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Fellow Relationship Journeyers

Written on January 13th

Fellow Relationship Journeyers

We offer you a giant heartfelt WELCOME to the Center for Thriving Relationships and our first blog entry! We are so delighted and honored to have you here. THANK YOU so much for giving us this opportunity to connect, for opening your heart to us, for your willingness to learn and discover, for caring, and for tending to the relationships of your life. When you choose to grow, to transform, to become aware of your beautiful inner world, to see yourself and others in new and fresh ways, to awaken to what is possible, to connect deeply with the heart and essence of another human being, and to expand your capacity to love and be loved, the whole world wins. You can imagine us here greeting you with warm smiles and open arms. Please know that we are here with you and for you, as your fellow journeyers on this dynamic and incredible path of being in relationship.

While you are here, enjoy looking around, and make yourself at home sweet home. Throughout 2013, we will be adding all sorts of goodies: videos, eCourses, workshops, free tools, and ongoing blog entries. This is just the beginning of so much to come!

Launching this website and the Center for Thriving Relationships has been an amazing process for us and taught us a tremendous amount about how to co-create together, how to function as the most dynamic and supportive team possible. Stay tuned to our next blog entry where we’ll be sharing the key steps to shift from working against one another to becoming extraordinary teammates. If you’ve ever worked on a project of any kind with your partner (whether it’s a house project, planning a party together, or working together in your business) and found yourselves bickering, criticizing each other’s work, nagging each other, doing all the work, and/or feeling frustrated by what your partner did or didn’t do, this upcoming blog is designed for you and headed your way soon!

We feel deeply moved to do this work in the world, as our own relationship has been magnificently transformed and blessed by the tools we now get to share with YOU and anyone else whose lives can benefit from them. We see couples every day of our lives stuck in power struggles, conflicts, unhealthy and unconscious patterns, criticism of each other, and challenging conversations they’ve been having for years. After seeing this unnecessary suffering, disconnection, conflict, heartache and pain, day after day, we started to feel a responsibility to pass along everything and anything we can. In other words, we are here because we care so much, because we believe in you, because we know the remarkable level of connection, love, mutual support, and fulfillment that is possible, and we want that for you and every human being on this planet.

We are always learning and growing in our own relationship, and we are committed to sharing with you our completely authentic selves. Being in a relationship is a spiritual path for both of us, continually shining lights on areas of our lives and selves that we would never otherwise see if it weren’t for being in partnership. We are excited to get to know and grow with you! Whenever we post a blog, we will be so eager to hear your insights, reflections, and how you are applying what we share. We both value connection and communication so much, and we promise to be attentive and respond to your posts.

If you’ve not done so already, be sure to join our mailing list to be notified of new blog entries when they are posted (which will include tools, juicy insights, exercises to share with your partner, and more!), as well as specials and announcements about events and opportunities. When you sign up for our mailing list, you will also receive two special gifts: (1) How to Thrive in Love a downloadable poster and (2) a free quiz to discover if your relationship is dying, surviving, or thriving (which will help reveal how your relationship’s really doing, what’s getting in your way, and the missing ingredients you need to thrive).

Also, be sure to mark your calendar for our couples retreat on Valentine’s weekend (Feb 16-17), Thrive in Love, held at the gorgeous Tibetan Mongolian Buddhist Cultural Center in Bloomington, IN. More info about this transformative and inspiring retreat can be found here: We would love to share this amazing weekend with you and the other many beautiful couples already registered!

We would be so grateful if you could kindly COMMENT BELOW to let us know what you would love to learn about in the coming months. How would you love to grow in your relationship this year? We’d love to share blog entries and tools that will best serve you in the most life-enhancing and life-changing ways. Of course, you can also leave any other comments or questions in the comments section too! We promise to reply to them all!

Thank you so much!

May 2013 be the year you choose to breakthrough all your barriers to experiencing your fullest capacity for love, joy, and thriving connection!

With abounding love and support from our hearts to yours,
Christine and Bret

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