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When You Want Connection and Your Partner Needs Space
Written on August 31st.

connection and space

If you are either wanting more space OR more connection in your relationship, you’re in the right place.

In our counseling practice, we regularly hear from couples who feel stuck in a conflict of one person wanting more space and the other craving more connection. While it’s rare for partners to desire the exact same amount of closeness, when the roles of Pursuer and Distancer become increasingly polarized, it can create serious issues. In contrast, when there is a HEALTHY balance between togetherness and separateness, you get to be best friends AND passionate lovers!

First, let’s look at what happens when there is too much space.

An imbalanced amount of distance creates an environment for people to grow apart, to feel unsafe, unwanted, or unloved, for affairs to ripen, and for feelings of resentment, hurt, insecurity, anxiousness, and frustration to fester. … Read More.

The #1 thing standing in the way of heart connection
Written on June 9th.

Couple touching heart

Whether you are disconnected about how to parent, where to go out to eat, the dishes, the clutter, how often you make love, how lazy, controlling, needy, disorganized, or undependable one of you are, how much time you spend together, or how to handle your finances, this thing we are talking about is playing a KEY role in perpetuating the conflict and preventing reconnection.

Ready for it?

You made up a story and are believing it to be true.

We know that might seem like a stretch because your thoughts FEEL. SO. REAL.

Just stay with us for a moment :)

From our thousands of client sessions, we simply find, again and again and again, that couples are upset with each other, not because of what’s really going on, but because of how they’ve interpreted it. … Read More.

Why You Must Heal from the PAST to Make Love LAST
Written on June 6th.

Have you ever found yourself or your beloved feeling really upset from something you judged to be insignificantly small? magnifying-glass-and-face If so, it’s a sign that unhealed wounds from the past may be playing a role, and we want to present this idea to you on two levels.

First, we are referring to unhealed wounds from THIS relationship you are currently in.

When you and your beloved argue, if you tend to bring up past wrongs or mistakes and use them as weapons, this is a sign you need to heal the past before you can move forward. We see, again and again, couples that get really upset with each other, not because of what’s going on in that moment, but because it has triggered old pain. … Read More.

I’m a really nice person, so why can I be so mean to my partner?
Written on March 23rd.

friends laughing

When you are with your friends, are you flexible, kind, generous, understanding, caring, encouraging, and a delight to be around?

unhappy couple

Then, when it comes to your beloved, can you be stubborn, impatient, moody, controlling, critical, and a poor communicator?

And maybe you’ve had one of these experiences…


  •  You and your beloved are running late for a party. You end up arguing the whole way there. The moment you arrive, you greet people with cheery voices, smiles, and hugs.
  •  You just had a fabulous time out with your friends. You come home to your beloved, and you instantly start nitpicking about the laundry, the dirty dishes, and anything else your partner hasn’t done “right.”
  •   Your best friend tells you about something they want to do or purchase, and you shower them with encouragement to go for it.
 … Read More.

3 Ways to Get Your Partner to Be More Romantic (without always having to ask or initiate)
Written on February 10th.

We are often asked the question “How do I get my partner to do more romantic things without always feeling like I have to ask or initiate it?” Sound like a familiar thought in your own head?! :)
We created this little video to share 3 key things you can start doing today to up the romance in your relationship!

Also, we want to warmly welcome you to our upcoming Thrive in Love retreat. If you want an unforgettable experience truly taking your love (and life!) to a whole new level and want to feel indescribably closer to your sweetheart, we would be honored and delighted to have you join us! Please be in touch with any questions!

Enjoy the video! May your moments be filled with special touches that add a little extra sparkle, magic, and romance and communicate just how loved, appreciated, and valued you both are! … Read More.

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