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Guiding Communication Principles For Every Interaction (Printable Poster!)

Written on August 15th

August 2018

Happy Summertime!

We want to connect with you about a couple of exciting things…

(1) Our next couples retreat, Thrive in Love, is coming up soon (September 29-30) at one of our favorite places in the world, the Tibetan Mongolian Buddhist Cultural Center!

If you’d love to learn how to effectively and compassionately communicate (about even the most heated topics!), find ways for your differences to work for you, quickly repair and heal after any conflict, stay deeply connected (no matter how busy you are), reignite the spark, keep passion alive for a lifetime, give and receive the kind of love you both have been longing to experience, and create a joyful and thriving relationship, we would be thrilled and honored to have you with us!

Couple Lovingly Walking Together

You get to maintain privacy the entire weekend and never need to share anything with anyone but each other.  It’s transformative and filled with breakthroughs, a-ha’s, game-changing insights (things most couples go an entire lifetime never understanding), and lots of FUN!

Spots are filling quickly, and we have a very special $100 OFF COUPON CODE running from now until August 25th. Just enter code THRIVE100 at checkout to receive an extra $100 off the already discounted early bird rate. Get all the details + register here >>> www.CenterThrive.com/Courses

(2) The Center for Thriving Relationships just keeps growing, and we are expanding our team! In September, we’ll be bringing on a new relationship coach and event/program manager. We just know you will love them both, and we will be excited to introduce them to you this fall!

As we grow, it is so important to us that we always give our clients and community the most loving, supportive, and positive experience possible, and so, in preparation for the changes that are coming, we wrote up some communication guidelines to keep us all in sync with the values and vision of what we hold dear around here.

Everyone we’ve shown these guidelines to has loved them (many begged us for a copy), so we wanted to be sure to share them with all of you! They will help you communicate in your daily interactions with a lot more love, kindness, and joy. May they be of service to you!

Heart Colored Glasses

  • Take the extra moment to transform an interaction from the mundane (purely logistical) into the magical (warmth, well wishes, uplifting support, and positive energy), so their day gets sprinkled with some love.
  • Acknowledge and praise people for what they are doing well and right.
  • Point out others’ beauty, goodness, and gifts to them. People forget who they really are.
  • Handle people with gentleness and compassion. Seek understanding, rather than assumptions or judgments. Remember there is so much going on underneath what anyone says or does, and they are struggling in ways we don’t see.
  • Hold everything in complete confidentiality as if it is sacred. It is.
  • Help people feel heard and supported by offering them empathy before advice or feedback.
  • Delight in finding creative solutions to whatever challenges arise.
  • Express gratitude abundantly. Say thank you at least once (aim for more!) in every encounter.
  • Drop into their heart with your open heart.
  • Be fully present with whatever they are needing, feeling, and experiencing.
  • When someone shares positive news, take a moment to really celebrate with them!
  • See the strengths and good intentions on the flip-side of any personality or request you find challenging.
  • Remember your own humanness and imperfections so you can have grace with the humanness and imperfections of others.
  • When someone offers negative feedback, rather than taking it personally or getting defensive, find the nugget of gold to learn and grow. Value the unique wisdom and perspectives inside of everyone. Be humble and teachable.
  • Take some deep breaths to come back into your heart and realign with the energy of love and joy as many times as necessary.

Know that YOU are loved and appreciated. Have fun sprinkling kindness in the world and connecting with other precious humans from your own gorgeous heart.


Be sure to click HERE to get the printable poster you can hang up for easy reminders (it’s colorful and fun too)!

Guiding Principles

If you put these into practice, we know everyone you interact with will feel more supported, uplifted, and connected — thank you for spreading the love!

Have a fabulous rest of your summer, and let us know anything we can possibly do to support you in creating the kind of love you’ve always wanted. We’re here for you with all our hearts!

Infinite Love and Joy,
Christine and Bret


PS: Be sure to talk to your beloved right away about joining us this September to take your love to a whole new level at our Thrive in Love couples retreat (register by August 25th and enter code THRIVE100 for an extra $100 off the already discounted early bird rate)!

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