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About Bret Eartheart

Founder, Licensed Therapist, Marriage and Couples Counselor, and Thriving Relationship Coach

With laser wisdom, Bret’s specialty is helping couples identify exactly what’s not working, transform the core issues that lie underneath recurring problems, and discover a clear and deeply rewarding pathway to new levels of love. As a licensed social worker and marriage therapist, Bret has extensive experience helping people from all walks of life dissolve long-standing conflicts or challenges and gain profound new insights into their lives.

Bret received his Master’s of Social Work from Indiana University and is a licensed psychotherapist. He is also a certified Conscious Loving Coach through the Hendricks Institute and has been trained in diverse modalities: cognitive behavioral therapy, EMDR, Emotional Freedom Technique, mindfulness, men’s work, hypnotherapy, breathwork, and beyond. In addition to working specifically with couples, Bret is passionate about helping parents work together more effectively and entire families develop flourishing relationships that support and bring out the best in everyone involved.

Bret has been facilitating healing and transformation since the 1990’s. People describe him as having an exceptionally calming, accepting, caring, grounded, fun, and sage-like presence and depth that helps them see things clearly and goes right to the core of who they are meant to be, individually and together.

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About Christine Eartheart

Founder, Thriving Relationship Coach, Author, Speaker

Known for her infectiously positive energy, inspiring presence, and abundantly loving heart, Christine is in awe of the healing, transformation, and growth that are possible in our relationships.

Through her coaching and teaching, she will skillfully help you break free from whatever unhealthy patterns are holding you back so that you can experience all the love, joy, and connection available to you.

Christine adores the heart and soul of relationships, as well as teaching clients about the neuroscience of what actually happens in your brain during times of stress, conflict, and connection. She has spent years devouring research and the very best strategies available for what it takes to experience our optimal life and relationships.

Christine is a graduate of Indiana University and has received countless certifications in diverse healing modalities. She is passionate about all-things-relationships, as well as Positive Psychology (the science of happiness), energy healing, and mind-body practices. 

Christine is a beloved teacher and facilitator and, in addition to supporting clients in thousands of breakthrough coaching sessions, she has led hundreds of workshops, trainings, and group circles over the past 15+ years and also founded and runs Joy Potential.

Our Team

Andrea Golden

Thriving Relationship Coach

She has spent over twenty years studying communication and relationship skills as a teacher, administrator, manager, and freelance writer and researcher. Prior to becoming a couples coach, Andrea earned her Master’s degree from Ohio University.

Andrea is particularly interested in Dr. Sue Johnson’s innovative work on Attachment Theory and how it relates to couples, as well as the relationship science of Drs. John and Julie Gottman. 

When not supporting couples, which is work that she finds both inspiring and deeply rewarding, Andrea can be found behind the lens of her camera or at home with her husband of 30 years, their two teenage daughters, three cats, and their new puppy, Arlo.

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Ingrid Skoog

Thriving Relationship Coach

Over the past 20 years, as a communication coach and teacher of Nonviolent Communication, she has led retreats and workshops for organizations, nonprofits, and yoga studios. Among her countless trainings, certifications, and passions, Ingrid has also studied gestalt therapy, the science of bonding and attachment, Dr. John Gottman’s relationship research, mindfulness, somatic psychology, and movement meditation.

For fun, Ingrid loves improvisational dance, organic gardening, deep connection with loved ones. and rescuing animals.

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Jessica McDonald

Licensed Therapist and Thriving Relationship Coach

In addition to utilizing our many tools through the Center for Thriving Relationships, she may incorporate Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Positive Psychology. Jessica happily sees clients in both couples counseling and for individual therapy for all ages.

Jessica received her BA in Psychology and Brain Sciences, and her MS and Ed.S in Mental Health Counseling at Indiana University. She has also completed training in Motivational Interviewing, Play Therapy, Insight Meditation, and Theraplay (an attachment based therapy for parents and children).

In her free time, the things that bring Jessica joy are dancing, nature, reading, and spending quality time with her family and friends.

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Karmon Nigg

Licensed Therapist

Karmon helps clients heal from their challenges and overcome obstacles by tapping into their unique strengths, using various treatment multiple modalities, such as CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), mindfulness, Energy Psychology techniques, Solution-Focused Therapy, Art Therapy, somatic awareness techniques, and more.

Karmon is particularly passionate about treating trauma and its impact on the entire body system. She is trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), a powerful evidence-based treatment shown to be effective in treating PTSD and trauma and used to help move past a range of events and negative core beliefs that previously made clients feel stuck in their progress.

Karmon will help you find the skills you need to help restore regulation and balance to your nervous system and improve so that you are not only functioning — but thriving. Karmon specializes in work with both adults and adolescents and strives to provide a compassionate, open, nonjudgmental environment as a counselor.

In her spare time, she loves to paint colorful paintings, go camping with her family, play board games, and visit escape rooms. She also loves to read about and research new healing modalities for her clients.

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Rae (Rachel) Bird

Thriving Relationship Coach

As Co-Owner of a wellness salon for 20+ years, she has a wealth of experience in diverse healing modalities, and it is her life’s mission to support others in living their optimal lives.

Rae is passionate about relationships and truly lives what she teaches, as exemplified in her own thriving relationships with her loved ones. Some of her (many) specialties are communication, helping couples who feel sexually disconnected, or supporting couples where at least one partner is healing from past trauma in a way that interferes with their current relationship.

In addition to being a certified Thriving Relationship Coach, Rachel delights in time with her family, hikes in nature, camping, road trips, picking wildflowers, and constantly learning new things.

*For clients specifically enrolled in our special VIP program for couples, please book a session with Rae here.

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For new clients wanting a standard session, please book a session with Rae here.


Thriving Relationship Coach

Huong was educated in Vietnam and France before obtaining a Ph.D. from Indiana University. She has worked as a researcher, translator, human rights activist, and nonprofit executive. She is also a certified yoga instructor. Her diverse life and work experiences have helped her develop effective communication skills across cultures, maintain a curious mind and an open heart, and appreciate that thriving relationships are truly key to one’s satisfaction and happiness in every life domain.

Huong currently lives in Evanston, IL with her loving husband, their two beautiful children, and their cuddly cat. In her free time, Huong enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends, cooking, singing, practicing yoga, and learning new things.

*Please note, sessions with Huong are only for clients enrolled in our special VIP program for couples. Want to learn more about the VIP program? Click here.

*Please note, for clients enrolled in our special VIP program for couples, please book a session with Huong – Click here.

Audra Miller

Licensed Therapist and Thriving Relationship Coach

As a therapist, she will personally and thoughtfully guide you to make simple, small changes that transform your life. Audra is passionate about the connection between movement, mindset, our health, and our relationships.

In addition to our many tools through the Center for Thriving Relationships, she will utilize a strengths-based approach that incorporates gratitude, mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and positive psychology. Audra happily sees clients of all ages, as well as both individuals and families.

In her free time, Audra enjoys running and being outdoors with her husband and two sons hiking, boating, and playing pickleball.

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Carey Champion

Thriving Relationship Coach

Inspired by the work of Dr. Sue Johnson and adult attachment theory, Carey helps couples leverage the power within their relationship to positively get their needs met, strengthen their bond, and successfully face challenges together.

Carey earned a Master’s degree from Indiana University and has studied Sociology, Human Development, and Family Studies. In addition to her certification through the Center for Thriving Relationships, she studies mindfulness, meditation, and effective management and leadership practices.

Since 2012, Carey has enjoyed working as a university librarian where she integrates her love of teaching with an enthusiasm for facilitating research and learning. As a community health educator, she taught sexual health, childbirth education, and positive parenting programs.

Outside of work, Carey enjoys hiking, birdwatching, gardening, and playing board games, especially with her wonderful husband and their five children. She is also an avid reader and recently discovered a new passion for making handmade books and journals.

*For clients specifically enrolled in our special VIP program for couples, please book a session with Carey here.

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For new clients wanting a standard session, please book a session with Carey here.

Gary Skow

Thriving Relationship Coach

Gary is no stranger to emotions, having spent 15 years helping clients to uncover the beliefs and judgments that made it difficult for them to fully experience the love, joy, and passion that is available to us all.

Through active listening, insightful questions, and practical hands-on tools, Gary helps couples discover new opportunities to strengthen their connection and create the relationships of their dreams.

Gary brings incredible life experience to his work, having been a widowed single parent, therapist, working carpenter, and who is now happily married for 14 years, with both grandchildren and a ten-year-old son that provides the perfect foundation for understanding the challenges and beauty of life in relationship with others.

*Please note, sessions with Gary are only for clients enrolled in our special VIP program for couples. Want to learn more about the VIP program? Click here.

Clients enrolled in our special VIP program for couples, can book a session with Gary here.

Rhonda Robinson

Yoga Nidra Facilitator & Communications and Support Specialist

A true healer and artist at heart, Rhonda has served others in many ways throughout her life. She has degrees in both Psychology and Nursing and has been honored to support people through some of life’s most challenging moments. 

After her own deeply transformative experience with Yoga Nidra, Rhonda knew that part of her life’s purpose was sharing this practice with others. She received Advanced Certification in the Integrative Amrit Method of Yoga Nidra. Nothing brings her greater joy than sharing this practice with her clients and witnessing the profound transformation it so often brings. 

Yoga Nidra is a powerful sleep-based meditation technique, done in a comfortable position, usually lying down. It guides a person to deep levels of relaxation, peace, and stillness. In this relaxed state, between wakefulness and sleep, the nervous system can come into balance and long held habits, limiting beliefs, and harmful patterns can be released effortlessly, bringing healing to the body, mind, and spirit. 

Yoga Nidra can be done in the office or from the comfort of your own home (or bed!) over Zoom. 

Rhonda is also thrilled to offer Reiki, a hands-on energy healing technique, to individuals and couples looking to release stress and experience greater balance and peace,

If you have any questions about Yoga Nidra or Reiki, please contact Rhonda at She will be delighted to share more about these beautiful practices. 

If you are a client or course participant, follow us on social media, or are a student in our Thriving Relationship Coach Certification, you will also have the tremendous joy of getting to know Rhonda as our Communications and Support Specialist.

Tessa Stevens

Thriving Relationship Coach

Tessa is passionate about relationships and personal growth and utilizes many different techniques to thoughtfully and personally guide you to make small simple changes that transform your daily life. Tessa exudes positivity, and her energetic, kind, loving spirit will instantly have you feeling uplifted and cared for. The motto of “live true…love life” radiates in her personality.

As an avid reader, researcher, and a lover of continuous learning, Tessa has developed extraordinary relationship skills and earned many certifications through 20 years of careers centered in client care, personal development, leadership, and happiness. Tessa integrates her love of relationship science by weaving in the ingenious relationship and attachment research of Drs. John and Julie Gottman and Dr. Sue Johnson. She has also studied mindfulness, meditation, healing energy work, holistic practices, and color therapy. 

Tessa loves people and shows up devotedly with a curious mind and an open heart to help you flourish in love! As a Certified Thriving Relationship Coach, she has tremendous zest for guiding people to new insights of communicating more effectively, listening in a more enlightened way, growing personally, dissolving unwanted patterns, discovering true empathy, and revealing connections between your health, mindset, and relationships. You will find that your relationship – and overall life – blooms into greater health, resilience, success, and joy in her presence.

For fun and self care, Tessa is a spontaneous adventurer. Traveling, camping, being in nature, hiking, dancing, drumming, and gathering with friends and family are her happy places. She is immensely grateful for consciously creating 10 happy and rewarding years with her amazing husband.

*Please note, sessions with Tessa are only for clients enrolled in our special VIP program for couples. Want to learn more about the VIP program? Click here.

*Please note, for clients enrolled in our special VIP program for couples, please book a session with Tessa – Click here.

Susan Rae

Thriving Relationship Coach

A native to Indiana, Susan studied counseling psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute near Santa Barbara, CA, and she now resides in the mountains of Western North Carolina. She has completed numerous trainings and certifications over the years as a life-long student of growth, transformation, and healing.

As a Thriving Relationship Coach, Susan is passionate about serving both individuals and couples, guiding them to attain their deepest desires in life and love. Susan truly enjoys bringing lightness, curiosity, and playfulness to learning new relationship skills, communication tools, and a myriad of fun and effective connection practices.

Susan Rae will just as easily meet you in the depths of your darkest challenges and experiences. Walking the journey of widowhood after 20 years of marriage and becoming a single parent of two teenagers, she knows what it is like to be engulfed in darkness and experience tremendous loss.

Susan, also a certified grief mentor, will be a beam of light in your darkness, walking with you as you reflect, grieve, process, integrate, and heal. And when you are ready, she will help guide you toward envisioning a new chapter of the life you want and deserve, while providing the tools and loving support to get you there.

In Susan’s free time, she can be found working in her yard and dreaming up new spaces inside and around her home. She loves to dance, hike, bike, listen to live music at outdoor venues, and make connections everywhere she goes. Susan teaches yoga and qigong and also loves art and making pottery. Susan adores her young adult children who inspire her continuously, as they are two of her greatest teachers.

*For clients specifically enrolled in our special VIP program for couples, please book a session with Susan here.

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For new clients wanting a standard session, please book a session with Susan here.

Kowana Fararr

Thriving Relationship Coach

Kowana will help you work together in new and exciting ways to better communicate, more deeply connect, and achieve all your hopes and dreams. Whether you are an individual or a couple, she will help empower you to become the ultimate authority over your happiness. After traveling the world for 23 years as a military spouse and overcoming her own adversities, Kowana has gained tremendous compassion. Her own life story is one that continually serves as a source of great inspiration to others. She has also excelled in the healthcare field for years. Kowana is currently an empty nester, a mother of two adult children, and the grandmother of two beautiful dogs, Mikki and Sleepy. She hails from Texas and, when not spending time with her family and supporting others, you can find her performing, with microphone in hand, and belting out karaoke tunes.

*Please note, sessions with Kowana are only for clients enrolled in our special VIP program for couples. Want to learn more about the VIP program? Click here.

*Please note, for clients enrolled in our special VIP program for couples, please book a session with Kowana – Click here.

Kate Ransford

Client and Student Relations

Kate leads our efforts with client and student relations and events and is based in Bloomington, IN where she lives with her wonderful husband and two sons.

If you have any questions about our counseling and coaching services, online programs, or an upcoming retreat, Kate is your gal. She will also be the friendly voice you hear when you schedule a free consultation.

Kate loves witnessing the transformation of couples who participate in programs at the Center for Thriving Relationships. You will likely see her working in the background at our events, so please introduce yourself.


Sue Fratianni

Finance and Billing

You may hear from Sue when you have a billing or payment-related question. She is all about the details and enjoys creating order and simplicity throughout her work and life. She helps her clients manage their personal and business finances and also offers financial wellness coaching and workshops. As a simple living practitioner, Sue likes to experiment with minimalist challenges such as #project333, #100daydresschallenge, #minsgame; and strives to practice minimalism and slow living to savor each moment. She enjoys living tiny in Bloomington, IN with her partner and young daughter.


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