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Graduate Directory

We are excited to highlight some of the students from our Thriving Relationship Coach Certification program.

We celebrate the diverse ways our graduates are spreading their love and wisdom in the world.

More will regularly be added…

Amy "Mahana" Burrell

Thriving Relationship Coach

With over 20 years of experience serving clients through various somatic practices, Amy has honed a deep appreciation for the body’s ability for healing. With deep compassion and openness she is passionate about guiding clients to listen, connect and trust the wisdom of their own body. Through movement, touch, breath and awareness, clients have the opportunity for deeper intimacy within themselves and their relationships. This leads to the release of old patterns and development of new tools that better serve them.

Amy holds a Master’s degree in fine arts and Bachelor’s degree in dance and psychology. In addition to her background in the arts and movement, she has extensive training in trauma-informed holistic healing arts modalities. Her certifications include: Thriving Relationship Coach™; Authentic Tantra® teacher; Holotropic Breathwork™ facilitator, and bodywork practitioner. She draws from a deep well of expertise to explore each individual and couple’s specific area of focus.

A Brazilian native, Amy embraces cross-cultural practices in her work and weaves cultural wisdom from ongoing international training and mentorships. Her enthusiasm for learning, traveling and experiencing cultural wisdom is inspired. 

It is her greatest honor to hold space for her client’s transformational journey.

Location: Bloomington, IN and online

Jennifer Lee

Thriving Relationship Coach

For the past 13 years, I’ve been helping others regain their inner peace and strength using Reiki techniques, Intuitive Readings and a little dabbling in the forever interesting Tarot. I am so excited to be adding ‘Relationship Coach’ to my resume and would be honored and thrilled to assist you in perfecting your skills at being a great partner! With the knowledge and wisdom that Bret & Christine have handed down to me, I’ll be able to help transcend your relationships onto a more vibrant, joyful and happier plain. The knowledge I have gained has transformed my life and I can’t wait to share it with you to help transform yours! 

Living 2 Enlight

Location: Bloomington, IN

Contact: 812-320-9251 or