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Client Form & Directions

Warmest Greetings!

happy handsThank you so much for scheduling a session! We truly look forward to serving you in every way we can and to setting you up for incredible success in your relationship and life. We are passionate about what we do and want to see every individual and couple we work with experience their fullest potential. Please know that we are in this together and are committed to giving you all the support and tools that you need to thrive like never before!

flowerPrior to your first session, we ask EACH of you (if you are coming as a couple) to complete this secure online Client Form for Couples. If you are seeing Bret or Christine (as an individual), please instead complete this secure online Client Form for Individuals. Please also print and complete the Credit Card Authorization Form (optional) to allow easy payment of session charges. Thanks! All answers and forms are completely confidential and won’t be shared with your partner or anyone else.

flowerIf you would prefer to print and complete these forms by hand, please complete:
1 – the Client Information Form

2 – either the Relationship Info Form or the Individual Info Form

3 – the Credit Card Authorization Form to allow easy payment of session charges (optional)

4 – Insurance clients should also print and sign the HIPAA Consent Form

flower All clients can find our Notice of Privacy Practices here (does not need to be printed)


Please note! The entrance to our office on the lower level of the house is currently under construction!

* Take the Fullerton Pike exit off of Hwy 37 (where Monroe Hospital is).
* Head West on Fullerton Pike (RIGHT if coming from the North or LEFT, after the traffic circle, if coming from the South).
* At the stop sign, turn left on S Leonard Springs Rd
* After about a quarter mile, we will be on the left. Our house is brick and our driveway is just on the other side of the brown wood fence with the tall evergreens (4307 S Leonard Springs Rd). Please park in an empty spot in the parking area along the right side of the driveway. At this time, our walkway to the waiting room is still under construction, so please come to the front door. Thank you for your patience while we complete construction on the new Eartheart Institute!

We know it can feel uncomfortable for a lot of people when it comes to reaching out for help with your relationship, and we want to deeply honor you for already doing two of the hardest steps for a lot of people:

transparent(1) realizing you don’t have to figure it all out on your own (we’re here for you completely!) and

transparent(2) taking action by contacting us.

Way to go! We also want to let you know…

  • We hold all sessions in 100% confidentiality, loving kindness, and empathy. We will accept you exactly as you are and hold a judgment-free zone for you to grow into the person and couple you long to be.
  • We take a very positive and strengths-based approach to counseling. Nobody is ever blamed or shamed or made out to be the “bad guy.” Instead, we simply get curious about what has and hasn’t worked and begin compassionately uncovering the fears, feelings, unmet needs, wounds, and unlived dreams underneath whatever is occurring. We help you clear and heal from the barriers to co-creating the relationship of your dreams, learn the tools you need to experience a relationship that brings out your best for a lifetime, and build upon your individual and collective strengths.
  • We truly believe that breakdowns are breakthroughs just waiting to happen.
  • Couples walk out of our office and retreats smiling 99% of the time and much more connected than when they came in. We like to make our services as easy, enjoyable, fulfilling, and life-changing as possible. It can even be FUN, and we are here to help bring you relief from all the unnecessary suffering that is all too common in relationships!
  • Having been together for 13+ years ourselves, we’ve experienced the joys and challenges (and gridlock patterns!) of dating and marriage and are very open about our journey. We now experience more ease, joy, and love than we ever imagined possible, and it is our deepest wish for you to have the same!
  • We oftentimes hear people express their fear of being “ganged up on.” Rest assured, we’ve never once had our clients complain about this. We are massively committed to being both of your allies and to ALL of us being on the same team!
  • We strongly believe that having a great relationship requires daily nourishment and growth. To support all couples, we offer free daily inspiration and tips on Facebook, and you can “like” and follow us here.

Lastly, be sure to check out our upcoming Thrive in Love retreat (you can maintain privacy the entire time). We can’t recommend this weekend highly enough!

After working with us, nearly every couple we work with reports back to us that their relationship is better than it’s ever been before. Yay! We’re excited to help you see what’s possible, no matter where you are right now.logo

Abundant Love and Blessings,
 Christine and Bret

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