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4 Tips for Making Morning Sex Part of Your Relationship Repertoire
Written on June 10th.

Thanks so much to our dear friend and colleague and renowned Sex Educator, Kate McCombs, for her guest blog below! Kate is here to share with you “4 Tips for Making Morning Sex Part of Your Relationship Repertoire.” Here we are pictured with Kate when she came to visit us from NYC this spring to teach a wonderful guest lecture at Indiana University!

Bret, Christine, and Kate

Bret, Christine, and Kate

4 Tips for Making Morning Sex Part of Your Relationship Repertoire

by Kate McCombs

At the end of a busy day, some of us just don’t have the bandwidth to get in a sexy mood. Stress, fatigue, and overwhelm can keep us from bringing presence and attention to our sex lives. Morning sex is a particularly fun way of overcoming this end-of-day challenge. … Read More.

4 Ways to Know If Your Relationship is Worth Saving
Written on May 16th.

By people of all ages and in every stage of relationship, from those who are just dating to those newly married to long-time spouses, we are asked questions like:
“How do I know if I am supposed to stay in this relationship?”
“Is this the person I am supposed to marry?”
“Is our marriage worth saving?”
“Is this relationship worth fighting for?”
“Can I do better than this?”
“Should I stay or should I go?”

Should I stay, or should I go?

Should I stay, or should I go?

While we never answer these kinds of questions for anyone (because they are deeply personal ones that only you can answer), we do have four criteria to help you gain the clarity you may be seeking!

When you are questioning your relationship, we know how difficult and scary it can be. … Read More.

2 Ways to Get Out of Your Funk & Back Into Your Groove
Written on April 17th.

Couples that come to us for counseling often talk about a longing to get back to where they used to be, when things were easier, love was flowing freely, and they felt deeply connected. But they feel lost about how to get there. Today, we’re excited to share with you 2 easy ways to get out of your funk and back into your groove!

Get Back Into Your Groove

#1: Create a New “Relationship Home Base.”

In your relationship, have you had the experience of things going really well for awhile, you are getting along, laughing together, smiling when you look at each other, sharing quality and positive time, making love, being affectionate, feeling connected, giving freely…and then…BAM…things are suddenly back to old patterns, gridlock issues, power struggles, nitpicking, blaming, criticizing, touching less, feeling dissatisfied, or any of those other things you wish you could avoid? … Read More.

Date Night Discovery Cards (a FREE gift to YOU!)
Written on February 13th.

We created a special gift we’re excited to share with you: Date Night Discovery Cards! One of the complaints we regularly hear from couples is having too little quality time together. Once we get to know these couples better, we often learn that they do spend time together, but it’s not positive and intentional.

We’ve designed these cards to help you stay connected and know each other’s inner worlds, whether you have 5 minutes or 5 hours. You can keep these cards by your bedside and use them for 10-minute dates before falling asleep, or you can use them for longer romantic evenings.


The Date Night Discovery Cards offer an opportunity to practice asking each other open-ended questions. These are very different from yes and no questions (ex: “Do you want to stay in or go out to eat?”) or leading questions (ex: “Do you feel happy about…?”) or challenging questions that don’t feel supportive (ex: “Why won’t you just…”). … Read More.

How’s your sex life going?
Written on December 9th.

In our counseling and coaching practice, the topic of sexuality comes up often, and it’s almost always because:
– one partner wants sex more often than the other
– it’s awkward to talk about physical intimacy, desires, and pleasure
– someone feels dissatisfied

We love helping couples reignite a sense of aliveness, passion, connection, and fulfillment in their sex life, and we thought it would be fun to bring our delightful friend and colleague, Kate McCombs (pictured to the left), into the conversation today. Kate McCombs, Sex Educator
Kate is the Founder of Sex Geekdom, the Managing Editor of, and a sex educator who teaches workshops about pleasure, health, and sexuality. We love her positive, insightful, and accessible approach to sex and recently had the opportunity to ask her some questions. … Read More.

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