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About Us

Christine & Bret in Purple
Bret and Christine Eartheart, Founders of the Center for Thriving Relationships,
passionately believe intimate relationships are the most powerful catalysts and vehicles for healing, transformation, and living our most radiantly joyful lives.  They are convinced that being in a loving partnership multiplies our fullest potential as human beings, exponentially benefiting our individual lives, relationships, families, communities, and world.

Unfortunately, however, they consistently find that people have settled for mediocre, unsatisfying, or barely surviving relationships and are frustrated, exhausted, discouraged, and disappointed.  Deep down, these individuals and couples hunger for a more fulfilling relationship but are afraid it’s not possible, think it takes too much work, consider their relationship “good enough,” fear it’s because they’re with the wrong person, or simply feel lost without solutions or tools. Christine & Bret in Red

Bret and Christine are on a mission to help people awaken to new levels of lasting and limitless love in fun, easy, and revolutionary ways.  They masterfully help people identify and dissolve what’s not working and create the extraordinary relationships they’ve always really wanted.   They eagerly encourage you not to waste another precious moment of your life settling for anything less than a relationship that keeps getting better, brings out your best, and lights up your world. Christine & Bret in Blue

Bret and Christine have been passionately studying relationships together for over 12 years and have attended training developed by leaders and pioneers in the field, including the well-known Gottman Institute, Hendricks Institute, Imago Relationships International, and many others.  Using their own relationship as the ultimate laboratory, they have developed life-changing techniques and systems to help you turn breakdowns into breakthroughs, shift from problems into possibilities, change growing pains into growing gains, replace power struggles with playfulness, leap from conflict into co-creativity, move from settling to sensational, go beyond surviving to thriving, and blast through the mediocre to reach the magnificent.
Eartheart family

Having been together through all sorts of life’s changes and challenges, they experience ever-increasing love, vibrancy, connection, and fulfillment.  From their personal experience and the transformations they’ve seen in countless clients, they are fully convinced that, no matter where you are on your relationship journey, you too can experience profound new levels of growing and lasting love.  They live in Bloomington, IN with their amazing son and little fluffy dogs.

Christine EartheartChristine Eartheart, Relationship Coach, Counselor, Teacher, and Enthusiast
Known for her infectiously positive energy and abundantly loving heart, Christine is in awe of the healing, transformation, and growth we are all capable of. She is devoted to helping others suffer less and experience more love, joy, and connection. With enthusiasm and unending compassion, Christine will help you transform what holds you back and access new levels of fulfillment. Christine also loves creating handouts, and you will be sure to leave sessions with concrete action items, insights learned, and tools to practice!

Christine adores the heart and soul of relationships, as well as the neuroscience. She has spent years devouring wisdom and research on creating thriving relationships and experiencing our fullest potential. She is a graduate of Indiana University, a Certified Transformational Life Coach through the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, a Certified Conscious Loving Coach through the Hendricks Institute, and has received certifications in diverse healing modalities, including Emotional Freedom Technique, Laughter Yoga, Reiki, hypnotherapy, and many more! She has facilitated thousands of private sessions and hundreds of workshops and circles over the past 15+ years and also runs HeartSpirals.com and JoyPotential.comReach Christine at 812-825-3704 or Info@CenterThrive.com.

Bret EartheartBret Eartheart, MSW, LCSW, Licensed Therapist, Thriving Relationship Coach, and Teacher
With laser insight, wisdom, and accuracy, Bret’s specialty is helping couples identify exactly what’s not working, transform the core issues that lie underneath recurring problems, and discover a clear and deeply rewarding pathway to new levels of love.  As a licensed social worker and marriage therapist, Bret has extensive experience helping people from all walks of life gain profound new insights into their lives, dissolving longstanding conflicts and setting them free to thrive.  Bret received his Masters of Social Work from Indiana University and is licensed in the state of Indiana. He is also a certified Conscious Loving Coach through the Hendricks Institute. In addition to working specifically with couples, Bret is passionate about helping entire families develop flourishing relationships that support and bring out the best in everyone involved. You can reach Bret at 812-825-3704 or Info@CenterThrive.com.

Amanda McKenzieAmanda McKenzie, MA, LMHC, Licensed Therapist and Thriving Relationship Coach
For years, we dreamt of the perfect therapist to join our team, and we are so thrilled and grateful to have Amanda with us! The most delightful combination of warm, kind, caring, sparkly, brilliant, grounded, and wise, Amanda offers individual and couples therapy and coaching to help you overcome hurdles, communicate harmoniously, become emotionally aware and empowered, experience exponential personal growth, and reach your relationship potential.

Amanda has a holistic understanding of mental health and relationships and realizes the many components of them (environment, genetics, trauma history, nutrition, mindset, belief system, strengths, lifestyle, and more). She is passionate about healthy communication, boundary setting, emotional intelligence, and helping you heal from the past to live more wholeheartedly in your present and enjoy your relationship more fully. In addition to her training through the Center for Thriving Relationships and being stocked with countless relationship tools and handouts, Amanda may also weave into her sessions elements of Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Mindfulness, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR, a powerful modality to overcome trauma). Amanda earned her BA in Psychology/Pre-Medicine and her MA in Mental Health Counseling from the University of Cincinnati. She has also completed a Birthing from Within® childbirth educator training intensive, which she finds helpful in supporting parents-to-be and mothers navigating the postpartum experience. You can reach Amanda at 812-825-3704 or Info@CenterThrive.com.

TrisTris Bolstridge, Operations Manager & Project Specialist
We are incredibly fortunate to have Tris on our dream team. Always with a warm smile, Tris works behind the scenes on a variety of projects to make everything with the Center for Thriving Relationships run smoothly, helping us serve even more people. When it comes to insurance and billing inquiries, Tris is the friendly contact who will help make sure your questions get answered. She is also your contact for any issues you might experience- whether it is with any of our web sites, our shop, or even general questions. Not only is she amazing with details, she is wonderfully creative, thoughtful, talented, insightful, dedicated, cares greatly about others, and has a huge heart. When not working with the Center for Thriving Relationships, she is a certified Reiki Master Practitioner/Teacher and offers energy healing using her unique combination of Reiki and RAMP. She has always been passionate about helping people grow and transform and loves that all of her life roles afford her the opportunity to do just that. You can reach Tris at 812-671-4962 or Tris@CenterThrive.com.

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