOU transform, your relationship and life do too!

​​​Couples sessions with Bret or Christine are available to help you experience incredible breakthroughs, develop win-win solutions to those longstanding conflicts, find ways to make your differences work for you, reignite your spark, grow to the next level, heal from the past, ​effectively communicate, ​and create a relationship full of appreciation, understanding, mutual support, and joy. Most couples, after working with us, ​deeply ​wish they hadn’t spent so many years struggling on their own. We are in awe of how quickly transformation can happen when couples have the right tools and support! We are here for you in every way, and we love making it positive, illuminating, liberating, and FUN (yes, even the really sticky areas)!

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We are also honored and joyous to work with same-sex couples!


Still Not Sure?  What’s Stopping You?

We can’t afford counseling.

First of all, did you know we accept insurance?! Yes, we do! Contact us at Info@CenterThrive.com or 812-825-3704 to learn more.

Perhaps this feels like too much money to spend.  If you sense you don’t have the money, we understand how stressful that can be, and we try to keep our marriage counseling and couples courses as affordable as possible (and offer various payment plans) for those not using insurance. ... READ MORE

We also know your pain and stress is costing you greatly (probably much more than you even realize), and we wholeheartedly believe the payoff will be deeply worthwhile and something you never regret.  If you have the money but are hesitant to spend it on coaching, we invite you to realize how often you spend money on items and experiences that offer only fleeting happiness.  Couples often tell us they would spend a lot of money on vacationing together, but it would never solve their problems. When your relationship is thriving, honestly, every day feels like a vacation you get to share with your very best friend. Investing in YOU and your relationship is priceless and lasts.  We say this from experience.  We’ve spent thousands on workshops and classes to feed and enrich our relationship.  We know the monetary cost is nothing compared to the value we receive every single day.  We remain convinced we’d never be where we are today (in the joyful relationship of our dreams!) if we hadn’t invested the time, money, and energy.

It’s not THAT bad.

Are there things you are denying? We use this word gently, lovingly, and honestly.  If you tell yourself it’s not that bad or think your problems will go away on their own, chances are, your challenges won’t magically disappear. ... READ MORE

Your issues may get buried or take on different forms, but they won’t go away, and you will lose years you could be enjoying the relationship you’ve always wanted.  What better time than now to transform and free yourself from what isn’t working and create the life and love you deserve!  You are on this website for a reason; something in you guided you here.  May you listen deeply to and trust your beautiful heart if it’s calling you to reach out and get support.

Our relationship is good enough.

Perhaps you tell yourself your relationship is good enough.  We encourage you to realize this is far from your potential and greatness.  ... READ MORE

Plus, if you are really honest with yourself, the challenges are anything but fun.  Come into the land of what’s possible!  Join us if you dare to experience an infinite flow of love, ease, and joy!  Once you get here, you’ll wonder why you waited so long, and you’ll never want to leave.

Things are never going to change.

Maybe you’re thinking your relationship just isn’t meant to be, that the problems are too deep, that you can never thrive, that complete trust will never be rebuilt, that you’re better off accepting things the way they are, that your partner will never change, that you’re stuck in a relationship that will never live up to your dreams.  ... READ MORE

If you do nothing, this will likely be the case.  However, chances are, none of these things are true, and neither staying stuck nor leaving are likely the solution.  With guidance and loving support, we will help you heal and transform the pain you’ve both experienced, ensure both of you feel heard, seen, and valued, and create a new compelling vision that includes both of your values, needs, and dreams.  We’ll then provide you with the exact tools you need to make it all come true.  No matter where you are on your relationship journey, you too can experience profound new levels of ever growing and lasting love.

We’re too busy. There’s not enough time.

We know you are busy, and we imagine life can feel stressful and overwhelming. However, we invite you to consider how much time you could save if you got along beautifully and functioned as a supportive, nurturing, and encouraging team.  ... READ MORE

When your relationship is thriving, we guarantee you will free up an abundance of time and energy!  Plus, when you’re happy, everything in life seems to flow so much more easily.

Shame, Guilt, and Fear of Being Blamed

If you’re human, it’s likely you’ve said and done things you aren’t especially proud of.  Us too!  We are lovers of Earth School and truly believe every seeming “mistake” holds the keys to heal, learn, and grow in precisely the ways we need most.  ... READ MORE

However, if we only shun our mistakes, hate and blame ourselves for them, hide from them, pretend like they never happened, or keep them a secret, we repeat them (again and again and again) without receiving the immeasurable gifts they have to offer.  In all of our coaching and courses, we never blame or judge.  Instead, we will embrace, accept, and honor you in your perfect wholeness.  We will compassionately support and guide you as you uncover the fears, needs, dreams, and root cause underneath any harmful behavior.  We then use all of this information to help catapult you into your emotional freedom and heart’s true desire!


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