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Thriving Relationship Workshop

3 Days - Virtual | Get Instant Access

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Learn the 6 essential pillars of creating a thriving relationship, and gain powerful tools to create instant breakthroughs and growth in your love life.

Truth is: nearly every couple on the planet is overlooking some of these key elements — and struggling as a result.

We know your life is abundantly full, so we want to be sure you know exactly where to focus your time and energy to create the kind of deeply connected, fulfilling, thriving love you’ve always wanted.

Keep the recordings for a lifetime.

Center for Thriving Relationships

Over the past decade of having the honor of supporting thousands of couples (and through our 18+ years of being together), we’ve discovered exactly what it takes to have a thriving relationship.

It is not about simply...

…finding the “one” or how much you love one another.

Those things aren't enough.

Instead, it’s about knowing how to consciously create an amazing relationship, finally understand one another, and love each other in a way you both can actually feel (and in a way you probably were never taught).

relationship course christine and bret eartheart

Like you (and most couples), years ago, we…

Wondered if we just weren’t “meant to be”

Thought our differences were too incompatible

Loved each other but no longer felt fully in love

Misunderstood each other

Unknowingly did the opposite of what actually works

Felt stuck around certain issues and couldn’t find a solution

Kept hoping things would change and tried doing it on our own, only to end up back where we started

And felt discouraged, disappointed, and disconnected


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Center for Thriving Relationships

We decided to dive in and learn everything we possibly could about how to have the best relationship possible.

We spent years devouring courses, books, research, workshops, and everything we could get our hands on when it came to understanding the unique skill set our intimate relationships require (and that most couples are missing).
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What happened then? It completely and utterly transformed our relationship and our entire lives.

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And we knew we had to share this with the world.

We saw so many couples around us struggling.

And it was undeniable to us that it didn’t have to be this way.

As counselors and coaches, we both had been serving individuals for many years…

…and we wanted to start focusing on helping people with the one area of life that most impacts all the others,
our romantic relationships.

That’s why, over a decade ago, we decided to open the Center for Thriving Relationships to help people all over the world create the kind of love they dreamed of experiencing.

Center for Thriving Relationships

Let's pause for a moment and check in…

Do you feel fully understood, appreciated, happy, and satisfied in your love life right now?

How about other couples you know? 

Unfortunately, the answer is probably either no or “not really.”

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But don't worry... there’s hope.

We are now so fortunate to be in a marriage that is beyond anything we ever could have imagined.

And we are, on a daily basis, in awe of this work and the power it has to change relationships, no matter where you are right now.

Over the years, we have developed our signature TRU Method to help couples, in any stage of the journey, create true and lasting love and connection.

We’ve tested it thousands of times (and apply it to our own relationship every single day).

And our TRU Method works, predictably and repeatedly.

What is the TRU Method?

It is a proven 6-part system for helping couples breakthrough challenges, deepen connection, and take their love to a whole new level. T-R-U stands for...

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Thriving Relationship Upgrade

Because that’s exactly what we’re here to help you experience (and learn how to share with others).

We humans are regularly upgrading so many other things in our lives 
our phones, wardrobe, cars, computer systems, homes.

We outgrow the older version. And we know things can be improved, easier, and bring us a lot more happiness.

And yet 
when was the last time you decided to upgrade your relationship?

Here’s the thing…

Relationships are living things.

They are always either growing or dying (they never just “stay the same”).

So if it’s been awhile since you intentionally grew and strengthened your love, we have no doubt your relationship is suffering from it.

Perhaps you are…

And, chances are, everywhere you look, you see other couples struggling with and longing for the same (and wouldn’t it be amazing to also know how to help them?!).

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In this 3-day workshop, we are so excited to teach you the 6-part TRU Method.

It includes the must-haves for any couple wanting a phenomenal relationship that stands the test of time and gets better through the years.

If thriving in love is possible, why not choose it?!

We can’t think of any good reason. Can you?

And the good news is…

It doesn’t take more time.

(We promise. Having a great relationship saves so much time and energy.)

It doesn’t take the perfect partner.

(Hint: they don’t exist.)

And it isn’t as complicated as you may think it is.

(It’s only complicated when we try to navigate our relationship through trial-and-error, rather than following the proven roadmap for having the best love imaginable.)

And we need lots more people on the planet who have this information, are applying it, and are sharing it with others.

Here's the thing...

We personally would not still be together if, years ago, we hadn’t learned what we share in this workshop.

And we definitely would not have the thriving marriage of our dreams we have today.

Plus, we’ve had the honor of helping thousands of couples save and transform their marriages who could say the same.

Here's the other thing...

Nearly every couple we’ve ever met is settling (even more than they realize),

is suffering unnecessarily in their relationship,

and has barely tapped into the potential of how good things can be.

We're on a mission to change that.

That’s why we’re so excited to invite you to join us over the course of 3 inspiring days to renew your relationship ~ and, if it lights you up, learn what it takes to help others do the same.

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This is for you if you want to

Get INSTANT ACCESS and keep the recordings for a lifetime.

Day 1

Pillar 1 - Personal Responsibility

As tempting as it is to want to blame our partner for the decline of our relationship or look to them to solve the unhappiness in our marriage, we each have a lot more power than we realize (and this is a wonderful thing).

You may feel like you’ve tried almost everything and are still stuck in conflict, disappointment, or disconnection.

We’re going to be shining a light on what you haven’t tried yet — and it’s an overnight game changer when you do.

Pillar 2 - Creating a Positive Love Account

In our relationships, every interaction is either a deposit or withdrawal from the Love Account.

As you can guess, a lot of withdrawals = no good for your relationship.

On the contrary, a lot of deposits puts you on the road to thriving.

The challenge is, we often react to what’s on the surface in our relationship, rather than to what’s going on underneath — and so we constantly miss the mark and fill our Love Account with the wrong things.

Once you develop this special x-ray vision for relationships, you can finally start supporting each other in the ways you’ve been longing for and experience profound more connection as a result.

Day 2

Pillar 3 - Secure Attachment

Attachment theory for adult relationships is all the buzz these days — and for good reason.

Turns out, a vast majority of relationship challenges stem from a lack of secure attachment.

And, for years, couples have been focusing on other (ineffective) things to improve their relationship.

No matter how strong a couple is in other areas, we fundamentally need to know our partner will: be there for us when we need them, stay present and engaged (rather than withdraw or shut down), be someone we can fully trust, and be available for emotional connection.

Prepare to have mega lightbulb moments as you apply these insights to your relationship and realize how secure attachment — or a lack thereof — explains so much (and what to do to make things better).

Pillar 4 - Effective Communication

Most challenges between couples end up being about how the couple is miscommunicating about it, not about the issue itself.

In other words, you end up arguing about the argument, rather than ever solving what’s really there.

Strengthening your communication muscles is, hands down, one of the best investments we believe any human can make in their lifetime.

That’s why we’re excited to share our favorite communication tool we use in our private sessions to help couples talk about things in ways that lead to win-win solutions and dramatically different results.

Day 3

Pillar 5 - Repair

The aim of a thriving relationship is not to never have conflict.

Instead, it’s about knowing how to easily, quickly, and effectively repair.

However, couples often skip this step or only do a mediocre job, leaving room for repeated wounds and resentment to build and fester for years.

Our repair process works wonders and fills in the gaps you’ve been missing.

We can’t wait to share it with you on day 3!

Pillar 6 - Physical Intimacy

Have you ever wondered: what do we do when our interest in physical intimacy differs — or when the spark just starts to fade?

Most couples end up asking these questions at some point.

Why? Because falling in love comes easily for most — but staying in love and knowing how to keep the magic alive? Those are skills that must be learned.

Join us as we uncover the #1 most important thing to discover about one another when it comes to cultivating passion that lasts (and even grows!) through the years (it’s one of the most revelatory things we’ve learned in our 18+ years together).

What People Say...

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What's Included

Included in this Thriving Relationship Workshop, we'll be giving you…

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Center for Thriving Relationships

3 sessions (2 hours each), where we walk you through our powerful and proven TRU Method and teach you the 6 essential pillars to creating a thriving relationship. You also have instant and lifetime access to the workshop.

Center for Thriving Relationships

Downloadable guides for each of the 6 pillars so you can put these new skills instantly into practice to upgrade your relationship and keep using them for a lifetime.

Center for Thriving Relationships

+ Keep for a Lifetime.

- 3 Days of Transformative Training (2 hours a day)

- Workbook with Exercises + Tools

- Slides to Follow Along

Want a relationship upgrade and to start thriving in your love?

Just one payment of $7 (over 90% off!)

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relationship course customer guarantee

Don't find it helpful? Just let us know, and we'll give you an instant refund.

The biggest regret of our clients and students?

That they didn’t learn what it takes to have a thriving relationship sooner — and missed out on years that could have been so much easier and better.

We don’t want you to say the same thing 5 years from now.

These are years together you will never get back.

…so let’s make them as amazing as they can possibly be!

We are so excited to connect with you soon and are profoundly grateful to be on this journey with you!

All Our Love,

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Founders of the Center for Thriving Relationships and the Thriving Relationship Coach Certification program

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