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I’m a really nice person, so why can I be so mean to my partner?
Written on March 23rd.

friends laughing

When you are with your friends, are you flexible, kind, generous, understanding, caring, encouraging, and a delight to be around?

unhappy couple

Then, when it comes to your beloved, can you be stubborn, impatient, moody, controlling, critical, and a poor communicator?

And maybe you’ve had one of these experiences…


  •  You and your beloved are running late for a party. You end up arguing the whole way there. The moment you arrive, you greet people with cheery voices, smiles, and hugs.
  •  You just had a fabulous time out with your friends. You come home to your beloved, and you instantly start nitpicking about the laundry, the dirty dishes, and anything else your partner hasn’t done “right.”
  •   Your best friend tells you about something they want to do or purchase, and you shower them with encouragement to go for it.
 … Read More.

3 Ways to Get Your Partner to Be More Romantic (without always having to ask or initiate)
Written on February 10th.

We are often asked the question “How do I get my partner to do more romantic things without always feeling like I have to ask or initiate it?” Sound like a familiar thought in your own head?! :)
We created this little video to share 3 key things you can start doing today to up the romance in your relationship!

Also, we want to warmly welcome you to our upcoming Thrive in Love retreat. If you want an unforgettable experience truly taking your love (and life!) to a whole new level and want to feel indescribably closer to your sweetheart, we would be honored and delighted to have you join us! Please be in touch with any questions!

Enjoy the video! May your moments be filled with special touches that add a little extra sparkle, magic, and romance and communicate just how loved, appreciated, and valued you both are! … Read More.

Can money buy love?
Written on January 14th.

delicious nourishment
How partners spend MONEY is often a HOT topic in relationships!

We (Bret + Christine) both highly value PURPOSE, JOY, VIBRANT HEALTH, and CONNECTION, and we would rather spend less money on stuff and more money on things that create time and spaciousness to serve others and be present for what we love most! Last year, we decided to hire an amazing personal chef to come to our house each week to fill our fridge with an abundance of healthy, wholesome, colorful, organic meals to enjoy all week long. She even does the grocery shopping at our natural foods co-op! Although we both enjoy cooking, there are things we enjoy even more, and this has created 5 whole extra hours each week to breathe more fully, be more present with one another, experience more balance, share our gifts more fully with the world, and delight in more time passionately and joyously devoted to our purpose. … Read More.

Why Smiles are So Important in Relationships
Written on January 3rd.

Snuggabella Smiles

Here’s Snuggabella Eartheart, Center for Thriving Relationships Therapy Pup, encouraging you to SMILE MORE! Smile during ordinary activities, like driving, waking up in the morning, making dinner, doing dishes, going out to get the mail, and when your beloved enters the room. When you CHOOSE to smile (even when you don’t naturally feel one emerging)…

– you send a signal to your brain to release chemicals that decrease stress and BOOST JOY
– you produce more oxytocin, the hormone that BONDS and CONNECTS you to your partner
– you create a ripple of CONTAGIOUS positivity that affects your beloved
– you actually begin to TRAIN YOUR BRAIN to smile much more naturally, often, and easily in the future
– your beloved is MORE DRAWN to spend time with you
– you LIGHT UP your surroundings and touch the lives of others

Is this kind of smiling inauthentic? … Read More.

(NEW Video!) 8 Essential Secrets to Thriving Love
Written on December 31st.

Any moment, truly, is an amazing time to recommit to growing your relationship, to making your beloved a priority, to remembering why you fell in love in the first place, and to doing whatever it takes to create a relationship that brings out your best and fills your life with joyous connection.

We are in AWE of the untapped potential in nearly every couple we’ve ever met, and this is what motivates us so deeply to do what we do. If a thriving relationship is fully possible for you this year (no matter where you are right now), why NOT choose it?! Plus, every other area of your life will improve!

To help you with this, we’ve created a free video training on The 8 Essential Secrets Every Couple Needs (but most never learned) to Take Your Love to Thriving! … Read More.

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