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Want a Better Relationship but feel lost on how to get there? Look no further.

We are here to help you transform your
challenges, deepen your connection,
and learn to thrive in love. 

Founders, Christine and Bret Eartheart

Want a Better Relationship but feel lost on how to get there? Look no further.

We are here to help you
transform your challenges,
deepen your connection,
and learn to thrive in love. 

Bret and Christine Eartheart


The #1 Thing You're Not Doing In Your Relationship - Christine + Bret Eartheart

The #1 thing you're not doing in
your relationship that's preventing you from thriving

In this free guide, you will learn:

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Center for Thriving Relationships
Feeling stuck and overwhelmed by relationship challenges, disconnected from your best friend, or terrified of losing the love of your life?

You are in the right place. And we’re here for you with all our hearts. Keep reading.

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your relationship journey...

We are enthusiastically confident you will find something here to inspire, guide, and support you in reaching a whole new level of what’s possible in your love.

Whether you are on the edge of separation, excitedly entering a new relationship you want to make sure lasts, hungry to reclaim the passion you once felt, eager to break through your issues (no matter how big or small), or ready to experience your relationship’s greatest potential, you are in the right place!

Christine & Bret Eartheart
Christine & Bret Eartheart

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…you don’t need to suffer any longer, you don’t need to do it alone, you can have an amazing relationship, and you have remarkable, easy, and powerful tools available to you now.

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We believe in you and are here to help you fulfill your deepest longing for lasting love and connection. Congratulations for opening up to to a journey guaranteed to be transformative, exhilarating, and completely worthwhile!


Gain life-changing insights into your specific challenges, heal from the past, learn to communicate, and experience exponential growth and breakthroughs quickly. Work with one of our relationship experts @ our office in Bloomington, IN or via video or phone anywhere in the world. 

Falling in love is easy, and anyone can do it, but staying in love requires a unique skill set very few couples have. If you want THE comprehensive roadmap for everything it takes to create a thriving relationship, this relationship course is it! Over these 90 days, your love will be skyrocketed to a whole new level.

If you want to renew your relationship, strengthen your connection, and fall in love all over again, there is nothing else like this transformative weekend workshop on the planet. Join us for our renowned and consistently sold-out retreat getaway at various locations around the world.

Great sex is vital to a thriving relationship, but it often becomes a source of tension, and passion decreases as time goes on. Kids, jobs, stress, illness, responsibilities, bills to pay, routines, distractions, power struggles. This is exactly why we’ve designed this virtual relationship course — to help you deepen intimacy, create a better sex life, and reignite the spark from the comforts of home.

Want an incredibly rewarding career helping others create thriving relationships? During this transformative 6-month training, you will become abundantly equipped to facilitate profound breakthroughs for couples. Become trained in 50+ tools not shared elsewhere and guaranteed to get incredible results. Plus, uplevel all the relationships in your own life and receive business mentoring to embark on an abundant career of purpose, prosperity, and freedom.

Not sure what is the best fit? Sign up for a FREE 20-minute consultation by phone. This initial consultation is completely optional and will allow us to answer any questions, explore how we can potentially support you, and help you determine what best matches where you are and where you want to be. Of course, there is no obligation whatsoever, and everything is kept confidential and held in loving compassion. 



Hi, We're Christine & Bret

We’ve been together 20 years and are in the marriage of our dreams. However… 

It hasn't always been this easy.

What we discovered is this: great relationships don’t just happen. We have to create and nurture them. And there are specific (and easy!) things anyone can do that make all the difference — but most people are completely missing them.

Almost a decade ago, once we had created our own phenomenal relationship, we decided to open the Center for Thriving Relationships to help other couples do the same.

We knew we had to share these tried and true relationship secrets with the world.

As counselors, coaches, and teachers, we’ve now been privileged to help thousands of couples around the world take their love to a whole new level of what’s possible in our renowned Thrive in Love couples retreats, online relationship course, online sex course, and couples counseling, and we’ve trained an extraordinary team of expert Thriving Relationship Coaches and marriage therapists to do the same through our Thriving Relationship Coach Certification training.

Wherever you are right now, we are honored and overjoyed to have you here and can’t wait to connect lots more. We are here for you fully.

Center for Thriving Relationships

If thriving in love is possible...
why not choose it?

We know it can be a big deal to reach out for support. We also know the hardest part is deciding you want to grow your relationship and then figuring out how. Congrats on already doing those two things by being here right now!

You are clearly ready to make things better, and we’re here to guide you, every step of the way.

Whether you are in a really tough spot right now and want to save your marriage and stop divorce, are recovering from infidelity, are hungry to fall in love again, want to improve your communication, long for a better sex life, or simply want to create lasting love and an amazing, healthy relationship, we’ve got you covered.

We also know your life is incredibly busy, and your time is invaluable. That’s why we want to help save you years of unnecessary struggle and help you start enjoying each other and life with a lot more ease and joy.

Whether it’s getting started with couples and marriage counseling therapy, joining us for one of our couples retreats or getaways, downloading our free guide (full of relationship advice that will make an immediate difference), exploring our blogs to help address your specific relationship problems and issues, enrolling in our online relationship and marriage course, getting started with premarital counseling, becoming trained as a Certified Relationship Coach, or exploring our various programs to help heal, strengthen, and renew your marriage or relationship —

— at the end of your life, we are confident you will never regret investing your time and energy in creating the greatest love imaginable (but that you’ll have big regrets if you don’t).


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